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Tout ce qu’il me reste de la révolution (2019) Angèle avait 8 ans quand s’ouvrait le premier McDonald’s de Berlin-Est… Depuis, elle se bat contre la malédiction de sa génération : être né « trop tard », à l’heure de la déprime politique mondiale. John Podesta, campaign chairman for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a longtime advocate for government disclosure of UFO files, said Clinton is ready to look into the issue. Letra, tradução e música de Try Me de UFO 🇧🇷 ... ** Tente me, oh me levar para um pouco. Antes que seja longo e você me deixar com apenas um sorriso. Prova-me, oh deixe-me ser o único. Você diz que é mais. Mas, para mim, tinha apenas começado. Diga-me por que parece não mais do que estranhos. The book also studies the UFO phenomenon in relation to the Yoruba deities. “The entity that led the Israelites and traveled them as his possession was a deity. Yoruba deities also traveled in Ope tente ereke to yaka yabu ka merindinlogun (the flying palm-like thing that has 16 branches or compartments).Yahweh had his agenda for Israel and ... Sinopse: A história acompanha cinco amigos que acordam em uma manhã, e descobrem que não há sinal de celulares ou rádios, estão todos estáticos. Duas noites depois, com um pouco mais de informação, um OVNI aparece sobre a cidade e cobre toda a sua extensão. O desespero se instala no planeta e nos amigos UFO DISTRIBUTION PRÉSENTE UNE PRODUCTION AGAT FILMS & CIE / APSARA FILMS un film de Judith Davis avec Judith Davis, Malik Zidi, Claire Dumas Mélanie Bestel, Nadir Legrand, Simon Bakhouche et avec la participation de Mireille Perrier. FRANCE – 2018 – 1H28 – SON 5.1 – IMAGE 1.85 – VISA N°135.774 DISTRIBUTION UFO DISTRIBUTION 01 55 28 ... Travis Walton's terrifying account is the stuff movies are made from, and he joins us on the HuffPost Weird News podcast to talk about that day 40 years ago, when the then 22-year-old logger says ... Kamp-Rite’s UFO Light is a Solar powered, Bluetooth compatible LED light for sustained lighting in any situation. Solar panels deliver a renewable energy source and additional charging options are provided by 3 D Cell batteries or DC charging via a USB power outlet. Featuring a power bank option for charging mobile devices and 3 detachable ... Sierra Designs Mojo UFO A two-person, three-season tent that utilizes cuben fiber for the rain fly and floor, as well as a limited amount of 20-denier silnylon for elements in the tent body (it features a hybrid single- and double-wall design). See the Mojo UFO in action in this video. Trail weight is listed at 27 ounces; packed weight at 31 ... Instagram photos and videos tagged with #ufo - Browse, download like and share

WATCH 11:30 AM - Governor Edwards Press Conference

2020.08.24 18:41 WizardMama WATCH 11:30 AM - Governor Edwards Press Conference

The daily update will be delayed to the end of the press conference.


  • Forecast for Marco is very different than yesterday afternoon and if it holds up we will catch a big break.
    • Will not be a hurricane.
    • Much has sheared off and much is off in panhandle of Florida.
    • Impacts from Marco will not be as significant as originally forecasted.
    • Some storm surge will occur along the southern portion of the state as the storm tracks towards the West.
  • Do not assume Laura will do us a similar favor.
  • Laura will be a significant storm. We were always told the greatest threat will come from Laura, as is the case now.
  • Good news, we will not have two hurricanes or that short window of 12-18 to do search and rescue.
    • More time to focus on Laura before there are any major impacts on this state.
  • The focus will shift from South East Louisiana to South West.
    • Not there won't be impacts they just won't be as strong as originally thought.
  • Laura
    • Forecast to be strong Cat 2.
    • Landfall in SW Louisiana.
    • Landfall may be stronger than Cat 2.
    • Not good news for us that the center is over the water. The storm is not being destabilized.
    • Do not see shear or any disruptions to the storm once it gets into the very warm Gulf water which will fuel the storm.
      • Expect strengthening over a short time.
    • DO NOT focus on the track, 1/3 of times the landfall will occur outside the cone, and winds will extend out past the storms.
      • Hurricane strength winds expected into Central Louisiana.
  • GOSHEP will operate 24 hours a day.
  • CPRA Is monitoring 689 gates along the river and coast and as of this morning, 396 of those gates are closed.
  • National Guard has more than 2k national guardsmen ready to provide support with 94 high-water vehicles and has 55 boats, 12 aircraft's, and placed 1,080 linear sandbags in Grand Isle as well as delivery of generators and pumps. Also received MRE and bottles of water and will be receiving more commodities from FEMA today.
  • Dept. of Corrects has successfully evacuated 1,300 inmates from Plaquemines, St. Mary, Terrebonne, and Vermillion Parishes.
  • COVID-19 Testing sites are closed today and remain closed tomorrow.
    • Testing is important and we hope to resume it possible.
  • LDH has updated numbers:
    • 622 news cases
    • 8,643 new tests.
    • Reporting 18 new deaths for 4,623.
  • WH Coronavirus Taskforce Summary
    • Louisiana is still read for cases with more Thant 100 cases per 100,000 population over the past 7 days.
    • Case growth is slowing. Good job Louisiana!
    • Because we are still red we still a lot of work to do.
    • Case positivity is down to 8% over the last week.
    • 15th highest case growth in the country and around the same highest percent positivity as well.
  • As you prepare for the storms that there is still an awful lot of COVID out there and that should influence everything you do in terms of preparing for the storms. Have:
    • Hand sanitizer
    • 2 masks per person
    • Soap and Water
  • This is should affect how you sheer, and congregate shelter remains a last resort.
  • Next conference at 6 PM.


Any indication where Laura may fall and what kind of surge we are expecting Surge can be up to 10 feet in SW Louisiana and they do not get too precise with landfall they pick Morgan City on West and will be less for areas to the east. The storm appears on a track that will take it very close to Lake Charles. As you know if it is a Category 2 or 3 storm the area out the east of the landfall typically takes the brunt of the rain and wind. Which would be most of our coastal cities from Morgan City on to the West. However, there is plenty of time for the track to adjust whether East or West we do not know. Everyone needs to be paying close attention.
?? President did quickly approve the request for a federal declaration of a state of emergency. We sent it Saturday and it was approved on Sunday. He called me yesterday afternoon to make sure I knew he was taking action on that. It will provide Category B emergency protective measures. We also know with our arrangement with FEMA with Admin Gainor and Admin Robinson in Region 6 the non-congregate sheltering is part of that as well which is critically important. What it allows the Federal Government (Coast Guard, FEMA, etc.) to offer maximum assistance to LA pre-landfall to save lives and property. It is part of the partnership we have with them and it is very helpful. There is no doubt that our receipt of two 2 APCKS (Spelling) is very helpful to have those in the state. They are giving us maximum flexibility that even though they have been delivered to the state we have not met the threshold that we have to pay for them. In the event we don't use them we can send them back to FEMA without having to pay for them. Just having them in the state (Beuregaurd and Roseland) are very helpful. Those are things that were approved by the Federal Government, it also involves a cost-share that is favorable to us where it will be 75% Federal 25% State.
Correction by someone else They did not get the full Category B practice measures which are the new norm. Rather Louisiana was granted was limited to mask care and evacuation. This was an emergency declaration pre-landfall, so if Laura hits and it creates a lot of damage we will do a damage assessment and if we reach the Federal threshold for C-G and A we will file a request for a major declaration.
Update on unemployment We do not anticipate the storm will delay the payments. Expect payments to be in the mail by the end of the week. I do not have an update from the workforce commission bu tI know we are working with a vendor to make the changes to the computer system so we can expedite the delivery of the enhanced unemployment compensation which is retroactive to August 1st.
Congregate shelter question We are not opening any state-run shelters but will open them if we need to. With COVID-19 congregate shelters is a last resort. Not to say we haven't planned for this. We have, we've prepositioned PPE, hand sanitizers, and those sorts of things. We've adjusted sheltering plans to cohort family units to achieve as much separation as possible. Yesterday we mentioned we have some tents we can use inside the sheltering facility in the Morial Convention Center. Still, even when you take the maximum precautions it is not a safe situation and we do not want to do it unless it's absolutely necessary. We are working with parishes on their sheltering plans. Encouraging individuals who are able to do so to book a hotel/motel. For those parishes that are ordering evacuations, they are having shelters available for those who may need them. We also working with parishes to offer non-congregate sheltering so they can offer motel and hotel spaces going forward as-well. One of the big benefits in the approved forecast of Marco we have more time to put this into play and refine the areas that need to have evacuation orders in place which is now a significantly smaller portion of the state.
What should Louisiana do right now with this little bit of reprieve? It goes without saying that if we just ignore Marco for one second, and you look at the forecast we have a strong Category 2 storm that will make landfall Wednesday night in SW Louisiana. Right now they think if the storm changes strength it is likely to become more powerful not less powerful. SO that is a very significant storm and Marco makes no difference with respect to that. WE do not want people to believe because the forecast changed for Marco and its weekend and became very small that that is an indication of what will happen with Laura. As we speak there is nothing between Cuba and Lake Charles that will inhibit the formation of that storm and its continual organization and strengthening. So if you look at that and consider the possibility of storm surge being 10 ft, and winds extending 120 miles away from the storm... we could literally have Tropical Storm winds from Baton Rouge to Houston and in the smaller area have hurricane-force winds. And of course, if it shifts a little bit to the East we could have hurricane-force winds in Baton Rogue and it only takes 30-40 mile shift for that to happen. We all need to pay attention to this. We need to be prepared. Make sure you have your supplies and your kit. We have more time now. We did don't expect today or maybe early tomorrow people could continue to prepare. WE thought we would all be buttoned up and would be dealing with Marco for a considerable amount of time and would only have a small window to do rescues and repairs. Don't waste this time when you could be better prepared for Laura.
It's 15 years to the week since Katrina hit. Given the statewide psyche of that in itself what is different? On the one extreme, you remember Katrina quickly followed by Rita and it was just a bad as it possibly could be. The last 3 or 4 hurricanes that have been forecasted for Louisiana we have gotten a tremendous break. The fear is not what people associate with Katrina but what they associated with the last 3-4 storms and include Marco so they let their guard down ahead of Laura. So every storm is unique. We will only dodge the bullet so many times. The current forecast for Laura has it focused intently on Louisiana and the last couple of adjustments only change the forecasted track slightly and the strength not at all. The big message is to understand what we know right now the strength of this hurricane will be akin to Rita not Marco or any other storms. That is why we need to continue to prepare and continue to pray. Frankly, the meteorologists did not see what would happen to Marco in regards to its shearing off and becoming smaller and less intense. So I'm happy to attribute that to the prayers of the people ufo Louisiana. So we can tin to do that as it related to Laura. To pray that each of us will be repositioned well and the storm will have minimal impacts on our people.
Next conference at 6PM
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2020.08.16 20:17 Crossing-TheRubicon The Town Is Just As Haunted As The Woods - Part 7 - The Gaskin's Murder

I've taken a couple of days away from this but I think it's about time I get back on another post. This will probably be my last post about Cannock Chase. I still have more stories about the Chase, but those are more UFO related.
Tonight I wanted to delve into Gaskins Wood. Part of the Chase that lies between Hednesford Hills and Cannock Chase. This small wooded area has a sorrowful back story.
Back in the first world war a couple lived close to the woodlands. The husband went off to fight and the wife was left at home. Months later, the letters stopped coming and the wife believed her husband had died at war. She moved on and started a relationship with one of her neighbours. She soon fell pregnant. The husband suddenly returned home from war and upon finding out about his wife being pregnant, he murdered her in a fit of rage. It is said he dragged her body out into the garden and left her rotting there for 2 days while it snowed. He then took her to the woods where he chopped her up into tiny pieces and scattered her body.
Eventually after she was reported missing, he confessed to his crimes. The police were unable to locate her and the husband agreed to show them where she was. He took them to part of the woods where a water container was, of which he showed the police her head. He had stuffed it between the water container and a pipe. The rest of her body was never found.
The woods is named after her murder, their last name was Gaskin, hence Gaskins Wood.
This part of the woods is a popular area for teenagers to camp and I spent a number of weekends over there when I was younger.
I used to cut through these woods on my way home and always felt on edge walking through there. Sometimes I would run through it just to get through the woods quicker.
The one night, my self and a group of friends camped up there. We were pretty loud that night and we were all just having a laugh being usual teenagers.
As the night drew on, we all eventually retired back to our tents. Around 4am we were woken by the noise of a woman wailing and cry around the camp site. A couple of us got out the tent to see what was going on ... nothing. We stood about reassuring each other that we weren't going mad and that we all heard it.
It was quite, the air went still. No birds, no rustling of trees from animals, nothing. It was eerie. That's when my friend went pale, his eyes looking straight behind me. He whispered 'what...what is that?' We turned around to see a woman, battered and bruised wearing a white night dress crying. But the thing that made us all stand there in shock and unable to speak was the fact we could see right through her. And just like that, she vanished...right in front of us.
It's safe to say we quickly packed everything up and were home by 6am.
It's been around 10 years since I've stepped foot in that part of the woods. And you couldn't pay me to spend a night there again.
Edit - just realised this should be part 8, apologies.
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2020.08.13 08:36 dprijadi M411 - Incident at Devil's Den Missouri. 1977

Terry Lovelace, ex- Assistant Attorney General for the State of Vermont, until his retirement. .. he was keen to tell his story and had never disclosed this information for fear of losing his job and/or standing in the legal community. It concerns an incident near Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.
---- Here's his testimony -----------
Toby and I were both city kids. Neither one of us had ever been camping in our lives. There were plenty of national forest campgrounds all around us, but Toby convinced me the long drive to Devils Den was worth it because it offered, (1) a high plateau where he could star gaze without light pollution, (2) I could photograph wildlife and scenery. He was against staying at the park’s campground, comparing it to “camping in a parking lot in the woods.” So, we trespassed deep into the nature preserve that was “off-limits” and set up our camp on the edge of a plateau abutting a tree-line.
When we were four hours into our drive south toward the Arkansas border, I realized I left my damn camera on my kitchen counter. It was a big disappointment, but I was determined to make the best of it. We did bring our small tent, insect repellent and sunscreen, and enough food and water for two overnights’.
On our first night we were exhausted from a hike we took when we first arrived, a long drive and setting-up a campsite. About 9:00 PM Toby noticed three stars on the horizon. They made a perfect triangle. They were small at first and moved in perfect unison. It became obvious this was one solid object and not three independent lights orchestrated to move in perfect formation. We watched it ascend and grow closer and much larger until it was directly over top of our campsite. We noticed that as it passed through a star field, it blotted them until it had moved past. Then they would blink back on. So, it was one solid object.
It was odd that at first this thing in the sky made us anxious but that soon dissipated. We noticed the whole forest was now dead silent when an hour earlier it had been alive with crickets and tree frogs. While this thing was over our heads we became abruptly disinterested. We were also suddenly drowsy. Not tired but almost sedated. At midnight we just decided to get in the tent and go to sleep. The apathy puzzles me to this day.
I woke up at 3:00 AM to brilliant multicolor lights, white, yellow, and orange illuminated the inside of our tent. Through a rear small net-window I saw the forest behind us was lit-up like a night game at the ballpark. I noticed my clothing and boots were all askew.
I pushed Toby aside, so we could both look outside toward the meadow. There was an enormous UFO as large as a five-story office building. It was a triangle with each leg being about a city block in length. It was fifty feet tall and sat stationary, thirty feet over the meadow floor. There was a noise too. It was a low bass hum or drone. Not so much loud as it was powerful. It was like standing nest to a running diesel train engine or a large industrial machine.
We saw what I first took to be children walking around the meadow underneath the triangle. There was a column of white light, about thirty feet in diameter shining down from the center of the triangle. We watched as these little people walked into the light and just dissolved, one by one until they were gone. The hum stopped and the corner lights all returned to brilliant white. The white cylinder from the middle stopped and the thing rose about like a hot air balloon. It made a one-third (clockwise?) rotation and continued its ascent, picking up speed until it was high in the sky and then gone.
While we were apathetic earlier, now were scared out of our wits. We abandoned our campsite and ran to the car and drove back to base. Toby left his backpack with his name and base address written inside. This is how they were able to find us so quickly.
Both of us suffered severe sunburn all over our bodies. Even the soles of my feet were burned. We were terribly dehydrated, and we spent a couple days in hospital. The same hospital where we worked. While hospitalized we were interrogated separately by two men in business suits. They identified themselves as special agents from the OSI. The OSI is the “Office of Special Investigations,” it’s the investigative arm of the USAF Security Police. I recall the older man was a major and the younger a captain.
Intermittently over the next ten years I was plagued with dreadful nightmares about that night. At my wife’s suggestion, I began to keep a journal of my nightmares. I kept a pen and paper by my bedside and did my best to document each nightmare before it evaporated. I think that helped me.
Ever since 1977, I am uncomfortable being outside in open spaces especially after dark. I sleep with a light or the television on. I keep a loaded .380 by my bedside table and a high intensity flashlight. I am uncomfortable around elderly Asian women for some odd reason. I feel anxious at the mall when we walk past a window display with naked mannequins in the window.
Something bad happened to us at Devils Den.
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2020.01.19 00:24 Yurath123 Dyatlov Pass - Common misinformation (testing format)

One of the problems with this case is that there's a great number of people who tell and retell this story and, like a game of telephone, it's gotten twisted over time. Few people cite their sources or, if they do, they cite an unreliable source. To add to that, people come up with theories that sound plausible but then fail to fact check any of their assumptions.
Since I hear the same bits of misinformation and incorrect theories over and over again, I thought it might be useful to have one big thread that debunks as much of the erroneous information in one place as possible, while citing my sources and using as many primary sources as possible.
One source I judge to be generally reliable is https://dyatlovpass.com which houses a great deal of information regarding the case, including a lot of primary source material. But you do have to be wary of that site too, since they sometimes make mistakes as well.
Most Common Misconceptions
This is one case where the myths surrounding the case are overblown and make it sound far stranger than it was in reality.
Let's see if we can correct some of that.
Paradoxical Undressing was involved:
Despite what some "spooky" versions of this incident claim, no one was naked.
The first two hikers found were dressed only in extremely light clothing - long underwear, etc. This is taken as a sign by some that these two hikers suffered from paradoxical undressing and removed their clothes. However, there's a far more mundane explanation. The other hikers had stripped Krivonischenko and Doroshenko of any usable clothing after their deaths. Secondary Source: Table listing whose clothes were where
Others say that the group's outer wear being left behind in the tent was a sign of paradoxical undressing being involved early on. I.e. that they were hypothermic and partially paradoxically undressed before the tent. However, if conditions were that bad within the tent, you'd expect them to show signs of trying to assemble the stove, yet it was disassembled in its case. Additionally, activities such as building a camp fire, taking clothing from their dead friends, and building the snow dens show that they were thinking rationally and doing their best to stay warm. A far more plausible explanation for them lacking their outer wear was that it had been warmer in the tent and they'd taken off their coats and shoes.
Dyatlov's jacket was unbuttoned, so that might be a sign of minor paradoxical undressing, or possibly he had unbuttoned it for some other reason but with frozen fingers, he lacked the dexterity to refasten it.
The bodies/clothing were massively radioactive:
3 articles of clothing were found to be contaminated with something radioactive. The strongest of them was the sweater Dubinina was wearing. However, as noted earlier, this sweater was taken from Krivonishenko. The bottom of Kolevato's pants were radioactive, as was the hem of his sweater. The contamination was determined to be from beta particles. Alpha and gamma particle contamination was not detected. Primary Source: Radiation Testing Report
The other articles of clothing tested, as well as the bodies themselves, were not contaminated. As a note, only the remains found in the ravine were tested, so the level of contamination on the remains/clothing of the other expedition members is unknown.
There've been a few theories put out for this contamination. One of them is that it's environmental. However, if that were the case, you'd think that all of the clothing would be similarly contaminated. Yet, other than the sweater, the rest of Dubinina's clothing was normal. And the clothing worn by the other two hikers who died in the ravine tested within normal levels. Wherever the radiation came from, it seems unlikely that the source was within the ravine itself or at any other location where all the hikers were gathered together, such as the tent.
The second theory is that the hikers used a type of lantern that had a gas mantle treated with thorium dioxide. If you handled the mantle and didn't wash your hands afterword, it's possible you could contaminate whatever you touched. However , according to the planned packing list for the expedition they were going to take candles and flashlights, not lanterns. Primary source: Planning Docs No lanterns are mentioned in any of the searcher's descriptions of the tent contents. ( Primary Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ) Also, according to the EPA, thorium emits alpha particles. The radiation detected in the hikers' clothing was beta. Between the lack of a lantern on site and the difference in types of radiation, a lantern can be safely ruled out.
The third theory is that the clothing was contaminated before the expedition began.
The most contaminated piece of clothing belonged to Krivonishenko. Krivonishenko had worked at the Mayak nuclear facility and was involved in cleaning up after the Kyshtym disaster, which had occurred a little over year before the expedition. In August, five months before the trip, he resigned from his position due to a "complete unwillingness to work in this system". His resignation was refused, and he was ordered to report to work. He must have ignored this order, since he was on the expedition rather than at work. Secondary Source: bio, Primary source resignation letter pictured at bottom, but it's only partially translated. Since he was was involved in cleaning up a nuclear disaster mere months before the trip, it's completely plausible that his clothing was contaminated there and not washed thoroughly enough.
The other contaminated clothing belonged to Kolevatov who was a student who may have been studying nuclear physics. So it's possible he might have contaminated his clothing in his school environment. Not Very Trustworthy Secondary Source**: bio The bio does talk about an unspecified job but as he left that job in 1956 to return to school, I'd assume that couldn't be the source of the radiation, so it's irrelevant. (** The primary sources included are untranslated, and if you click through on the links provided to where the info for the bio came from, other Russian speakers are criticizing inaccuracies the way she presented the bio, including that she gets the birthday celebration wrong. She states that he was studying nuclear engineering, but a forum member corrects her to state that his degree had a wider focus. It does encompass nuclear engineering, but that's not the only thing he could have specialized in. To note, in his book "Dead Mountain" (pg. 34), Eichar also states that Kolevatov studied nuclear physics, but Eichar never cites his sources so I'm not sure whether to trust him on this point.)
So, in summary, the radiation on Krivonishenko's clothes is easily explainable, but the explanation for Kolevatov's clothes is pretty shaky. However, considering that the whole party wasn't equally affected, I'm going to make a leap of faith and assume that whatever it is probably wasn't due to whatever caused the disaster.
Someone's tongue was ripped out while she was still alive:
It's true that facial tissue was missing on three of the members, including multiple eyes and a tongue. Other tissue was also affected, such as lips, eyelids, eyebrows, the bridge of a nose, etc. However, all of this type of damage was to the remains of those who were in the ravine and went undiscovered for several months. When they were found in the spring, they were lying in a creek.
The autopsies clearly call out this damage as being post-mortem due to being submerged in water. Dubinina was found face down in a stream of melt water, so the fact that her remains were the most affected isn't too surprising.
The most common bit of misinformation I see on this topic is that there was hemorrhaging in the eye sockets/mouth that proved that the injuries occurred while they were still alive. However, the autopsies do not mention any hemorrhaging or blood in those areas. The other claim I sometimes see is that the blood in Dubinina's stomach means that she must have swallowed blood. They did indeed find a dark brown mass in her stomach that could have partially consisted of blood. (The autopsy doesn't specify what it was.) However, that doesn't mean that it came from a ripped out tongue. She had a crushed rib cage with large amounts of internal bleeding noted. It doesn't seem too far fetched that some of that internal bleeding could have ended up in her stomach.
Zolotaryov wasn't Zolotaryov
This is a relatively new one to me. I only heard of it the other day when someone claimed this on a TIL post, and it took me forever to find what I needed to debunk it, so I figured I'd save someone else the trouble.
The claim on this is that Zolotaryov's body was not recognizable after death and he was identified via a process of elimination (which is true). This left the door open to conspiracy theorists that then claimed that it wasn't Zolotaryov at all but some unknown attackeimposter. The Russian tabloid newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and their Channel 1 exhumed Zolotaryov's body in order to obtain DNA to compare with his remaining family's DNA. They weren't able to obtain enough regular DNA to run the test and resorted to mitochondrial DNA, (mDNA, used for matrilineal comparisons) and weren't able to match the results. However, the tests were redone by a more authoritative group and they came up with a positive match. The first round of tests just weren't done correctly and the person wasn't experienced enough in the required techniques.
Let's move on to the most common theories.
There's a million theories out there. Many can be dismissed out of hand due to there not being a shred of evidence to support them.
I truly have no interest in discussing any unfalsifiable theory. No one can prove the non-existence of UFOs and Yeti, for instance. And no one is ever going to be able to convince a die hard conspiracy theorist that there wasn't a conspiracy.
I'll focus on the more reasonable ones I see that I think have huge flaws.
The things that any valid theory must explain are why the tent was cut open, and why they didn't stop to put on their clothes before leaving the campsite.
Something to note is that the tent entrance was fastened with toggles and loops rather than a modern zipper. Primary Source: Pic of tent It would have taken more time to open than a modern zipper entrance. If the toggles were fastened, then the holes in the side might possibly indicate that whatever happened, they couldn't take the time to open the tent the traditional way or that the entrance was not accessible for some reason.
We actually don't know if any of those toggles were open, since the only witness statement that mentions it was describing the tent as it was after it had been unpacked and moved. Another statement says only a couple toggles are open, but this was said in a portion of his testimony where he's clearly speculating a sequence of events, so it can't be taken as a fact.
Stove Theory
This theory states that the hikers had used their stove to cook dinner and partially or fully disassembled it. The embers left inside the stove then reignited, quickly filling the tent with smoke and causing them to flee. This theory was featured in a popular Youtube video by Lemmino.
However, there's absolutely no indication their stove was in use at the time of the incident. 5 of the searchers mention the stove in their testimonies and though there's some slight discrepancies as to where it was located, all agree that it was still packed in its case and probably near the entrance. (Primary Sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
Additionally, according to Lebedev's testimony, the design of the stove was such that the stovepipes were stored inside the stove itself. Thus, any ashes and embers had to have been emptied out in order to make room for the pipes.
Regardless, was the stove in use that night? I'll grant that a joke newsletter written on Feb 1. mentions the stove so it was definitely on their minds that night, but they might have been joking about a prior incident. The video states that it must have been used since they were eating fried bacon and ham. I can't find any witnesses that state that the ham was fried. They don't even agree it was ham.
Two sources say it was lard (i.e. salo), one says ham. (Primary sources: 1, 2, 3 ) Neither of these need to be cooked prior to eating. Sliced salo is usually served cold or even frozen, so it would be a great dinner option at a cold camp. None of the sources mention their dinner being cooked, much less fried. Thus, there's no real indication the stove had been used.
Finally, from a logical viewpoint, given a smoking stove neatly stored in a case near the entrance, does it truly make sense to flee a mile away from the tent entirely when they could simply grab the case and put it outside and air out the tent? Even if you make assumption that the tent was useless as a shelter without repairs being made, there'd be little to prevent them reaching into the tent to grab vital supplies.
Problem with a single hikepair of hikers:
This is more of a nebulous group of theories. If one of the hikers had a problem and left the tent area, the others might have followed in an attempt to bring them back.
Proposed suggested reasons why someone might have left are:
The only possible counter to this would be why the others didn't take the time to get dressed? Sure, you can hypothesize they quickly followed out of instinct, but then if the situation wasn't resolved in a minute or two, why wouldn't they go back and get dressed instead of continuing to go down hill, single file?
The problem with these theories is that they're unfalsifiable. What evidence would a mental break or PTSD episode leave behind after all witnesses are dead? How do you prove someone didn't dare someone else to do something stupid? And, as I've said, I don't see the point in discussing unfalsifiable theories.
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2020.01.18 15:17 s810 Old Austin Tales: Attack of the Airships - Spring of 1897

Lord, don't I wish I had a photo of the subject of today's story. You'll have to bear with me. Lots of descriptive 19th century newspaper articles coming through.
Today I bring you some Austin UFO stories from 50 years before the Roswell incident of 1947. I've seen and participated in a few discussions about this topic here before, but some new shit has come to light, so I've got to get this one off my chest. The acronym "U.F.O." gets taken for granted as something extra-terrestrial but it really means anything flying that's unidentified. Besides something alien, in today's world that could be anything from a weird looking drone or an Air Force test plane, or even a Chinese lantern.
There comes a time when technological progress advances to a point where the materials needed to invent something new and great are available to many people at once, so you end up with different people inventing things like the telephone, or the television, at roughly the same time. That's also kind of what happened with human flight. A few years before the Wright Brothers glided over a beach in North Carolina and before the Germans perfected the Zeppelin, there were apparently a few different people flying around the country in what was at the time referred to as "mystery airships". By most accounts these were cigar shaped craft, sometimes with elaborate sails or wings mimicking those of many different bird species, that could carry passengers and/or cargo flown over great distances. If you saw one today you would probably call it a blimp with wings, but it was really more like a floating paddleboat. Back in the late 1800s the thought of attaching a mechanical engine, whether steam or oil powered, to a balloon to guide it places was experimental and revolutionary. Different types of airships began test flights over Europe in the 1860s and by the 1880s there were Americans doing it too, although it would be more accurate to say these early inventors had very little idea what they were doing at all. They were basically trying out different forms of balloons with accessories more than inventing the blimp. But one thing is for sure, when these things would "fly"/float over anywhere near a populated area they would scare the crap out of the public and become the talk of the area for weeks. These were the UFOs of their time; some people thought they were from Mars. 123 years ago these things captivated The City of Austin when they began appearing over our violet crowned skies. There were more than a few sightings, locally, statewide, and nationally, and the Statesman of the time covered most of it. One Statesman reporter even had a sighting himself. The Legislature was freaking out over how to regulate them, and there was an incident at The Driskill. But as usual I'm getting ahead of myself.
The most famous incident during the "mystery airship" wave of 1896-1897 is probably the Aurora, TX UFO incident. To quickly sum it up, an airship with an alien visitor on board is supposed to have crashed after hitting a windmill in the small North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. The "martian" was said to have died from the crash, and was buried in an unmarked grave in the local graveyard.
That's a very important date to remember: April 17th, 1897. The following day on the 18th, the Statesman announced a "Strange and Startling" discovery. A few years ago Michael Barnes did a writeup on this in the Statesman, from which I quote:
Balloon? Airplane? UFO? What flew over Texas — including Austin — with searchlights in April 1897?
Bob Ward of the Travis County Historical Commission drew our attention to this airborne mystery. We’re not suggesting aliens, but the reports fit the definition of an “unidentified flying object.”
A headline in the April 18, 1897, Austin Daily Statesman shouted “Strange and Startling: A ‘What Is It?’ Serenely Sailing over the Blessed Long Star State.” Texans in Sherman, Fort Worth, Hillsboro, Marshall and Paris spotted unusual objects in the night sky. This was six years before the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk, N.C., and 50 years before an unexplained object crashed in Roswell, N.M.
On April 26, the Daily Statesman reported that airship had made another appearance, this time behind Mount Bonnell traveling north. “At least, three young men who were camping up on Bull Creek at Huddle’s Point say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Powell, Ted Tobin and Jas. Caldewell went up the lake Saturday afternoon for a couple of days’ camp and pitched their tents. ... About 3 a.m. it began to rain and the men were compelled to get up and fasten the tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious aircraft. They claim it was in sight fully 15 minutes and are positive they could not be mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds, it would throw its searchlights, and the boys say the light looked as big as four ordinary arc lights.”
Of course, those interested in UFOs have not let the subject of the 1897 aircraft go. An April 15, 2016, story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reached back to revive the tale of an airship that crashed into a windmill, “killing a spaceman,” in the North Texas town of Aurora on April 17, 1897. (In other words, before the Austin sighting.)
The town recently celebrated the crash with an event called the Aurora Alien Encounter with talks and shuttle tours, including a stop at the cemetery where the alien nicknamed “Ned” was supposedly buried.
This 2017 Statesman article was I think the first time I had heard of this story. So the same night a UFO allegedly crashed in Aurora, airship(s) were seen all over North Texas. The Statesman of 1897 reports on that, but then eight days later comes another report of some boys seeing an airship near Mt. Bonnell. Well come to find out that was only one of many local airship stories dating back to that Spring and Summer of 1897 in the old Statesman archive, and not even the best one in my opinion. Allowing for the yellow-journalism tendencies of The Statesman and newspapers in general at the time, some of the reports are made with intricate detail by otherwise credible people from all walks of life, while others seem obviously a hoax too fantastical to be believed.
I'm just going to go through Statesman articles in chronological order. We will start in 1896 with a bit more backstory:

May 31, 1896 - A New Flying Machine

Prof. Samuel P. Laughley's Successful Flying Machine.
Professor Langleys has invented a flying machine which is a success. At Occoquan, Va.. near Washington, D. C. the Smithsonian Institute Professor recently tested this machine to his complete satisfaction. The machine rose 200 feet in the air and flew steadily for half a mile. Fuel in the engine then gave out and the machine sunk gently to the ground. The flying machine carries a small steam engine of one-horse power. The whole contrivance weighs twenty-five pounds. Its light steel frame work holds extended horizontally three sheets of thin canvas. one above the other. The length over all is fifteen feet. The engine runs two propellers.
The machine could fly 100 miles, or even a much greater distance with a sufficient, supply of steam. But the small engine employed is not of the condensing pattern and has no means of using the same water over again.

October 2, 1896 - Flies Like a Bird

Remarkable Success of the Lamson AirShip at Portland, Ma.
Big machine rises steadily to an altitude of six hundred feet and then gracefully settles to the ground again. A New York Sun special from Portland. Maine. Charles H. Lamson performed a feat here the other day practically demonstrating that a large airship or kite capable of carrying a man can be floated successfully and steadily. He raised his ship with a dummy man on it 600 feet. The retaining rope broke when the ship was at that altitude. Had it not been for this break, Mr. Lamson would have sent up a man to navigate his ship. As it was, W. A. Eddy, of Bayonne, NJ. an authority on aerial experiments, declared that Lamson'a achievement was the greatest step toward solving the problem of aerial navigation of the age. Two records, at all events, Lamson made. He flew the largest kite or airship ever floated. He carried by mean of this kite the heaviest weight to the greatest altitude on record. Tbe kite which made the flight is an invention of Mr. Lamson and is called "The Lamson Airship." The kite, when in the air, resembles two large, oblong j boxes parallel to each other and attached to each other in the middle. It took 15 men to carry the kite or ship into the field from which it was to be sent up. The cord tested to a pull of 500 pounds This was made fast to a reel and four men attended to it. About 400 feet of the rope was run out along the ground, and at a signal from Mr. Lamson the snip was released. It quivered a m ment and then steadily rose skyward. Seated on the car of this ship was a dummy weighted to 150 pounds. The ship rose to an altitude of 600 feet, and was rising steadily, "when, with a sudden gust of wind, snap went the rope, showing what a tremendous pressure was brought upon it by the soaring of the ship. The ship floated out a half mile and descended as easily and gracefully as it went up. Had a man been in the car he would not have been harmed in the slightest.

November 23, 1896 - An Airship Sure Enough!

Frisco lawyer says one is perfected and has had a successful trial.
San Francisco, Nov. 22. The Chronicle printed a story which would indicate that the airship in practical form is at established fact. About 1 o'clock last Monday morning. the inhabitants of Sacramento who astir at that hour claim to have seen an airship passing rapidly over the city (Some merely say they saw a bnght light, while others went so far as to say they saw a cigar shaped flying machine and heard human voices from it.) The residents of Oakland also say they same the same sight. The story of the mysterious airship ha been told all over tin state and has created considerable amusement, as it was generally believed to he a hoax.
So you can see that at least a few people were experimenting with airships in various forms at that time. This brings us to 1897, and the first incident mentioned in the 2017 Statesman article. This was written the day after the Aurora incident but doesn't mention Aurora by name.

April 18, 1897 - Strange And Startling

What is it serenely sailing over the blessed Lone Star State? Be it a big airship or something else seen in the heavens at various North Texan points.
Keep a Watch Out Here. Of late strange sights have been witnessed in the heavens and some day ago.
The Statesman obtained a dispatch saying that an airship or something of that sort had been seen sailing over Oklahoma. Now the mysterious aerial craft has been seen at various points in Texas and from all accounts it is a fast sailer. Friday night at Sherman, Mr. W. S. Hellyer, cashier of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, saw a mysterious oval-shaped object of large proportions plass over the moon. On the same night, Conductor W. M. Honney of Fort Worth, his wife and mother saw a strange object pass over the city.
On the same night Hon. J. S. Bound of Hillsboro, on his way to visit a sick friend, had an experience he will not forget soon. He was jogging alone quietly, when suddenly his horse whirled around and came near overturning the buggy. There was a brilliant light, as if coming from an arc light. This light, he says rested on him less than a minute and then he saw it gliding over a field nearby. It then turned upward and he watched it until he says it must have been 1000 feet in in the air. The light appeared to him to be the headlight of some kind of it ship. While he watched, the light went out and small ones such a incandescent lights, appeared all around the body of the vessel, or whatever it was.
The strange craft sailed slowly in a southernly direction and while Mr. Bounds watched it all the lights were extinguished and then it disappeared.
On the same night, about 2 o'clock, J. A. Black of Paris, Tx., night watchman at the Paris Oil and Cotton company's plant, observed a faint but luminous body in the northeast heavens. It looked at first like a luminous cloud, but as it drew nearer he saw it was some, huge monster. He hurried over to the cabin of a negro named Jim Smith and woke him up, and when Jim caught sight of the heavenly visitor his wool promptly straightened out and Jim piously went to praying. Mr. Black watched the object carefully, and to a Dallas News reporter he said its body was shaped something cigar, and appeared to be 200 feet long. It carried sails and attachments that looked like great fans. It finally disappeared, going in the direction of the Mississippi river. Mr. Black's dog was with himi when he first discovered the monster and he was greatly agitated and moaned until the thing disappeared.
On the same night Conductor Virgil Brown and his brakeman on the Texas-Pacilic Railroad saw the curious monster near Jewella. La., about thirty miles east of Marshall. It appeared to have a search light attached to it that threw out rays in several directions. It appeared to be going in the direction of Marshall and traveled faster than his train. On the same night at Marshall, Marshal Dick Wentberby. night watchman at the Pacific Railroad shops, saw the monster pass over. From Jewella to Hillsboro is some 300 or 400 miles, and the ship being seen at both places only a few hours apart shows it is a traveler. Whence is it? 'What is it and whither is it going, anyhow? Are we living in the days when strange sights are to appear in the heavens?
From this point onward the word was out that these things were being seen in Texas. What follows in the coming days in the Statesman seems like borderline mass hysteria.

April 20, 1897 - Rickety Airship

The report that Deputy Sheriff Thorp and Uncle Dick Boyce, afraid of the airship, were sleeping in the boiler room at the court house, is untrue. They stay in the basement of the Capitol. No weak boiler room for them with a rickety airship sailing overhead.

April 20, 1897 - The Heavenly Mystery

Possible soldiers from warlike Mars out on a terrestrial reconnoiter
An astronomical theory about the mysterious stranger as seen in Chicago. The celestial craft the talk of the town.
The great and mysterious aerial vessel that has thrown north Texas and many parts of the country into a state of excitement and commotion, was first seen sailing over Kansas, but the stories about it did not excite much attention. Since then, however, the mysterious stranger has been seen in many parts of the country, and Friday night last reputable citizens in scores of Texas towns had a view of the aerial vehicle. It has traveled over Illinois, Indiana, Iowa. Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana and other states, and everywhere has excited great curiosity and in some places provoked consternation. On Friday night, April 9, the strange light skirted over the northern border of Chicago and could be seen, according to the numerous reports of residents in that neighborhood. A great crowd gathered at the corner of Milwaukee and Oakley avenues and gazed at the object, trying to figure out to their satisfaction what it might be. It was an "airship" for lack of a better name to designate it by, but most were skeptical about the identity of the "manifestation." It was said the object looked very much like a balloon, but the "red light" was plainly discernible. Many of the people mounted the roofs in the neighborhood and all the field glasses in the vicinity were called into play.
In Texas:
The strange craft seen at many points in North and East Texas Friday night has thrown those parts of the state into a whirl of excitement. Col. R. N. Burt, cashier of the National Bank of Ladonia, Texas, saw the craft, or whatever it is, last Friday night. His description varies very little from that of others, only that it appeared much larger to him, as he says that it seemed to be about 300 feet long, its wiungs being enormous and looking like huge sails. It seemed to hover for a short time over the city and then rise and go rapidly in a southwesterly direction. At Farmersville, Texas, Friday night, as reported in the Dallas News, about 9 o'clock a dim tight was seen in the northwest, apparently moving slowly to the south or southeast. When first seen it did not look larger than an ordinary 30-cent silver piece. Those watching it soon discovered that the object was approaching the city. It traveled; at the rate of sixty or eighty miles an hour. Some thought it to lie a cloudless tornado, and those who had storm houses lost no time in getting into them, whilst the more unfortunate waited and watched the result, of the approach of the queer object. In a very short time fully two-thirds of the citizens of the city were out looking at what they then supposed to be a large planet or meteor approaching the earth. In a few moments, in fact, in less time than one can tell it, the queer thing was almost hanging over the city. City Marshal Brown was in the western part or the city making his rounds before going home and says the ship or balloon passed over him about 200 feet from the ground. Mr. Brown says he could see two men in the ship and something resembling a large Newfoundland dog. Mr. Brown says he was close enough to hear them talking, but could not understand one word of their language.
Mr. Walter L. Norwood, an undertaker at Galveston, had a professional call about 3 o'clock Saturday morning, and he says he and his driver. Bob Tevis, saw the airship and said to a Galveston news reporter: "The moon was shining brightly, and we could see almost as fully as in daylight. There was not a cloud in the sky. When we were out on the beach not far from our destination I happened- to look up and saw the thing. It moved to the eastward down the beach, following the line of the beach as closely as one would do in driving a buggy. We stopped and watched it. When down about the end of the island it turned and followed the bay front until almost Tremont street, when it turned and went south out over the gulf, disappearing in the distance." It was pointed at both ends, according to Mr. Norwoods description, and the headlight was directly in front. It looked like a great big bird, with wings flapping regularly and it traveled swiftly.
Statesman's Mystery Man.
The mystery man of The Statesman heard yesterday that Mr. R.H. Cousins had caught a glimpse of the mysterious ship Friday night, and Mr. Cousins was seen about it. 'No, I saw no ship," he said. "I stepped out into my yard and my attention was attracted by a moving light which appeared to lie some distance above the earth, not far from the residence of Mr. J. W. Graham. I first I thought it was a meteor, but I soon discovered it moved too slow for a meteor. In the light was not very large, I think possibly I could have covered it with my hand. I watched it as it moved and it passed over and down in the direction of Shoal Creek. I saw no dark object, nor anything that resembled a ship; I saw nothing but the light, and at the time thought nothing about it. The story, as reported, was that Mr. Cousins had seen a large ship-like shape, with the light attached to it. To the Statesman's gang last night the mystery man, to the utter consternation of the boys, gave it as his unalterable opinion that there was something in this airship business. "Where there's so much smoke there must be some fire," he said. "So many reports, from so many different points can not be fabrications. People may say what they will, but there's something in it."
The gang was visibly moved. "It is my opinion," continued the mystery man, "that the airship, so-called, is nothing more nor less than a reconnoitering aerial war car from warlike Mars, investigating the Conditions of the United States to see what reinforcements we'll need when the country is invaded by the allied armies of Europe, the Mars soldiers having no confidence whatever In the American jingoes as real fighters," "With these soldiers of Mars cavorting around over our heads, do you think there is any danger to us of the earth?" asked the gang in concert,' "I most emphatically do.
Last Thursday night one of their aerial boats exploded, and scraps of steel and piece of electric wire were found on the school house, the roof of which workmen were repairing. They heard an explosion during the night, and just before it took place the aerial vehicle was seen sailing through the air. There is great danger in venturing out these nights. What if one of those fellows from Mars should tumble out and fall on you ? The city editor and telegraph man were profoundly impressed, and last night they slept under a table in the editorial rooms.

April 21, 1897 - Shadbolt gets a package at the Driskill

Say, you people all know Shadbolt, manager of the Driskill, and are acquainted with his reputation for veracity? The fact that he is in the category with George Washington in this line, inclines me to take stock in these airship yarns that are at present flooding the country. Shad asserts that while on the roof of the hotel last Monday night engaged in taking clothes off the line, he was astonished first by a peculiar sizzling noise, followed immediately by a biff, bang, whiz, and a current of cold air that chilled him to the marrow. Dodging behind a chimney pot, he saw coming towards him a frightfully constructed cigar-shaped balloon, or something of that character.
His heart was in bis throat for a moment, but swallowing it with an effort, be sang out: 'Ship ahoy!' A voice replied: 'Howde? Is this Austin?' 'You're bloody right,' yelled Shad, whereupon the main guy on that flying monster called out: 'Stand by you lubbers, and let go that freight'. Something struck the roof, and the startled manager says as the thing went out of sight there was a man sitting cross-legged on the quarter deck, working a concertina. and grinding out the music of 'Me 'Art Is True to Poll,' (???) In the bundle, which smelled of stale fish and a few decayed things of that kind, was a note stating that the ship was en route to China, but would return in October next, by which time the writer hoped the Texas legislature would have passed all the blooming (democrat) platform demands formulated at Fort Worth. Now Shadbolt will not deny bis fondness for potted cheese and a bleeding glass of 'alf and 'alf, but be says neither of these appetizers had the slightest connection with his experience on the roof. He's got the note, and the brick that came with it, and will take pleasure in showing it to his friends.

April 21, 1897 - Weary Man Sick of Hearing About Airship

A weary man: "Can yon direct me to a boarding house where they do not talk of the airship?"

April 24, 1897 - Airship Resolution

Proposal to have the commission regulate them.
Yesterday morning, in a spirit of fun, Mr. Brigance offered the following resolution about airships: "Whereas, There is an airship sailing around Texas, carrying freight and passengers; and whereas the owners or incorporators of said airship pay no taxes for said traffic; and whereas, the railroad commission have been derelict in their duty in fixing rates tor said airship; and whereas, The State of Texas is badly in need of fund to run the state government; therefore,
Be it resolved that the advocate of revenue measures. Hon. J. T. Curry, the representative from Van Zandt county, is hereby requested to be the master of making rates for the government of said airship before the Railroad Commission of Texas and request that said commission proceed at once to make rates and charges for the transportation of passengers and freight in Texas, and in default of the payment of said rates, said commission shall apply to the Justice of the Peace of Precinct No. 1, Travis County, and procure an attachment and proceed to levy the same upon said airship for the purpose of collecting said rates, etc.
Now comes the second instance mentioned in the 2017 article.

April 26, 1897 - Airship Again

The airship made its appearance again early yesterday morning. At least three young men who were camping up on Bull creek, at Huddle's point, say they saw it. Messrs. Geo. Proctor, Ted Tobin and Jno. Caldwell went up the hike Saturday afternoon for a couple of days camp, and pitched their tents at Huddle's point. About 3 o'clock yesterday morning it began to rain, and the young men were compelled to get up and fasten their tent. It was at this time they saw the mysterious air craft. They claim it was in sight fully fifteen minutes and are positive they could not have been mistaken. At intervals of every few seconds it would throw its searchlight, and the boys say the light looked as big a four ordinary arc lights. It made its appearance from behind Mount Bonnell and traveled north. The boys broke camp last afternoon they say because it was raining so hard, but that mysterious light probably made the rain seem wetter than usual.

April 27, 1897 - Another Airship Again

It seems impossible to hide anything from the "argus eyes and ears" of a Statesman reporter. Mr. Teagarden of Teagarden & Shumate, "The Peacemakers," has been in "telepathic" communication with the inhabitants of Mars for some time past. In fact his summer location on the summits of various mountains in Colorado has been the means of enabling him to adopt a system of telepathic communication, and he intimates that "the airship" now voyaging around us is for the purpose of discovery, and not war, as some suppose. The ship is named "The Peacemaker" and is now used in the interest of his manufacturing centers of goods kept by this firm and perfect such arrangements as may be necessary for their interests. Upon his return early in May, Mr. Teagarden designs taking a trip over the eastern continent as a guest of the representatives of the fiery planet. No alarm need be felt by the inhabitants of Earth as the appearance of the ship only betokens peace. In fact, wars are a thing of the past in Mars, and the art is lost with them.

April 27, 1897 - Airship Located

It is en-route to Cuba to scatter dynamite for Wyler's forces.
A carefully planned expedition left for Cuba last night from near Sea Isle, N. J. The supply of arms and ammunition left New York Saturday on lighters and was placed on a tug between Barengal and Long Branch. The tug came steadily down the coast and was soon joined by another boat. In the way of munition, the expedition took along a Hotchkiss gun. 1000 rifles, 13000 rounds of ammunition, 2000 machetes, a lot of medicine and what is known as an experimental flying machine adapted to the use of dynamite.

April 29, 1897 - Airship Seen Here

It passed over the city yesterday morning in a rain.
Moved Slowly, Plainly Visible
Seen by more than one person. Work of Hiram Wilson, son of the master-mechanic for the New York Central (Railroad).
The airship, carrying a large headlight, passed over the city yesterday morning, apparently about 300 or 400 feet above the earth. It moved slowly at first, traveling in a northwesterly direction, but its speed seemed to lie greatly increased when it reach a point probably over Shoal creek. A gentleman out north of the capitol saw it, and a colored man living on Robertson Hill had a sight of the aerial visitor. A fine view of it was had by Mr, Otto F. Porsch, an intelligent and wholly reliable gentleman living at the corner of Colorado and Second streets and doing a grain and feed business at 402 East Sixth street. He is well known and has a large circle of friends. A Statesman reporter saw Mr. Porsch at his place of business yesterday, and he told the following story: "I was aroused from my sleep by my dogs barking and growling, and I went to a window and looked out. It was very cloudy and dark, and I saw the glare of a big light on the clouds. I thought a large fire was in progress and hastily put on my clothes and went out into the yard to see where it was. As I opened the door to go out, my young dog, greatly scared at something, pushed by me and went into the house. My old dog stayed in the yard, and I noticed he was barking at something overhead, and I looked up and saw great light slowly moving over the Salge Hotel. It was coining from the southeast and moved in a northwesterly direction. It appeared to me to be about 300 or 400 feet above the hotel, and it traveled very slow, the light being so blinding that I could not see the shape of the vehicle or whatever it was carrying it, I watched it carefully, and after it had gone some distance and has passed me, I could see the shape of the rear end of the vessel, and it appeared to be in this shape." And Mr. Forsch arranged his hands in a V shape, somewhat like the tail of a fish. "It was still moving very slowly, but as I watched 1 saw a movement on each side of it like a bird flap ping its wings, and its speed was once greatly increased, and I watched it until it disappeared, which was not long after it began to increase its speed. It was drizzling a little, and it rained pretty hard after the light disappeared. Asked if he saw any colored lights, he said "No, I did not. It was a very large, ordinary light and very blinding until it passed me." Mr. Porsch said that a gentleman living out north of the capitol told him yesterday forenoon that he had seen the ship at the same time Mr. Porseh did. Mr. Porsch said: "After it had disappeared I went buck into the house and looked at the clock, and it was exactly fifteen minutes after 4." A colored man named Gray saw the ship as it passed over yesterday morning.
The Galveston News of yesterday contained a story that the vessel landed in Uvalde a few days ago near the residence of Sheriff H. W. Baylor. Two men were aboard, with whom Mr. Baylor talked, one of them giving bis name as Wilson, and he said be had lived in Fort Worth, and the News of yesterday confirmed bis story and shows he did live in the Panther city, where he worked on an arship.

May 2, 1897 - Letter to Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde

A gentleman in this city has written Sheriff Baylor of Uvalde for the particulars of the airship he boarded and inspected at Uvalde.

May 4, 1897 - Cripple Creek Airship

The airship has been heard from at Cripple Creek. The information comes through a letter dropped from the airship. The letter states that there are three person in the airship, and that they are out of water and can not make a landing on the earth and have given up in despair. A man who could invent such an airship a that would have the ingenuity to condense water from the clouds, but the whole thing about the airship seems to be getting to be "in nubibus." (?)

May 4, 1897 - Airship demonstrated at Nashville

A sure enough airship
A Practical Demonstration Given at the Nashvllle Exposition
Today at the Tennessee Exposition, Professor Arthur Barnard, physical instructor of the Young Men's Christian Association of Nashville, began a jonrney in an airship constructed by himself. Professor Barnard promised to sail against the wind after arising into the air, and he did so. The airship will be continued in use at the exposition. Professor Barnard said he would land at the starting point tonight. The ship is 4 feet long and 20 feet in diameter

May 11, 1897 - Travis County Man Knows How To Build An Airship, But Won't

In a burst of confidence yesterday, Uncle Dick Boyce informed a Statesman reporter that Joe Costa had seen an airship sailing majestically through the deep blue heavens.
Joe was hunted up and asked if he saw the aerial mystery.
"I have not seen an airship, nor do I want to see one," he indignantly said. "If I wanted to see an airship I'd build one and be done with it. I know exactly how one should be constructed. You know I've watched buzzards and a ship modeled after them will fly"

May 23, 1897 - Webberville Airship

It was seen in Austin and Webbervllle Friday night.
Friday night, about 12:30 o'clock, Mr. O'Brien, the Associated Press operator in the Statesman office, while standing on the gallery in front, saw what was evidently the airship, or at least the mysterious aerial body that has been seen several times in these parts. Mr. O'Brien watched it about a half minute, and then hastened to the window and called to the telegraph editor to come quick. The latter, although mentally absorbed in the interesting St. Louis produce market, hastened to the gallery, but when he got there the airship had passed out of view behind the business buildings southeast of the office. Both watched for some minutes in vain, and then returned to their work, the operator with a puzzled look, and the telegraph editor with an incredulous smile flitting across his face. They resolved not to say anything about it till next day, to see if any other night hawk had seen anything of the sort. Yesterday word came from Webberville announcing that John T. McCall, a prominent citizen of that section, had seen the airship about 10 o'clock Friday night. It was sailing very low, and he had a good view of it. He said it looked to be about fifty feet long, and was brilliantly lighted, looking something like a steamboat at night. This description tallies exactly with Mr. O Brien's description. There is about two and a half hour s difference in the time the two men saw it, but this could be easily accounted tor. There is evidently something prowling about the heavens in this neck of the woods, whether it is an airship or some other illuminated body.

June 2, 1897 - Edison Says Mysterious Airship is Fake

Thomas Edison, Denounces It as a "Pure Fake" Thinks It Absurd, Believes, However, That Airships Will Be Successfully Constructed in Future.

June 2, 1897 - Legislature Sees An Airship

Along about 10 o'clock some enthusiastic member saw what be thought was an air ship hovering over the university, and in a many seconds as it take to tell it, all the dear solons were rubbernecking toward the airship. The House and Senate both were nearly disbanded in their vain endeavor to see the airship. It could be plainly seen hovering over the university, and the members spent some time in discussing exactly how the ship was operated. They will probably not feel so cheerful in the morning when they discover that the impossible airship that excited their admiration was but a kite -an aeroplane- the university professors were operating for the purpose of trying to secure electrical experiments. The horse is on the solons, and they might as well give in.
Well I'm almost out of space but I think you get the picture. It goes on like this throughout the summer of 1897 and into 1898 when primitive airships were used in the Spanish-American war. There is an old truism that says necessity is the mothers milk of invention, but I have always said ubiquity does the same thing. In this case it seems to fit, the materials for flight were available everywhere and a few visionaries put it together. As for all the Austin sightings, I can't say who it was or what they were trying to do. But I do think if even one of those sightings was real then there is probably a chapter on human flight in some history books that needs a little expanding.
No Bonus Pics today I'm afraid. I hope to make it up to you next time.
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I clocked out and went about my morning routine as normal, eating breakfast for dinner, brushing my teeth, chatting with the usual people. I had brought over a can of bear spray and a radio for my hike and I packed water and snacks. It isn't a long hike to the top of Volcano, maybe 40 minutes from camp, but it is the tundra and the climb is quite steep. You aren't supposed to hike alone because of the bears, you can get kicked out of the mine for it, but there was no one to hike with and I didn't really want to explain my intention of investigating these lights to anyone. I started my hike around 06:45, when day-shift was just beginning and they wouldn't be around to see me wandering off.
I walked down and around the lake to the south. You have to cross a shallow creek that drains from the lake, and I usually remove my boots so the water doesn't overtop. I crossed the creek and put my boots on and continued up the foot of Smiley and made my way northward across another small creek that feeds into the lake and began my ascent up Volcano.
I noticed a few bear markings along the way (they like to dig holes and sit in them, funny creatures) and as I was climbing my head was racing with thoughts of what the light could have been. Aliens came to mind, and then I remembered one of the native drillers I worked with telling me about the "little people" who live in the tundra. He called them (forgive my slaughtering of the Inuit language) inyukuns (in-yoo-hkuns), and simply said matter-of-factly that they live in the tundra and sometimes they will help you, or perhaps they will take you away and you will never been seen again. At the time he told me this I simply saw it as folklore, but suddenly I began to wonder if there was some truth to it.
I reached halfway up Volcano around 07:15 and began to hike slightly across the hill aiming towards where I had seen the light the previous night, just below the peak. I was completely out of breath from hiking non-stop and very sweaty despite it only being 50 degrees. The strangest sensation overcame me when I rose over the final false-summit between me and my goal, perhaps 200 feet away. It was faint at first, but slowly a tingling sensation began to rise all over my skin. I thought it must just be my blood rushing from being out of shape, but the sensation became stronger and sharper until the point that I had to sit down about 50ft from the false-summit. My head was whirling as if I had just finished lifting too-heavy weights, and the hairs on my arms were upright at attention.
The sensation didn't go away. It was so bad I turned on my radio to call for help, but the radio was pure static. I tried every station and the static never subsided, and no one responded to my calls.
After a couple of minutes, I started crawling back down the hill from where I had come, and the tingling, head whirling sensation began to subside. By the time I reached the false-summit I was back to normal and could stand again. The radio only had a slight static sound now and I could hear the day-shift flight operator calling out asking "Who is trying to call? Try a different radio." I sat there below the ridge, slightly stunned.
What the fuck was that? I felt perfectly normal, when seconds earlier I thought I was going to vomit my guts out and could barely tell which direction was up.
The hair on my left arm was still at attention when I patted it back down. I sat at the edge of the ridge and looked towards where I knew the light had been. There was nothing out of the ordinary: rocks, shrubs, flowers. I sat there for 10 more minutes staring. Was I just sick from climbing the hill? Or had I experienced something else that had nothing to do with being out of shape? I decided to walk back towards where the light had been, slowly. I took a few steps forward and didn't notice any change. I took a few more steps and the hair on my arms began to rise. I waited. Nothing changed. I took a few more steps and the tingling began and I could feel my head tilting on the inside. I stopped here and retreated to the false-summit, where I felt normal again. Again I sat there looking at where the light had been and considered what I just experienced. I didn't know then and I don't know now what it was, but it was real and it was strong, like walking into electricity.
After a while, I noticed there was what appeared to be a fox carcass up the hill by a shrub where I had been headed, maybe 100ft away. I wanted to take a look at it, but thought better of returning that direction. It didn't occur to me at the time to take any photos with my phone, after all what was there to take a photo of, a dead fox and some bushes?
I started down the hill, confused and a little afraid of what had just happened. I crossed the creeks and returned back to my tent. By then time I had showered and went to bed it was around 09:30. Oddly, I slept fine that night and woke up around 16:00.
Of course after waking, all I could think about was the light and what had happened to me on the hill. I absentmindedly ate my Cheerios for breakfast, and eventually got ready for work and headed over to the office at the usual 18:00. The office is always busy with about 20 people bustling around wrapping up their day-shift work, but after an hour or so most of them left and it was just my boss, Beth, and me. My boss had to spend several hours out in the mountains at one of the rigs, so I spent a lot of time outside looking towards Volcano. I didn't see any lights this night. After considering yesterday’s events I decided to go back out and to visit the spot where I had first seen the light, north of Volcano. I followed the same routine after work, packed my things, and headed out around 07:00 on August 6.
I took a different path this time and headed east and north and then west around the lake so that I would only have to cross one creek, and hiked straight up the foot of Volcano towards my destination. It was 07:20 by the time I reached the base and took another 15 minutes to get near the crest of the hill. Remembering what had happened the day before, I approached slowly. I didn't know the exact spot where the light had been, but was fairly certain this was it. I didn't feel any strange sensations this time, and walked directly to where I thought I saw the light.
Standing on a slight incline, with the crest only ~50ft above me, I looked across towards the southwest and noticed another fox carcass lying in the shrubs about 30ft away. I walked towards it and as I got closer the tingling sensation began. I stopped and waited. The sensation didn't subside and my arm hairs were standing on end, but it didn't feel as strong as the day before, so I continued.
By the time I approached the fox, the sensation peaked but my head was fine. I walked directly up to the fox only to discover half of it was missing. There was a head and the front half of the torso, but the back half was gone. I looked around in the shrubs and shale but there were no bones or blood, and I didn't notice any paw prints or drag marks or disturbed vegetation from a predator, but I am not a hunter or tracker so I could have simply missed them.
I leaned over and inspected the fox more closely. It was missing its eyes and its lower jaw, but again, there was no blood that I could see, and the corpse was not rotting and had no insects on it. The back half of the torso looked like it was cut directly down the middle, exposing a cross section of its spine and bits of organs that had fallen out.
The scene combined with the weird tingling sensation gave me a sudden feeling of dread. I remembered to pull out my phone to try and take a photo, but my phone would not turn on. I leave it off because there is no cell signal here, so the battery stays charged unless I'm in camp using the Wi-Fi. The screen would flash, and then go black. After a minute or two of this I gave up and began walking southward along the ridge towards the base of Volcano. It was about a ten minute walk, and as soon as I left the fox the tingling sensation had subsided.
Along the way I was considering what I had just seen. Maybe there was a hunter up here after all, but why would someone kill a fox and remove half of it? And what could explain the weird tingling sensation I felt? I have read about animal mutilations, and this seemed to fit the description: strange lights, bloodless mutilated carcass, in the middle of nowhere. I tried to convince myself it was anything but. I have never seen a UFO nor do I know anyone that has seen a "mutilation". It was probably just some strange hunter out here, and maybe the tingling sensation was just me being excited.
I made it to the latest spot, where I was the night before, around 08:00. Again, I approached slowly for fear of feeling sick, and again, the tingling sensation set in. I spotted the fox I had seen the night before and began towards it. The tingling became a ringing in my ears, but otherwise I did not feel sick like the day prior. I walked up to the fox carcass and could immediately see that it too was missing its lower torso. The only discernable difference between this fox and the last was that this fox was missing its entire snout, but still had its eyes intact.
I grabbed a piece of rock and turned the fox over (it was lying right-face down) and found that the skin and ear was missing entirely from the right side of its face, leaving its eye and skull completely exposed. Again, there was no noticeable blood, on the fox, on the ground, or on the rock I had used to move it. It was too eerie.
I pulled out my phone again and this time it was on, the lock screen clock reading "08:11". I slid the lock symbol up and the screen froze, exploded into a multitude of pixelated colors, and went black. I did what any sensible miner would do and got the fuck out of there. Only later did I think to test the radio for static, but I presume it would have acted the same as the day before. I got back to camp around 09:00 and, after taking a shower and calming myself, went to bed. I took melatonin this time and slept till my alarm at 16:00.
**It is currently 19:24 as I write this. I still can't sleep and when I do doze off all I see are these fucking animals staring at me with no jaws, missing eyes, and the white light. I noticed a BB sized object in my leg two days ago in the shower. I was told it could be a cyst. I have never had one before. I also woke up with a moderate sunburn on my face, neck, and forearms after my last encounter that I am writing up currently. It has since healed. I'm hoping I'm just paranoid, and I have wind chap, but I'm afraid I encountered something out there other than just a few animal corpses. I haven't seen the light out on the hills in the past few days, which is simultaneously a relief and worrisome.
I have to work on the drill rigs tonight. I'll be back around 06:00 and will post again asap.
***Part 3
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2018.07.31 19:56 ThisStoryNow Rebels Can't Go Home - Chapter 18

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When Tek visited the Rim’ tent at first sun’s light, he found Nith’s sister, about Sten’s age, convalescing on what was probably the nicest mat in the whole temporary camp. She was visibly red, but but with no smell about her that suggested she’d lost control of her bowels. It looked like she’d reacted poorly to being stung by a crawler. She’d recover, though the servitors of Subclan Rim’ seemed as terrified for their youngest mistress as they did of Tek’s arrival.
Deret, attending to his duties at the back of the train, was nowhere to be seen, but Nith, ever the diplomat, waited quietly in the back. When Tek, satisfied by her sister’s unhealth, turned to leave, she snuck up and whispered in Tek’s ear that she had relayed nothing to Rim’’s elder or Deret that might leave those two angry.
Leading the march that day was peculiar to Tek. He was in a part of the jungle with which he was extremely familiar, and watching the clearers at the front of the train cut down vines and bramble he’d known for years made Tek feel like a particularly ponderous giant. By leading the clan the way he had, he caused destruction of part of the undergrowth, but only incidentally, without real intent.
Finally, having reached a point that was a flat march to both Basecamp and to his family’s cave, Tek decided it was time to go ahead with a selected vanguard and see the status of the first site, which he expected to also be the site of a crash. Tek whiffed a rusted scent, like tiny acorns rolling down the inside of his throat, which would have turned him in the direction of Basecamp even without remembering the lights in the sky.
His vanguard consisted of the following--himself and Sten on Morok, and two delegates from each of the other ten extant subclans, bringing between them five more of the best jungle-adapted cathan. Most delegates were rangers or archers, ready to target anything that moved with remaining stock of the clan’s coated arrows, but for Subclan Rim’, Nith was riding with Deret, on the back of his spider.
Perhaps she wanted to prove herself. Tek, who would have gone to Basecamp alone, had no need to see her replaced by a real soldier.
Wishing he could have left Sten in charge of the portion of the clan that would wait for the vanguard’s return, but having no interest in enticing those of Rim’ who stayed behind into a kidnapping, Tek chose Hett as temporary leader, and tossed him the yellow circlet of a huntmaster. As Hett was known as the one who had returned Aratan’s spirit to Ba’am, Hett had enough prestige for the position, even if his great deed had been one of luck.
Tek had no illusions as to Hett’s great competency, but he was sure Hett’s mother, influential among the elders, had a vested interest in making sure Hett did not screw up.
Besides, Tek wanted to associate yellow circlets with his subordinates. The relationship between First Hunter, huntmasters, and the grass circlets was a complicated one, with a circlet being an indiscriminate designate for the first two positions, but often removed. However, the longer one carried a circlet, the closer to First Hunter one was supposed to be.
By refusing to wear a circlet much himself, and being seen as one who bequeathed them, Tek was trying to making his status as First Hunter seem less challengeable. There were probably as many as ten circlets hidden around the camp, most never worn, for fear that they might be taken forcibly by someone with prestige who wanted to go on an expedition as huntmaster. Tek’s goal was to stand above the fray entirely. If he rarely had a circlet to give up, he wouldn’t invite challenges like the one that had led to his grandfather’s exile.
Tek started wondering how much control he should have over the designation of lesser huntmasters, if he wanted those titles to be earned through merit, but did not get far along his thought process before arriving at Basecamp.
Before they had gone, the outsiders had done a good job packing it up. Only the fact a field had been cleared left any hint they’d ever been there.
It was as if someone had stuck a black fang in the ground. The canine of a creature large enough to ignore cor-vo. This object stood as an angled monolith, shadowing over some of the lesser trees, and with aspirations even greater, aspirations dashed because the fang was broken. Threads Tek knew were called wires sprouted from the top of the fang like helpless branches, and the top half of whatever the fang had started as had been torn away. A ruddy slick that looked too thick to be blood followed down the side of the monolith from the opening to the jungle floor.
At the end of the gunk, a treasure at the end of the simplest possible hunt, lay the upper half of a figure. The slick had clearly emanated from the gap where legs and abdomen should have been--it was blood--but the figure produced no more.
It would have been natural to imagine the broken figure that had emerged from the broken spaceship had expired, but such was not the case.
Instead, the upper half of a figure flopped wildly, apparently only stuck in place because a metal bar through what remained of its chest impaled it to the ground. What existed of its body had human proportions, but it manifestly wasn’t human--it had light fur, sharp teeth, and a bit of a muzzle like a fanger.
Tek dismounted from Morok, and looked across his vanguard, who were staring at the not-dead creature with various shades of horror. One of the archers vomited. Sten’s eyes were wide. Deret had a hand on his knife, like he wouldn’t feel safe until the creature was chopped up further. Nith, half-hidden behind her uncle, wore a forced vacant expression until she finally turned away.
Tek had also taken on the hunt a Ba’am stone knife, which he’d personally coated with jungle paralytic. Tek kept the blade covered at his belt, and instead approached the stranger with his best approximation of wary politeness.
He stopped just out of range of the creature’s thin claws. Squatted so their faces could approximately be level. “Tell me, sky-faller,” said Tek. “Do you understand my words?”
The creature’s head turned to him, even as its limbs kept jerking, as if the creature was not fully in control. “Yes,” it said. “I speak English.”
“A popular language of Earth.”
“The place they took your ancestors from, in their UFOs,” said the half-beast. Grunting, it reduced the level of its flails to a degree that made Tek feel safe approaching a step further. “Help me,” it said. “To whatever this world calls civilization. And I will initiate you to a secret that will make you a keymaster. I am one of the senior hybrids left in this system. I have that authority.”
Tek said nothing.
“You must have seen what happened in the sky,” said the hybrid. “You know I am a spirit to you. You need to make a choice now, human. Give in to your revulsion and prejudice, or take a bribe. You know about gold, right? Imagine mountains.”
Tek said nothing.
The flailing came back, worse than ever. Tek, who had been watching the creature’s pattern, bobbed gently out of reach.
“YOU SAVAGE!” shouted the creature. “ALL I GIVE YOU, AND YOU SPIT IN MY FACE!”
It was the one slavering in Tek’s face. He blinked. Perhaps the the outsiders and the monsters who had come for them had annihilated each other almost to a soul, and this was the last link Tek had left to people like Jane Lee, Brian Alves, Hooks, and Devin.
Tek would not endeavour to break this monster. He had great rage inside him too.
“You do not seem fit to move,” said Tek, glad he had been able to copy the way Nith had tried to manipulate him, and provoke the beast into revealing a bit of its true nature.
“I AM--” The monster shook. Yet again, the flailing subsided. “I am Barder,” the beast began. “Perhaps we can get along better if you know my name. My story. I was part of a crew sent to check if your world was safe. We received a warning that strangers were poking from above, and wanted to see if anyone was meddling. And they were. If they stayed, they would bring your world the black smog of industrialization. They would teach the making of weapons capable of annihilating planetary life. They would build strip mines, drive out the animals, and leave no one free of their educated subservience, where the masses are free to starve so long as it appeases their motives of profit and vanity in stagnation.”
“You have said much about these strangers,” said Tek. “But what was your crew? I cannot help if I do not know you.”
“I said I would tell once I am safe,” said the monster.
“I cannot bring you to safety if I do not know what will hurt you.”
“I also do not quite understand the entirety of your rage,” Tek said evenly. “Please understand, I have comrades to consider. I want to be a good healer. For all.”
“I will behave myself. What can I do with only arms?”
“You can tell me why they shake.”
Tek was buying time, trying to judge the strength of the creature by estimating the weight of the rebar. He knew he would never be able to get the most out of the creature by interrogating it while it was lying on the ground, obviously in extreme pain, but he did not want to unleash something that might be able to move quickly if it was unstuck. Deadly fangers had no limbs at all.
Tek retreated to the rest of his vanguard.
“We can shoot it with arrows from here,” hissed Deret.
“We make a litter,” said Tek. “A strong one. The creature is constrained by metal as well as earth, so both will support its weight.” In case the monster had acute hearing, he did not state directly that his preference was in the direction of a cage.
“There may be some loose metal on the tower,” said the ranger who had reported Olas and allies had crossed the Igid. “Me and my cousin can scavenge quickly, First Hunter.”
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I also have a fantasy web serial called Dynasty's Ghost, where a sheltered princess and an arrogant swordsman must escape the unraveling of an empire. If you like very short microfiction, you can try my Twitter @ThisStoryNow.
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2017.04.13 01:10 UpinthatBuckethead Nova #1 - When You Wish Upon a Star


Volume One: First Contact
When You Wish Upon a Star

Bohemia County Park, 2005

Two young boys jumped across a small brook on a warm spring day. Though they weren’t in New England, they often caught the tail end of the region’s sporadic weather patterns. Yesterday was forty degrees, and their troop leader hadn’t let them out of the tent without a jacket, let alone allow them to run around unsupervised in their shorts and Cub Scout uniforms to play however they wanted.
“Wait up!” One of the boys called from behind, panting as he ran. The brown-haired boy in the lead immediately stopped and looked back with a smile. When the chubbier boy who called out caught up, he put his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He gave his friend a look of gratitude. “Thanks, Richie.”
“No prob, Chris,” Rich told his friend.
“Now what?” Chris asked, looking to Rich through the sweat beading down his face. The young scouts had sweat stains under their arms and around their necks as well as mud caked up to their ankles. They laughed with joy, getting dirty as young boys did.
Rich’s family moved to Hempstead, New York at the start of the school year because he’d been bullied since preschool back in Jamesport. The first thing his parents did on arrival was sign Rich up for the Cub Scouts, and every single one of their monthly camping trips -- one of which he was on now. He’d met his best friend Chris on the first, and they quickly became the best of friends. Rich looked around and took in the surroundings of the woods. This was all new to him, but he found himself exploring the park fearlessly.
“Up there,” Rich pointed to a boulder that stood alone atop a hill.
He started his jog up the hill, making sure to keep the pace of his slower friend. The wind was a cool breeze that made the sun beaming through the forest's’ canopy just a little more bearable when it struck him. The grass was soft and fresh, but not abundant since the snow had only just melted the week before. Maple, birch, and cedar trees didn’t dot the park, but overtook it. A great willow tree stood atop the hill, drowning the boulder in shade.
Rich let Chris get to the top first. The overweight boy plopped down at the base of the willow, trying to catch his breath. “Let’s…never…do that…again…” he struggled.
“Yeah, yeah,” Richie chuckled as he wiped the sweat from his brow.
The boys looked at the strange system formed between the willow and the boulder. The huge grey rock, the size of a small car, rested beside the base of the distorted trunk. The willow hadn’t grown around it, but rather leaned at an unnatural angle. A plaque at its base read "Gaia’s Sanctuary". It was supposed to be art. Once Chris decided the boulder was stable, he climbed onto the lower branches of the trees and on top of the rock. The boy sprawled out and enjoyed the shade provided by the tree.
That’s when Rich got an uncanny feeling, deep in the pit of his stomach. Like they shouldn’t be there…like something was wrong. Everything was quiet. There were no birds chirping or small mammals skittering. It was as if life had been put on pause, the only sounds being the blowing leaves on the trees.
Rich felt it in his knees first. It started as a dull shake, and the willow’s leaves started to vibrate against each other like a baby’s rattle. Flocks of birds took to the sky from their perches, blacking out the sun in the process. The earthquake grew in intensity, and Rich grabbed onto the side of the tree to keep his balance. “Chris!” he called out, his friend looking around in a panic, “Get down!”
It was too late. The boulder Chris sat on had started to roll, throwing the young boy off. Rich watched helplessly from the top of the hill as the rock rolled mercilessly over his friend’s shins, crashing to a stop against the trees at the bottom of the hill. “AAAAAAAGH!” Chris’s scream shattered through the park and snapped Rich out of his haze. Rich was frozen in fear as Chris slipped into shock. Fearing for his friend and snapping out of his haze, Rich ran and unslung his pack from his shoulders, the one he never left camp without. He fumbled around with shaking hands and pulled out his jacket to cover and tuck Chris in. Rich felt his forehead -- clammy. No, this can’t be happening…, Rich thought to himself, his fingers struggling to press the buttons on his flip phone. 9-1-1. He got it.
“Don’t worry buddy…Chris, you’ll be okay…” Rich said while rubbing Chris’ shoulders. He’d just earned his first aid badge a few weeks before -- with shock, the first thing he was supposed to do was elevate the legs. Rich looked at Chris’s crushed shins and frowned. That wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.
By the time an ambulance got to them, Chris had lost consciousness, but Rich had never left his side. His scout leader commended him on a job well done, and that he very well may have saved his friend’s life. But the scream, that bloodcurdling scream would haunt him for years to come. That night, Rich stared up at the stars and wished he could just leave and forget.

Hempstead NY, Present Day.

“Rider?” a distant, monotone voice called out, “Rider? Richard Rider?”
Rich woke up to a smack on the back of his head and his name being repeated over and over again. “Here,” he managed just before Mr. Linwood marked him absent. Ugh. Within a few seconds, the apathy was practically sweating out of Rich’s pores. There was a reason he’d been sleeping, after all. While the teacher finished roll call, he quickly scanned around the class with baggy eyes. Checking out the brains in the class, that he’d never be as “smart” as…the jocks, who he’d never be as “good” as…even the couple of band geeks, that he’d never be as “talented” as… Why did Rich even bother coming to school, anyways? Then his eyes rested themselves on the whiteboard.
“You’re welcome,” Chris mumbled next to Richard, loud enough only for his friend to hear. When they were kids, Rich remembered Chris being his chubby friend, always hot on his heels but hardly ever ahead. Now, Chris was long and thin, and Rich always had to watch his speed walking with him. Rich would call him tall, but Chris didn’t reach past Rich’s sternum. Well, not really. Not anymore, not after…
It echoed in his memories and Richard gulped. He put his head in his hands and felt a cold bead of sweat slide down his forehead. Christ bumped him on the shoulder, startling him enough for him to practically jump out of his chair. “You okay, man?” Chris asked.
“What? Oh, yeah…fine. Just didn’t get much sleep,” Rich lied, wiping off his forehead and giving Chris a half-assed smile. Truthfully, some days were better than others. Some days, Rich didn’t think about the role that he had played in his best friend’s life. How that if he’d been better, his friend wouldn’t be forever confined to a wheelchair. A better scout, a better friend, a better anything...
“Bullshit,” Chris chuckled, covering his mouth with his hand, “So, you going to Allie’s party later?”
“Yeah…I don’t know,” Richard mumbled. He’d never been to many parties despite being a senior. He had always said that they weren’t his thing.
“No. None of that. You’re going,” Chris whispered sternly, “Even if I have to climb out of this chair and drag you there myself.”
Rich cracked a smile, tapping his pencil absentmindedly against his thumb and the desk while Mr. Linwood went on about Latveria and their “enforced monarchy”. Richard scoffed. It wasn’t often that he paid attention in class -- he’d be moving on to college soon enough anyways. But for his teacher to be talking about this dictator like he was good for the people of… What country were they in, again? He put his head back down on his uncomfortable, uniformly disfigured, desk. A small part of him considered the ever consistent nightmare to be better than geography class, but just barely.
Rich walked home at a leisure pace with Chris like they did every afternoon after school. The March breeze ruffled his long brown hair, and Rich took a deep breath. His tired, slacked jaw slowly grew to a smile. It was something about the springtime. The trees with their green buds, the blooming flowers, the cool nip when the air hit his lungs. It all made him feel a little more at peace -- happy.
“So, are you coming willingly or am I dragging you there?” Chris asked after a few minutes of silent strolling.
“What?” Rich tilted his head for a second before nodding slowly, “Oh, the party.”
“Yeah, the party.”
“I don’t know…”
Chris practically hurled himself off the chair to get ahead of Rich and cut him off. “Don’t give me that. It’s always ‘I don’t know.’ Dude, we’re seniors in high school. We’re practically obligated to live it up now, right?”
You had to admire the guy. Even in the face of everything that had happened to him, he was still just a kid looking for a good time. “Yeah, yeah okay. I’ll go.” As soon as Rich said it, Chris beamed and he knew he’d made the right decision.
House parties weren’t exactly house parties in Hempstead. And they weren’t even in Hempstead. It was too much of a city. It was the neighboring town of Westbury that was party central. There, some families owned acres and acres of land -- sometimes a blessing, other times a curse, and always the pipe dream of Rich’s parents who struggled to make ends meet on a good day.
In Westbury, the parties were wild, unsupervised, and hot. Physically. Nine times out of ten, the parties revolved around a bonfire that varied in size. The bigger the fire meant that more people were bound to show up. By the time Rich and Chris got there, the party had already started burning pallets. It was early evening, with the sun still hanging lazily in the sky, but the bonfire already raged one story tall.
When the sun dipped low, Rich was at the party’s edge. It seemed like all of Hempstead, and even the surrounding towns, was in attendance. Which meant that Rich knew hardly anyone, especially the girl that had arrived alone and appeared in the firelight. The orange glow radiated her like a spotlight to Rich, she stood out among all others who had now become a dull blue.
The first thing he noticed was her lack of a jacket. She wore a black, long sleeved shirt with a purple cardigan and held a blue and red beer can close to her chest. With a shiver, she moved closer to the fire. Rich couldn’t put his finger on what was different about her, though. Another shiver ran up her spine, while she brought the ice cold can to her glossed lips. Her blonde, messy ponytail hung just below her shoulders, tied back with a black hair tie. Her features were relaitvely plain and fair, like she had just happened to wander to the party after working all day. But there was something…
“Dude, just go talk to her,” Chris said, pulling Rich out of his daydream jarringly. Rich looked down to his friend with a sigh. Before he could even start fumbling with the excuses that were already piling into his head, Chris jammed his wheel into the back of Rich’s leg and said, “Go!”
“Alright, alright!” Rich kicked the wheelchair, struggling to hide his smile as he walked towards her.
The girl grew more detailed as Rich got closer. He could make out the pattern of stars stretching to the back of her cardigan and the holes in her old jeans. He tried to work up what he was going to say. What do you say to a girl like that? * Hi, you’re pretty”*? And what was that taste? His mouth was dry, and she was only getting closer because he just couldn’t control his feet. Her shoes were navy blue with ratty brown laces that looked like the roots of a willow tree. His brain was in overdrive, taking in everything it could about her. But why couldn’t it figure out what to say?
“Nice, uh…shoes,” Rich said, looking up to meet the girl’s angry glare and furrowed brow. And that was when his mind picked up on the one thing it couldn’t until it was this close. The one, small detail that seemed to be his undoing: her striking blue eyes, that he could feel pierce him like cold stakes.
“Are you trying to be funny? I know what my shoes look like, but some of us can’t --” the girl went off, and Rich quickly took an instinctive step back, holding his hands up in surrender.
“I’m sorry! My name’s Rich,” he started, letting out the breath he’d been holding this entire time, “I saw you from across the party, and just…”
What was it his mom told him? Be honest with women. Rich took a deep breath and shrugged. “I couldn’t think of what to say.”
The girl’s expression softened immediately as she squinted at him. Every glance he caught of her blue eyes made his heart flutter and legs shake. “So, you weren’t making fun of me?”
“No, I know all too well what that’s like,” Rich said, rubbing his hands together and shrugging off his coat. “Want my jacket? You look like you could use it.”
“Yeah…thanks,” the girl replied. She blushed and wrapped the coat over her shoulders like a blanket. “My name’s Carol. Carol Danvers.”
“Carol? That’s a pretty name,” Rich forced a smile, silently cursing himself for saying something so corny and stupid. Carol, on the other hand, hid her grin behind the rim of her beer can as she took a sip.
“Rich…can I talk to you?” Carol asked him, her eyes glinting against the orange glow of the nearby bonfire. Shadows danced across her face and accentuated her features, her blue eyes standing out even more against them; a terrifying person that Rich just couldn’t ignore.
“Sure,” he nodded, and Carol led him away from the bonfire. The air grew colder and started to develop a nip. Slowly, the noise of the party grew quieter behind them. With that, Rich could see a weight being lifted off of Carol. “Is everything alright?” He asked.
Carol looked up at the night sky and laid down on the grass. Rich looked around. The two were in a clearing that was surrounded by trees. They were alone. Orange light from the fire shone between the silhouettes of their trunks, but the clearing was close to pitch black. Rich laid down next to her, and put his hands behind his head.
“I like looking at the stars. It makes me feel small…like my problems are small,” Carol said, pulling her gaze from the sky above to Rich, “You know?”
“Yeah,” Rich sighed. He had his fair share of problems. Mr. Linwood had a test on Latveria on Tuesday. His mom was constantly on him to keep his room clean. The responsibility of Chris’s accident. “Only a few more months. Til graduation, I mean. Then it’ll all be behind us, right?”
Carol gulped and pulled the jacket tight around her. “Yeah, I guess,” She said, looking back up to the stars.
Rich looked over. It was hard to make out Carol’s face in the far off firelight. “So, what did you want to talk about?”
“I don’t know,” Carol told him, “I was cold, and you offered me your jacket. Not a lot of guys would do that.”
“Yeah, well,” Richard said, “I guess I’m not like most guys? I do what I can to help people, always.”
Carol fell silent for a minute before she whispered a soft, “Thank you.” She inched over on the grass and rested her head on Rich’s chest.
His heart was pounding as he put a cautious hand on Carol’s shoulder. Was his hand clammy? Could she tell? Why did it feel like he was sweating so much? He took a quick breath. “No problem.”
A streak of yellow slowly shot across the sky. The two teens’ eyes opened wide in wonderment at it. A shooting star. Carol leaned up and perched herself on her elbow. She was looking down at Richard, but he couldn’t see the shy grin on her face in the shadows cast by the dimming fire. Just the bright light above her from the star. She leaned down to kiss him.
And that’s when it all went sideways.
It started with the shooting star. Suddenly, its path changed -- it was headed for the woods, and fast. In an instant, it disappeared behind the trees. Carol’s mouth met his, but his mind was racing. Adrenaline pumped through his veins. He pulled back. Someone could be hurt. After what happened to Chris…Rich couldn’t let something like that happen to anybody else.
“What the hell…” Carol mumbled as Richard scrambled to his feet.
“I --” Rich stopped for a moment, looking down at the sad girl in his army jacket. What should he say to her? What could he say to her? He closed his eyes, and turned away. “I’m sorry.”
That was all he managed before he took off, in the direction he’d seen the shooting star land. Of all the times, why then? Right when she kissed him?! Stupid shooting stars. Bad friend, bad student, bad athlete -- guess it was time to add awful with women to that list, too. He broke the treeline and felt the underbrush of the woods against the heels of his jeans. The fire was nothing but the dim orange glow of embers now, which Richard ran straight past.
It wasn’t long before Rich stumbled upon the first felled tree. It had its top knocked off and looked scorched. The one behind it was broken slightly lower, and the one beyond that even lower. Richard followed the pattern of smoking, blackened wood as he covered his mouth with the front of his t-shirt. What could have done this? A UFO? The ground started to form a divot, which continued into a trench.
AAAAAAAGH!” Richard heard a scream, and slammed his eyes shut. No, not now. Chris couldn’t… “AAAAAUGH!” Another cry of pain pierced the veil of Rich’s hallucination, and he shook his head. Time to do what he couldn’t before -- step up.
Rich spotted a man at the end of the gully and sprinted to his side. The man wore a blue and gold uniform, with two glowing blue circles on his chest and one on his stomach, forming an upside-down triangle. Blood welled up from the center point, and the man helplessly pushed down with his hands in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Rich could tell he was in shock -- and could also tell that this guy probably wouldn’t last long. The man coughed, and blood spattered on the gold helmet which covered his face.
Richard practically dove to his knees, pushing the man’s hands out of the way and applying pressure of his own. Blood welled up between his fingers, and the man coughed again, spewing crimson across the front of Rich’s t-shirt.
“M… My helmet,” The man stammered. His hands stopped fumbling at his punctured stomach and rather started reaching to the gold, red-starred bucket style helmet that rested atop his head.
“Save your breath!” Richard barked. He’d felt suction on the wound -- did that mean his lung was punctured? Rich struggled to remember what he’d learned for first aid, and drew a blank. The ground beneath them was damp, growing moreso by the second as the man bled out in Rich’s arms.
The man managed to lift the golden helmet off his brow, but it dropped with a clang behind him. He looked very human for a man who fell from space. His pale white face was beaded with sweat, and curly brown hair matted to his forehead. “Take it,” he whispered while Richard fumbled with red stained hands, looking for anything to plug the hole. The man gasped for a breath, gripping Rich by the shoulders and pulling himself face-to-face. “My name is… Rhomann Dey. I am Nova, Champion of… of…”
Just like that, Rhomann collapsed in his arms. Rich laid him back down, and put an ear to his chest. There was still a faint heartbeat and shallow breathing. His mind was moving a mile a minute and his hands wouldn’t stop shaking. CPR wouldn’t be effective with a heartbeat, and nothing was keeping that wound closed. “Come on… Come on…” Richard muttered to himself, hopelessly trying to convince himself that, somehow, he’d be better this time.
Rhomann’s eyes fluttered open, moving to and fro, trying to draw focus as Richard looked down at him hopelessly. Rhomann’s hand fell to his side and lazily gripped the bloodstained helmet, the crimson a stark contrast against the glittering gold it was made from. Rich tried to keep Rhomann’s hand from moving, but the man pushed the helmet into Rich’s chest with what little force he could muster.
“T-take the helmet,” he coughed, spattering blood on the navy of his chestpiece. “Titus will tear apart Terra to find it.”
Richard shook his head, pushing against the wound on Rhomann’s chest with one hand while holding the helm in his other. “What do you mean? Who’s Titus? What’s so special about a helmet? Wait no, don’t answer, don’t strain yourself…” He stammered, unsure of how to keep Rhomann alive despite all the evidence stating that he wouldn’t.
“The N-Nova helmet… You are Terra’s only defense against Titus,” Rhomann said, his eyes fluttering, “Please…” The last word was a fleeting whisper, before he was gone.
Rich sat there cradling the helmet against his chest. Rhomann’s eyes had shut, and his chest didn’t rise again. No, this couldn’t be happening. What should he do? Call the cops? What would they say? They’d never believe him… He’d be nabbed by Area 51 or SHIELD within a week. And what was Rhomann talking about? Who’s Titus? What’s Terra?
Rich shakily got to his feet and dusted off his jeans. He looked at his shirt that was covered in deep scarlet stains and grimaced. His knees and bottom weren’t any better. He’d have to hose off before he got home, hop in a lake, or pond, or something. His legs felt like lead and every movement felt like he was underwater; constantly stealing glances at Rhomann’s body didn’t help.
Richard brought the helmet to his eye level. Its glittering gold gleamed in the moonlight, with a brilliant red star resting between its eyes. Circuitry ran throughout the interior, from the top of the dome all the way down to the sides of the face shields. He frowned. How could this be anyone’s only line of defense? He didn’t know much of football, but even Rich knew this thing wouldn’t hold up against a five-ton linebacker barreling down on someone.
Rich tucked the helmet underneath his arm, turned, and started walking away with his heart racing and breath unsteady. He only looked back to say a silent prayer for Rhomann, staring at the dead man longer than he should have. The fire had died from what had been embers to black coals, leaving the field to be an utter ghost town. The night was silent. No crickets or june bugs chirping. There were no owls or bats fluttering around between the trees. Rich shivered and rubbed his arm with his free hand. Oh yeah, that was right -- Carol had his jacket. Which, thanks to how he left, he’d probably never get back.
He stepped out of the woods and took a deep breath, ready to start the trek home. He looked up and saw the beautifully vast array of stars -- including a faint yellow one, which shot across the sky.
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2017.04.07 18:59 IamMatlock Official Weekly Summary (29 Mar - 5 Apr 2017)

Unresolved Mysteries
Weekly Summary (March 29-April 5, 2017)
Hi unresolved mystery people, I asked the moderators if I could make a weekly summary of the cases that were discussed in the sub and received the blessing of one mod (thank you, kind mod). I figured it would be convenient for someone out there, and help attract more attention to lesser known cases…I had no idea how much work it would require. So in the future, I’ll condense this and stick to basic facts or perhaps squash it all altogether; I spent far too many evenings writing and worrying about someone complaining about my bad grammar, syntax or my lack of ability to summarize small bits of information that were better written in posts or other sites. Or I knew I was going to get a few, "What's the point?" And also I didn't want to completely plagiarize something.
Let me know if I got details wrong or made me a mistake, drop me a comment with any feedback on whether I should continue or modify this summary. What do you think? I may have missed some stories, and I apologize. Let me know. Thanks and happy sleuthing.
The Charley Project
Unresolved Mysteries
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2016.06.30 22:53 hotdogmaggot TOOL NEWSLETTER JUNE, 2016 E.V. - SILVER COLEMAN VS DEATH VALLEY

As our heavy-duty Ford pickup slowly moved deeper into the scorching wilderness, the road conditions changed quickly - from unpaved dirt spurs with ruts and dips, to torturously rough washboards, to a rising, nearly impassible stretch of soft sand with large exposed rocks. While attempting to negotiate the nerve wracking twisting stony trail, the rattling pickup kept getting stuck, and now it might have been too late to turn around, with a towering cliff face on one side and a steep narrow gully on the other. Instead of the required high-clearance four-wheel drive normally driven in such unforgiving landscapes, we had a stainless steel cooler filled with bottles of Modelo in the F-150's spacious crew-cab. Therefore, I guess that you could at least call us experienced.
With our spinning tires sinking deeper into the sand, to me the situation seemed almost hopeless. Not so to my determined friend behind the wheel. He truly believed that, not only could we free the vehicle without sliding off the jagged cliff, but that once we got enough traction to move forward, we should continue further over the sloping rugged terrain until we reached our intended destination. (We had come to this remote location deep in the heart of Death Valley, California, to photograph a unique feature that we wanted to use as part of the cover art for a forthcoming Danny Carey book.) With no sign of the isolated backcountry campsite, or of the geological marvels to be shot by a camera attached to a remote-controlled quadcopter, I pleaded with my friend to reconsider things. Without any cell service and, hence, GPS, we had most likely taken a wrong turn somewhere, and were now at the mercy of the harsh elements and a host of hungry predators that would even eat our bones.
"How could we possibly die out here!" my exasperated friend shouted as he revved the engine, hoping that the pickup would lurch forward.
Indeed, how could a person die in a desolate expanse in Death Valley, where the late afternoon temperature was over 111 degrees, and where there was no sign of anyone as far as the eye could see (and, believe me, the eye could see far!), and where we had lost cell reception many hours ago. After all, we had an ice-chest loaded with bottles of Modelo Especial.
Scanning the barren scenery in the extreme heat, I thought of a few ways that a person could die in Death Valley. These, I related to my friend: "We could wade into an isolated waterhole for a drink and choke to death after inadvertently swallowing a rare 'Devils Hole Pupfish'... or we could bang our head chasing a lightning-fast roadrunner into a cleverly painted tunnel on a cliff-face... or we could drop dead from a coronary after seeing a floating 'Gravel Ghost Wildflower'...or we could die from the Hantavirus after eating infected rodent droppings that our fevered brains mistook for beer nuts..."
As the sun beat down mercilessly, and with my left ear still bleeding from the spray of sharp loose gravel, I gathered some larger stones and carefully placed them under one of the F-150's badly chewed up rear tires. While doing so, I tried to convince my stubborn friend that if he should manage to get the pickup unstuck, he should look for the closest turn-around loop (if there was one) and head back down the slope where we might find a place to camp for the night. Maybe we'd even throw a chuckwalla on the grill! To which my friend raised both hands, looking terribly annoyed.
"Why'd we drive all the way fuck out here?"
Having placed a final stone under what remained of the tire, huffing and puffing (nay, making a strange wheezing sound not unlike a laboring donkey), I quickly responded:
"Worst of all, though... about dying out here - should we succumb to the elements, it's quite likely that our knife-stripped flesh will be greedily consumed during a (realistic) re-enactment of 19th-century lost pioneers..."
"We can't give up now! C'mon, Blair, you once jumped over a collapsing sinkhole Indiana Jones-style in Adam's Jeep at Area 51." (Note: See my August 2006, Tool Newsletter for more about this washed out road at Groom Lake.)
If I wasn't going to persuade him to give up this madness by saying that I just wanted to go home to the things that meant the most to me, then, in a last ditch effort to change his mind, I walked up to the F-150's rolled down window and looked directly into his eye.
"What about the newsletter? I have to get back home to post the Tool Newsletter."
Having climbed out of the idling pickup, my friend examined my tire rock placement and then gauged the distance to the edge of the steep drop off. After which, he patted me on my back before jumping back into the Ford, shouting out the window:
"Everyone knows that the band is still working on their new record, and that there's really no other major news other than that."
"No, you're wrong. There are certain things that people need to know about. Things that finally need to be revealed - concerning the new record and other band related matters. Things that I've been holding back... for years... because I felt that I had to, but now it's time to make them public. Only, we're stuck in this desert hellhole... up to our lug nuts in burning sand..."
Gritting his teeth, my self-reliant friend eased on the accelerator until finally the spinning rear wheels gripped the stones and bolted forward. Ducking for cover behind a large boulder, I watched in horror as the pickup's rear end started sliding dangerously close to the edge of the cliff...
I had an uneasy feeling about this trip right from the start. When we first discussed plans to take an aerial photograph of a certain geologic curiosity smack dab in the middle of Death Valley, I felt that having a 4WD vehicle was essential, and that we should visit the area in the early spring when the temperatures weren't as severe. But, here we were leaving Las Vegas in a heavy pickup truck without 4WD at the start of the summer. The well-stocked Coleman cooler in the F-150's extended crew-cab helped alleviate some of my initial anxiety, but I knew that if somehow we were stranded in such an inhospitable place, and something happened to "Silver", we would in all likeliness have to drink the bladder-voided piss of a desert tortoise, and wrestle ugly turkey-buzzards for the shriveled up carcass of a cactus mouse with all the fixings. As for our charged cell-phones, well, with no reception for miles, we might as well have brought cheap fake ones with fake batteries that we purchased from a Chinese wholesaler.
Interesting sights on Highway 190 were a temporary distraction, such as ominous Creech AFB in Indian Springs. Looking out the window, we saw nesting on taxiways several AUVs - those DARPA toys with names like "Predator", "Reaper", and the terrorists' worst trouser-chili nightmare, the "MQ-Jeepers-Creepers." Inside the glistening array of operations facilities, one could imagine a flurry of activity as the drone's operators - those who scored the highest on the old "Polybius" arcade game - selected targets halfway around the world, while munching on Chevron fried chicken. On this hot summer's day, no anti ultra-lethal drone protesters were to be seen parading outside the heavily fortified base. Perhaps they were all busy at the famous combination brothel-hotdog stands on the other side of the highway?
Somewhere west of Beatty, the tranquil cerulean skies suddenly filled with vertical chemtrails, each having a bizarre black shadow. What the hell? Moments later we passed through the real Hells Gate, where we stopped at an information kiosk to purchase a visitors permit and to get a road map. After this, we didn't see anything else too unusual, unless you count busloads of European tourists walking out on waves of sand totally oblivious to the Andro-Pleiadean base under the shifting dunes as being rather odd. What we did see, however, was a makeshift road sign informing us that the maintained road to our photo target was temporarily closed. Although inside I secretly felt some relief, my friend was not the type to let a little thing like this stop us from achieving our goal.
My concerns about our isolated destination resurfaced after we stopped in Stovepipe Wells, where a Park Ranger (or, was it the owner of the gift shop?) told us that sharp lava rocks would puncture our pickup's tires if we tried to ignore the road closure. It would be best, he suggested, if we spent the night with Jerry Attrick and his friends at a nearby campsite with camper friendly amenities. To Burney Butz and myself, that sounded pretty damn good. But not to my friend. No, he wanted to grab a cold beer and consult the map in hopes of finding an alternate route.
As 'luck' would have it, there was another way in - the only problem being that the entrance was in the completely opposite direction, and would add hours onto the already tiresome trip.
In the resort's crowded restaurant, we discussed the pros and cons of attempting this alternate route. So has not to 'waste' a valuable table, we told the attractive young waitress with decidedly Nordic features that we were going to split an order of fries with our beers. Nothing weird about that... except that when we asked for our bill, the woman appeared to be quite confused (dare I say, astonished) when we declined to order any dessert. Okay, let me state for the record that all of the talk in these parts about resort employees having strange blue-eyed Nordic alien physiology - similar to that of Orthon, who 1950's UFO contactee George Adamski encountered in the Mojave Desert - would appear to be absolutely ludicrous. Until, that is, your waitress asks you what you want for dessert after only splitting an order of fries. Then, one has to truly wonder about the stories about visiting Mu-Suvian dignitaries to the Federation base under the Panamint Mountains...
Once we were back on the well-paved road, near Pantamint Springs, I caught a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. Wow! We had just been buzzed by a WWII-era P-40 Warhawk fighter plane, complete with 'shark teeth' nose art against its olive green fuselage. Flying very low (well beneath 3000 feet), I wondered if it was a very large remote controlled model or a near full-scale reproduction drone from nearby Edwards AFB, or China Lake, or even Nellis? Hell, it could have even been controlled by some geek gnawing on a greasy gas station chicken bone at Creech. Didn't the fuck know that there were busloads of tourists at the sand dunes?
Having passed occasional signs of life in Panamint Springs, my bristling with confidence friend thought that it would be "retarded" to top off the gas tank before we headed into the canyon narrows. When we finally arrived at the dusty turn off that would supposedly take us to our journey's end, before we lost cell reception, I texted the name of this 'road' to my significant other. The first thing that we saw on the tame gravel roadbed was an approaching tow truck that was hauling a Jeep out of the canyon. Rather than taking this as an ill omen of sorts, my unruffled friend started laughing, saying something to the effect, "Ha-ha, that guy didn't make it."
A mile or two further the road conditions worsened considerably - becoming a spine-jarring, deeply rutted washboard. Up ahead, a Park Ranger vehicle could be seen heading towards us. Here we go, I thought, expecting him to light us up any second. But, instead of turning on the strobes, he just passed by, smiling and waving. The ass! Why didn't he stop us, asking us where the hell we thought we were going? He could have arrested us for stupidity alone. How'd he know we weren't cultivating marijuana in some parallel dimension whose energized portal we were headed towards? STOP US, BEFORE...
The last thing my encouraging friend did before climbing back into the pickup was to point to his cell phone's GPS screen and say, "If we can just make it through this one last rough area, it's a clear shot the rest of the way." Revving the engine, the F-150's sliding tire came inches from the steep drop off, before continuing forward over a large rock that slammed the undercarriage with a deafening bang. As the truck picked up speed, it was too late for me to run behind it in the plumes of dust and spray of sharp gravel, so I just waited to see what would happen?
With considerable skill, my friend maneuvered the pickup around a narrow turn-around and was soon heading back towards me. When he reached a level area a few yards down the slope, he stopped and shouted that he couldn't go any further - that around the corner of the cliff-face was an abrupt dead-end. It was certainly a good feeling to know that even the most positive attitude realized that it wouldn't be beneficial to our cause to drive off the side of a mountain.
Having climbed back inside the truck, I had to admit it: That pickup really was built Ford tough! Best-in-Class with a payload of ice cold Modelos. Underneath, the rental (did I forget to mention that?) was dinged to the utmost conceivable degree, but it was still destined to be a whopping discount to some one who really appreciated such things. Besides, a $6.00 spray wash and no one would be any the wiser...
A few miles down the hill's sparse vegetation, we found some ground level enough to set up tents. But first we had to erect an awning for some much needed shade. Seconds after we finished, with visions of chilled beers and grilled Bubba Burgers dancing in our heads, strong gusts of wind were blowing it off the ground. Even with both of us holding on to it with all of our strength, the damn thing was about to go air borne. So, here was yet another way to die in Death Valley - a couple of sand-ripped idiots clinging onto a brand new Big-5 Sporting Goods awning as it rises high over the valley floor like some ridiculous hot-air balloon, until we are obliterated by an errant Army Javelin Anti-Tank Missile fired by some methed-up warrior at Fort Irwin. With our camping supplies tumbling off into the desert, we both decided to gather our shit and head back to Las Vegas. Death Valley had won this time...
A couple of hours later - realizing that we hadn't eaten anything all day except for a few fries (and without dessert!) - we stopped at a dimly-lit restaurant in Panamint Springs. Ah, local color! As moths fluttered and softly batted into lanterns in the rustic setting, we were handed menus by a young attractive waitress with Nordic features. In fact, she looked exactly like our server at Stovepipe Wells (and the girl at Furnace Creek!). So, the blue-eyed Mu-Suvian aliens are employees at all of the resorts here. Who cares! The beanless "handmade" chili looked palatable... but should I just go ahead and order it with a dead moth, or wait for the inevitable to happen, as did the other diners?..
And then I saw it!
Hanging high on the wall right in front of me was a framed photograph of the unique geologic feature amid the otherworldly desert terrain that we had hoped to shoot from the quadcopter. My downcast friend's back was to it as he studied the menu. Hmmm... I thought about pointing it out and telling him to go get his camera and take a close up photo of the photograph. With this, our mission would be deemed a success! Thinking better of it, instead, I just ordered my beanless "handmade" chili (without a dead moth).
Once safely back home, I thought about my recent brush with 'death', and what would happen to the Tool newsletters if I no longer were the one writing them. So I made an important decision. No matter what the repercussions might be, I felt that I owed it to the loyal fans to divulge certain things that I have kept to myself for so many years. Maybe next month - or the month after that - these things can finally be revealed? It's going to be crazy, I tell you. Rance Q. Spartley, are you reading this?..
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2016.04.01 00:54 Green9Fingers9 Attention all LED growers, your advice/experience on/with lighting would be massively appreciated - LED ONLY

NOTE: before saying anything else I want to say explicitly that I'm really not looking for recommendations of other types of lighting, I know LED is far from the best and would love an HID but it's simply not an option, it's LED or nothing for me. Thanks a lot, on with the post...
Hi all, I'm a new grower looking to try and figure some things out. I'm trying to work out how much LED lighting I need to be able to properly utilise my grow space. I'm currently midway through veg but was told I'd struggle to get good quantity/quality of bud with my current setup, which is as follows...
Tent - Secret Jardin DS60 Light - XJLED '300w' UFO LED Space in tent - 2'x2'x5' No Of plants - 4 medium - soil
I was told that I would be unable to flower 4 plants under this light (didn't surprise me) however I can't track down a recommendation of how much LED lighting I need for this. For example would simply buying the same again cut it? The lights have little spread and are roughly 23cm diameter of the actual lighting panel (rather than casing) so I was thinking do I need 4 of them, one over each plant? This seems excessive as I'd then have '1200w' (probably more like 600w actual draw) in what is undeniably a small tent.
Can any of you LED growers out there give some advice and experience? For example the size of your tent, number of plants, type/number of LED panels and a rough example of a typical yield would be absolutely perfect. My concern is I really don't want to get either a very small yield or a yield of leafy, popcorny buds as then all the start-up cost and time I'll have spent by then would feel a bit of a waste.
Many thanks to anyone who can provide some help, fed up of reading the bullshit put out by LED companies, hoping to hear some honest reports!
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2015.01.10 23:21 BiggestERBFan Beam Me Up shadows - full night observation

Alright guys. Regarding my last post, I went to Beam Me Up for a full in-game day. I recorded what the shadows looked like at certain times. So if anyone would like to check this out for themselves, please go ahead! It would help out because the snapshots I took of the shadows was really bad-quality.
10:00 - all shadows active, but with an X through the eye instead of a straight line
11:00 - all shadows active, with the straight line through them
12:00 - same as 11:00 (also note that at 12:00, if you stand on the red circle with moon glyph on it and look up at the sun above you, the light rays around the sun make it look exactly like an eye!)
13:00 - same as 11:00
14:00 - the shadows all now moved to the east; the straight line going through most of the eyes is now crooked, like it would be if it were in apart of an X
15:00 - same as 14:00, but another line now appears in the eye to re-form the X from 10:00
16:00 - the shadows extend forward a little more. If you're looking at them from atop the hill, the shadow of the hill now looks like a mountain with the eyes extending from the top if it. But anyways, the original crooked line is gone and the new line that helped form the X is the only line there, albeit still crooked.
17:00 - all lines are removed from the eye, now just making it look like an oval. The telephone pole now goes through the eye, so the eye is no longer the top of the shadow. The shadows continue to inch forward as I'm looking at them.
18:00 - some of the eyes are now "squashed" (closed?) and the ones that are still intact look like someone's eyes would if they were squinting; also, the shadows all moved more to the east
19:00 - all of the ones that were closed are now completely gone, and the squinting ones are still looking the same. I've only been focusing on the shadows that look like they were standing atop a mountain. I checked the other ones occasionally, but now the other ones are...gone. So maybe we only have to pay attention the ones on the shadow mountain?
20:00 - right now it's very rare for me to see one that's still intact. There is about two (one of them is on the mountain shadow) that are just a black orb where the eye used to be; also, they all moved to the east some more.
21:00 - they are all now gone
21:40 - I did notice something while wandering around. So that little group of hippies next to the tents...you should know where they are. Well anyways, they have a light there that sits on the ground and shines forward. If you stand in front of this light, the telephone wires cause a weird shadow to form on the ground. It looks like a mountain with the light on top of it. It doesn't resemble any glyphs I've seen, but it is pretty weird. The light possibly is supposed to depict the Chiliad shack with the UFO above it?
22:00 - the shadows are back! but with the just the empty circle and no lines. They are now moving west instead of east. Some of them are still squinty.
23:00 - same as 22:00, but some of the poles have no eye on them at all. Not even a black circle. Still moving west. Your character's shadow should be huge at this time. Btw, the moon is a third quarter moon. So it's only showing its right side to your character.
00:00 - all eyes are back, still no lines. Some of them are squinting, most of them aren't. Still moving west.
01:00 - still the same as 0:00, but no eye is squinting now. Still moving west.
02:00 - when viewed at from a certain position, the straight line crosses through the middle of all the eyes. When you walk away from this position, the line disappears... Also, they are still slowly moving west.
02:30 - most shadows disappear suddenly
03:00 - same thing as 02:00, when you view a shadow from a certain position, an X is now added to it. Shadows now return to their ALMOST original position closer on top of the mountain
04:00 - all eyes now have the X through them, regardless of where you stand
05:00 - shadows now gone
06:00 - they're back, but now in the dirt behind the mountain so they're hard to make out. I see a crooked line through the middle regardless fo where I stand.
07:00 - some are now returning to visibility, with a clear straight line through the middle of them. Some of them also are stretching out so far that they're either next to or ON that van parked next to the camp
08:00 - same as 07:00. Some of the eyes are not visible at all from certain points of view; the eyes are now slowly returning to their spots from 10:00
09:00 - same as 08:00, X's are now forming inside of the eyes. They are still inching to their original spots
Well, there ya go. If you have any questions, just ask. I think this observation just proves that the eyes are meant to be seen since they're there pretty much all night. I'm not sure why the X disappears and reappears. Maybe the X is symbolizing that the hippy camp is one of the X's on the mural? I don't know. But yeah. Thanks for reading! This took about 12 minutes to do. :)
(Maybe someone should do this same thing during a full moon or storm?)
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2014.12.18 04:34 budscience First Grow, First Harvest! 125 day Nirvana Blue Mystic from seed - CFL Veg, LED Flower

This was my first grow and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with it being my first time. Thanks to everyone who posts here and on Youtube - it was challenging, but not frustrating, with your guidance.
Nirvana Blue Mystic 50 day Veg - mainlined twice, topped 3 times 75 day Flower - Scrog - 5 gallon DWC (rockwool and hydroton) - 5.9-6.1 ph throughout - 3x4x5 Tent (with one other plant - fem freebie still cookin) - Veg light: 4x ALZO 45w Full Spectrum CFL 5500k - Flower light: 225w GrowBlu Super UFO - 145 draw 2x 300w MarsHydro LED - 175 draw each - 495 true watts - Nutrients: GH Trio (duration), GH CaiMagic (duration), Botanicare Hydroguard (duration), GH Liquid KoolBloom (flower) - Two week flush - ph water only
Dealt with some pretty bad root rot in veg that set me back about a week. Crazy berry smell in flower. Frosty but my camera sucks so you can't really tell. Tops and mains are like rocks.
Anyway, thumbs up on growing bud! I'm excited for round 2!
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2013.11.12 10:01 throwaway_crazyer I have one month of cash left from destroying my life in a manic delusion - after that I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I just need to get this out there - I have nobody to talk to and several days until I can see the therapist again.
I had a massive manic/psychotic break some months ago. I thought the world had already ended, that it was going to end, that it was in the process of ending, that I was a time traveling demigod, that an alien/demon invasion was imminent, that any decision I made was bound to be perfect because my future mind had already achieved nirvana and would send signals back to my present reality and fix it - that all suffering was the result of an extra-dimensional evil entity feeding off of our emotions and that the only reason we didn't realize it was because we are stuck in time slices... that reality is a simulation and that any second the walls would fall back and I'd be in the middle of an epic interdenominational religious dogfight where all our beliefs would be torn asunder by high priests from the various cults and sects throughout time - that my crazy imagination was all training for that moment. I was seeing UFO's in the daytime and my body was having hot flashes and strange sensations.
You get the idea. I was out to lunch. This lasted three weeks. I wasn't violent, I just paced back and forth on my deck and smoked tons of pipe tobacco and kept all my 'revealed truths' in a journal.
I ended up losing my job in the worst possible way, lost my fiance, and ended up living in a tent for a while. I would have delusional half awake dreams for a couple more weeks, then I finally mellowed about about two months after the episode, then was kicked out of where I was staying.
A friend had found out that I had split with my fiance and offered to rent me a room. He didn't really know ho far off the deep end I went. I've told him some, but I'm worried maybe too much; even I feel stigma toward myself after thinking about all the bizarre shit I was feeling, I can't imagine he would be cool renting to me if he knew what I was seeing/thinking.
I've been in a state of terrible depression and anxiety the last weeks. I'm putting on the show of having cash saved up so my friend thinks I'm stable, but I only have a month or so left. I've mustered up the courage to get a resume printed out and dropped it off to a couple local businesses but nothing. Other than that I stay in bed and only get up when right before my friend comes home from work so as to not seem obviously bizarre.
I'm still seeing things - like imagine the ripples when there is heat on the highway - these things move around in front of me, and 'drip' from above. I see flashes of lights, mostly blue and red. Sometimes the paranoia comes but it's mostly just the 'threat' of it.
I'm pretty terrified and very ashamed, have a mountain of regret and am having suicidal thoughts when I try to sleep.
I have seen a local therapist at a sliding scale clinic twice and she is trying to get my to see a psychiatrist. I don't even have a diagnosis yet but she told me she thinks it's bipolar.
But I can't wait weeks to get in to a psychiatrist anyway, I'll be broke by then and my friend isn't going to let me stay here without paying rent - he has to pay his mortgage - he has his life too.
My family has always been poor and troubled by mental illness and addiction issues so I can't just ask them to fly me home and pay my bills. I don't even speak to my father due to a whole other post-full of shit about the drug dealing and abuse from my childhood.
I need to get this worked out but the cold, hard truth is nobody is going to take care of me - I'm a 30 year old man - I'm thinking of just 'ignoring' it and trying to get a job because I can't imagine juggling medication adjustments and working at the same time while trying to process this all.
I was institutionalized when I was a minor for drug induced psychosis a long time ago and I've just ignored it and all the little episodes in between then and now but holy god I'm totally ruined and screwed now and can't act like it's just a phase any longer.
What can I do? It sounds like SSDI is hard to get on for this type of thing and the waiting time is months if not years and appeals and lawyers - I can't even get out of bed at this point. I'm pretty scared, to be honest. I don't know if I can do the street person life. This is like the best Christmas ever.
Thanks for your time - any advice of what you went through when you had a big episode or anything else, even kind words, are appreciated. I don't have anyone to talk to, let alone people who might actually understand.
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2013.04.29 16:01 flupo42 4 game play mods that made an awesome game for me. If your game ever gets stale for you - try a new one with these.

After failing to get through Skyrim twice due to extreme boredom setting around level 50 or so, decided that radical changes are needed for me to enjoy the whole experience. Having so much fun now, that I want to share it with others.
My intent here was not just "difficult" game - I've tried mods that put in high level enemies, lots of spawns, made increasing levels more difficult... This usually ended up with my character who still inevitably climbed to godhood whacking on Draugr Overlords who seemed to have thousands of hit points - that plateau of excitement is still reached.
So, starting with Requiem - this mod is a famous overhaul that makes the game quite unforgiving. Fights go much faster because both you and the enemies are much more frail compared to vanilla - that makes mistakes costly, while proper decisions very rewarding.
By itself it wasn't enough for me - first 10 levels were very challenging, but than as I got good equipment adjusted to the new rule set, the excitement started wearing off.
To this I added Frostfall - trips in cold places got a bit more challenging. But frankly this just added a bunch of rather menial checklists to my adventuring. Once you have got a few warm meals, a tent, an axe (perhaps some actual firewood on you), a cloak... Frostfall didn't change much. In fact by itself it seemed to to detract from the Requiem experience - it didn't add any real challenge, just interrupted the game by forcing me to do get out my survival stuff when weather got bad.
Finally I found a mod that neatly "resolved" my issues of boredom No Death Mod combined with a solemn promise to myself to stick to it.
What No Death does is make the game go on after you "die" by not letting you die. You get taken out, you lose all your money and items - and continue - waking up in some semi-random spot in the wilds of Skyrim. Think of it like role playing an immortal from Highlander.
Both Requiem and Frostfall quickly lose their challenge - but mostly this is due to the preparations the player takes. Frostfall requires quite a bit of equipment to be manageable. Once you've got it, it doesn't do much for tension. Requiem is harsh and unforgiving, but gets considerably less so once you have developed your skill perks and got matching equipment.
"No Death" constantly strips you of acquired resources - assuming you've configured it to make everything unrecoverable. Once you wake up in a random spot in Skyrim with absolutely nothing but your skills and magic - even a high level PC will often need to put everything they got into survival.
The feeling is somewhat like Hunger Games - the smallest bit of luck can make a difference - a cheap found potion, a bit of edible food, a basic tool, a scavenged animal corpse, a cooking pot or another crafting station, an opportunity to pickpocket or steal something that lets you survive.
"Dying" takes on a new meaning: I've found myself getting attached to useful things like an Orcish Sword, a simple ebony dagger, a ring that lets me restore stamina a bit faster. Things that in other play-throughs were entirely vendor trash by level 20; they are now precious treasures at level 40. Because you can(will) lose them so easily - one tiny mistake and they are gone. And you have to make do with whatever you find... again. Scarcity - it's a wonderful thing.
It immediately changed my style of game play - to even have a chance of getting through any ruin without dying that means you will have to prepare for it like planning an invasion. You will inevitably die and it will make your prepare and plan better for your next time - because the "recovery" won't be quick. You will have to get to a settlement, get new armor, new weapons, restock potions, survival gear, food, enchanted items - this process in itself is challenging when starting from scratch every time. It's a "punishment" that keeps one busy, but also quickly teaches to play carefully and well - because there is no other way to make any progress.
Trust me - if you stick to not reloading on death with these, you will feel like a big damn hero on completing quests that were routine in vanilla game.
The fourth mod is "semi-optional" for this combo to work - one that makes all followers mortal. Otherwise, they are a crutch. I use UFO and "everyone dies". In vanilla I never used followers because didn't need to. Here mercenaries are precious wonderful meatbags that sometimes help me get through situations which would have been impossible to tackle otherwise. They die - and they are semi-finite (modders keep making new ones, but those too die) so they become a precious strategic resource that are very needed some times. In Requiem if you are not reloading, an encounter with 2-3 higher level enemies at the same time is a BIG deal to survive.
I also use bandolier - not only for the carrying capacity but because nothing hurts me more in this game than losing all my bags. It's not part of this core combo, but for those like, it will make you "care" more about getting killed.
Finally - a tiny adventure I would like to share:
Died... again. Woke up - plains north/west of whiterun, quite a bit west. Looks like long way back. Night is setting in - this area has wolves and sabertooths - a wolf will probably kill me if it gets the drop on me. Sabertooth will definitely kill me. Start waking. Cart on the road - little of use now. Some vegetables, which I don't really need in warm climate, a bottle of ale. Keep on walking. White patch in the night, might be a crouching sabertooth ahead and to the right. Start sneaking around it. Visibility sucks, and I hear wolves howling in the distance. Suddenly "crunch" - I am almost dead. Apparently while sneaking around the potential sabertooth and looking toward sound of wolves I got too close to a small stream and stepped on a mudcrab. Break stealth stumble over an outcropping - that bought me 10 steps or so while mudcrab crawls around a rock. In Requiem, when a character is hurt, they get slow. When they take critical hits, their stamina goes down and when stamina is low, they get tired - and even slower. In addition stamina stops regenerating. Food can restore it - but only out of combat. Or you can stand still for 5 minutes. I am stumbling away. Mudcrab is gaining on me - slowly but surely. I hear wolves ahead and to the left. Potential sabertooth is far right now but no longer potential - I am out of stealth and it got up - not attacking yet (Requiem plays around with aggression, predators resting, will wait for prey to get closer). Mudcrab will catch up soon in a straight chase. I could try circling around outcroppings - another one ahead of me, bought me 10 more steps. Nothing else to use, and if I start circling too much either wolves or cat will finally see me.
Now I remember that bottle of Ale - it increases stamina regen, even in combat. Tiny bit, but it may help me to get over the exhaustion just fast enough to stay ahead of the mudcrab. I drink it - turns out I get drunk easily.
So now here we are - it's a dark night and I am drunk, almost naked, near dead stumbling at what seems to be the speed of a snail being chased by a vengeful crab. Vision is wobbly and I can just barely make out the outline of the city walls against the night sky. Wolves howling to the left and quiet cat-shaped death waits somewhere to the right. Soft scraping behind me as the Mudcrab follows me now only a few steps away, and I think am just barely keeping ahead of him... This Dragonborn is having fun.
(situations like these happen a lot with these mods together. Try them - you will fall in love with Skyrim all over again)
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2013.04.09 07:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Reggie Watts - AMA!

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Date: 2013-04-08
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Questions Answers
I am going to my fifth Bonnaroo this year, and I know you are a Roo veteran as well. One of the only things I dislike about the festival is the difficulty (or at least inconvenience) of getting into the comedy tent to see comedy acts. You have to miss out on so many other Roo goodies just sitting there for hours in the hot sun waiting to get in. My two-part question for you is… 1.) If you were a festival goer, how many hours would you be willing to wait in the hot sun to get into the comedy tent to see Reggie Watts? 1.) To see me, I'd definitely go somewhere where it's cool and comfortable. You can see me another time when it's easier to see me. 2.) You know, if it flows with the Universe, then yes. You can PM me more details.
Can you mail me some of your hair? I would, but it's holographic, so there's nothing to send.
What was it like working with Scott ackurman? Is there a season 2 of comedy bang bang coming? Yes, we're halfway through filming season 2 of Comedy Bang Bang. Scott is one of the smartest, funniest guys I know and it's a pleasure to work with him. We goof around and make bad puns to each other a lot.
Hey there, I have some fuck and some shit. What would you recommend I do with it? I would store it.
In a glass bowl? A glass bowl is definitely the way to do it.
If your afro were to fight ?uestlove's afro, who would win? Well, I don't think that would happen as both of them are anti-fighting.
Your golf sweater you wore on Conan, where can I get it? I don't even know how I got it. I think I got it at a thrift store in Great Falls, Montana.
That's probably where you got it. With Great Falls come great sweaters. That's awesome.
Why are you my favorite? Because you're a great person and I reflect that in you, possibly?
Who would you most like to collaborate with? I would like to collaborate with...I don't know, maybe Jack White would be fun? Robert Glasper. Or Michael Mayer from Kompact Records.
Oh my god, please collaborate with Jack White. I don't even know how that would work, but I get the feeling listening to it would give me an awesomeness-induced stroke. You two are kinda my favorites right now. Oh it's really sweet to hear that. It would be an honor to work with Jack, he's a very complicated person who's capable of almost anything.
Reggie, After such a positive experience on tour with Conan, have you still had any contact with him or his team? Yes, I performed with them in Austin - I'm on the show semi-regularly and we're a bunch of forever friends.
Reggie, Who are "The Gatekeepers" that you refer to, with their nefarious intents? Who were/are some of your most influential teachers in life? What are some of your favorite and most profoundly wise books? Thank you for speaking so fluently in the beautiful language of Human. Haha this is amazing. Thank you for being so nice. The Gatekeepers - they're basically the people in charge of letting things into the various distribution networks, like TV, film, radio, curators, anybody that has the ability to say yes or no to something being a part of a network. For influential teachers, I would say my piano teacher Mrs. Riesenberg; Linda Lydiard, my violin teacher; Jay Clayton, my jazz voice teacher; and the Universe. For favorite books, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters; The Alchemist; The Tao of Physics; and Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution.
Where did you get the inspiration for some of the weirder lines in your songs? Fuck shit stack in particular, your lyrics are just whack sometimes. Yeah, I have no idea really. They just happen in the moment, whatever the dumbest shit is, that's what happens. For the inspiration for my latest video "If you're Fucking, You're Fucking" - the inspiration was just how dumb it is. The idea of how dumb it is to have a song that addresses a question that no one would ever ask...
SO how do you REALLY feel about Mountain Dew Kickstart? I think it's definitely a drink.
Hey Reggie, am I fucking? Most definitely.
I have your pen... do you miss your pen? I don't, unfortunately.
How much preparation goes into a performance? The way you can flow through the songs is amazing. Do you put together pieces or lyrics or is it all on the fly? You are a genius, sir. Oh, thank you! It's all on the fly. I can't remember anything, so it has to be that way.
How big is your record collection? Your favorite record? If you're speaking of actual records, my actual record collection is about 13 records. And if you're speaking of music including MP3s, a couple thousand. My favorite record would have to be the Go-Between's "16 Lovers Lane" or "The Glove" or Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" and anything by Boards of Canada plus the Memory House EP.
What music are you listening to? 1) What music am I listening to - well I have been listening to Blue Foundation, or Cocteau Twins, "Four Calendar Cafe."
Whose the nicest guy in showbiz? 2) The nicest guy in showbiz might be Conan O'Brien.
Whats your favorite style of martial arts (or kung fu movie)? 3) I did like Kung Fu movies growing up, I liked "Couching Tigers, Hidden Boyfriend" - but I might have gotten the title wrong.
During your TED talks performance, what was the general reaction of the audience during and afterwards? Your comedy and music doesn't seem like it would work too well at a TED talk. Or do I have an unfair view of them? It was confused at first, and then I think they were enjoying themselves, and then afterwards I had a lot of great conversations with people. I think they were expecting a serious talk from someone, and then they realized that that wasn't going to happen, and they let themselves enjoy it.
Any plans to continue collaborating with James Murphy of LCD? It was a treat to see you in "Shut Up and Play the Hits." Yea, James and I have talked about doing something together but he's such a busy guy it will happen when it happens naturally.
What's your favorite kind of dog? My favorite kind of dog is a nice dog.
Hey Reggie, huge fan here and am glad you're doing this AMA! You my friend are a musical/lyrical genius. Any pointers or tips for those of us who would like to improve our improv skills? Yes, just don't be afraid to do really dumb shit.
How was your experience on TedTalks? It was great, it was amazing. It was kind of a life goal of mind to do it, and it was incredible to be around so many amazing people.
Just dropped by to say hi :D Also, pancakes or waffles? Pancakes. Blueberry flapjacks, specifically, with a little bit of syrup.
Where do you get your amazing sweaters and how many of them do you have in your collection? Oh, I don't know - maybe 9 sweaters? I haven't really counted. I get them all over, sometimes they are given to me from warddrobe, sometimes they are gifted to me, sometimes I run into them. The most interesting way I've gotten a sweater - I got a bunch of sweaters from a Playboy shoot when I was interviewed for the magazine.
Reggie, I think you're the cat's pajamas. Question is, if I had a really cool song called "Daddy's Money" coming out soon, would you do a verse on it? Maybe... PM me details?
How have you iterated on the gear (pedals, loopers, keyboards, etc) since you've started? and what about your current set-up is particuarly awesome? There's not a lot of building, it just started out with one pedal and now i have 3 pedals. The keyboard is something that I've always used; for the most part, I've always used the same keyboard but now i also use an OP-1.
I like that my setup is small and compact and lo-fi and that there's no laptop anywhere in sight.
Reggie, I have always wanted to learn how to make noises with my mouth. Can you make an instructional video on how to do that? I would, but then you wouldn't get to discover it on your own like I did!
What's the worst thing you can say about Scott Aukerman? The worst thing about him is that he is unfortunately unable to walk through walls.
What is your favourite industrial album? That is so hard - I think Nitzer Ebb, "That Total Age."
Which 90s rnb singer does your hair taste most like? Angie Stone.
Hey reggie, just wanted to know if you have any pets? if so what kind. I don't have any pets. I have 2 plants. I don't know what kind of plants they are, they're green and they hang out.
My son didn't take out the recycling before he went to school this morning. I'm pretty annoyed about it. Any advice on how to deal with it when I get home later? Tell him he should remember to take out the recycling because it will make him feel better, it will make him feel good in the end.
I remember a late-night loft party where you sang and flew a remote-control UFO around the room. Do you have any plans to work with other unidentified flying objects, or at least collaborating with aliens? Keep up the good work. We're all counting on you. Yes, I look forward to working with many more aliens along the way.
I was wondering, what are your favorite effects pedals? The Line 6 DL4, and the EHX 45000!
What current/new musicians/bands do you think will stand the test of time? In new music - I'd say Feist, Van Hunt, TV on the Radio, Kendrick Lamar.
You seem to really know a lot about electronic music, from your musings on dubstep and moist beats to that warehouse beat you make with your throat sometimes. I was wondering what your relationship has been with it in your music-making and listening careers? Do you like to go to electronic shows and clubs often? Thanks and much love Yea, I used to go to electronic / dance clubs very very often - I don't as much anymore, but I did go last week and it was amazing to hear some tech-house again - and so I draw a lot of inspiration from electronic music, always. The club i went to was called Output in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Can I have one of your sweaters please? Sure, when I'm done with it.
Hey Reggie! I am big fan. I was just wondering what's the funniest movie(s) you have ever seen? I would say THE WRONG GUY (it's a David Foley movie) and WANDERLUST and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.
Have you ever done any painting or visual art? I'd be curious to see what it looked like. Yes, in highschool I was in AP art. I specialized in graphite and lithography. It's not anywhere online really. But that might change.
Hi Reggie! First off I'm a huge fan ever since I saw Fuck Shit Stack, but it wasn't until I watched your Humor in music at PopTech, that I realized how amazingly talented you are. I was wondering how much of those songs and your routine during that performance was previously written, or did you improvise most of it? Thanks! I improvise all of it, and thank you very much!
Is there someone who you've always been an an admirer of who has in these years past become an admirer of you? like joe pesci maybe? Yea... Ken Marino. I was always a big fan of his, STELLA SHORTS, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, THE STATE - anything he has been on, he has been nothing short of knocking it out of the park - I've never seen him do a not-good job ever. He's just a genius. I don't know what it is, he plays a dick but he has such a huge heart and you can always feel that. He's amazing.
Why does your English accent disappear half way through your routine? Because it's ridiculous to have that happen.
Reggie, do you mind if we start a "Reggie Watts plush toy" campaign on kickstarter? You get the money from the sells, I just need 1 Reggie-plush, that's all! long, live, and prosper Mr Watts! Yea, of course, that sounds like a great idea. Please tweet it at me when it goes live - you can keep 2/3 of the money, the other 3rd has to go to a program that helps keep music in schools for kids.
Hey Reggie, very excited about Jash. What can we expect to see from you? Solo stuff or will there be interaction with the other fine Jash folks? Yes, there is going to be a combination of stuff I want to do and stuff that I end up doing collectively with the other members of Jash. Check out If You're Fucking!
Reggie, who is your celebrity crush and why? What would you do with this person on your first date? I guess right now the only person who kind of crushes me is Emily Blunt. I guess we would go to some weird but really earthy place to eat, and then go and see a really cool dance performance, and then go out dancing after that.
You grew up in Great Falls, right? Or have some connection with Great Falls, I believe. How did you like that? How was your time in Montana? I loved it. Montana is an amazing place to grow up. Really good people, beautiful surroundings, you're free to do what you want to do.
Reggie! I love your work, you are an incredibly talented artist and from what I can tell a very cool guy. I particularly enjoy your instagram feed and was wondering how you feel about photography? Love it? take it? leave it? fuck with it? I love photography -- photographs are an incredible world to explore. I would be interested in doing a photography show at some point.
Will you be playing any british festivals this year? i cant help but think glastonbury would suit you down to the ground. such a magical place, such a glorious wizard. _^ Yeah, I will be but I don't know which they are. I'll keep you guys posted.
Do you have a nickname for the little green machine you use? It's called the Lime 6.
What was High School like for you? What social class were you in? Did you still have your kickass afro and facial hair back then? High school was crazy for me. But awesome. Super-social and super-awesome. I tried to be every social class possible because I wanted to experience all of them. I had a weird New Wave haircut and wore old man clothing.
up, thanks for doing a DieHard battery commercial. Thanks! (for those who are wondering - it would have been maybe 5 years ago)
up, When was the last time you didn't have an afro? And what was the hair style? That would have been when i was maybe 26-27? The hairstyle was just very short, maybe 2 inches.
How many languages can you speak? I can speak english and french.
Just came here to say hi! My gf and I love you, we saw you perform at glasslands in brooklyn a few months back. You're awe insipiring. ALso, do you ever play with thumbjam (iphone app). What's your favorite iphone app? I do play with thumbjam - my favorite iphone app is probably everyday looper. And thank you very much for your you-ness!
Thanks for being a great creative voice in Brooklyn. I thought you were great in Shut Up and Play the Hits. Question: Thinking of making the transition from belts to suspenders - any tips? Yes, just go for it! After you go suspenders you never go belt.
What is in Kwanza juice? It's juice made primarily from the Kwanza fruit and a little bit of lime.
Where did you learn your dance moves? I used to practice as much as possible in my parent's basement growing up with a record player.
I'm sure your already answered this, but what is the music that is the best to prepare yourself for a gig? Front 242 is pretty good to listen to, or Nitzer Ebb.
Bill Cosby in Leonard Part 6, or Bill Cosby in Ghost Dad? Jesus... Leonard Part 6. For sure.
Has another other stacks been effective for you other then the ole fuck-shit? Also, you are awesome. Stacked records have been pretty effective.
Have you ever worked with or planning to do a collaboration with Beardyman. Yes, we have done a few collaborations together. Some of it's online, we've done some live shows together.
Have you figured out what JASH is yet? I haven't, no, we're all figuring it out together.
Reggie, Do you where ankle socks? Sometimes, when it's hot.
Is that really your address on your twitter profile? Btdubs loveee youuu. Probably not?
Reggie, do you still have that Cat Keyboard you were playing on the Nerdist Allstar Bowling? Love your music! No, that wasn't my keyboard, it was Kate Micucci's.
Dear Reggie, Your big-ass hair rubbed against my face at the Hot Tub Comedy show in L.A. a few weeks ago. It was one of the best moments of my life. You are awesome. I'm glad that such happenstance things can cause so much joy.
I remember seeing you on Bill Nye as a child, but not knowing it was you until you tweeted the clip a few weeks ago. Thank you for enhancing my youth, full-circle. Thank YOU! That's a huge deal. For those who haven't seen it: It's a Cave Thing.
Hey Reggie, just wanted to say you're the best at fusing music and comedy and I love it when you improvise your made up language. That shit's the bomb. That's sweet - I love doing it!
I'm hesitant of us becoming friends. Now it's your turn to convince me. OK, let's be friends.
Tell the truth. what. planet. are. you. from. A planet called Zalzar.
I am a big fan of your music, your beatboxing-type stuff in particular. I'd just like to know where you get inspiration. I get it from music my friends listen to, things i hear on the radio, really anywhere i hear music and machines.
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WINDHAM, N.H. — In 2004, David Fravor, then a Lt. Commander and aviator in the U.S. Navy, saw something in the skies he'd never seen before. He wasn't sure w... In October 1963, three Argentinian women saw a mysterious non-identified object beaming a very strong and hot light. The story is so enigmatic that it even i... UFO in the studio - SHOWTIME - UFO from SPV http://www.beatsworking.tv/UFO Phil Mogg Vinnie Moore Andy Parker Paul Raymond Pete Way Jason Bonham Barry Sparks... The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky. But why release them now - and what else m... Try Me - The Third Track On UFO's 1977 Album 'Lights Out'. Phil Mogg: Lead Vocals Michael Schenker: Lead Guitar Paul Raymond: Keyboards Pete Way: Bass Andy P... From a UFO caught on the BBC News to a flying object dropping glowing orbs down on Earth, join us as we take a look at 10 UFO sightings caught on camera. htt... UFO viene trasportato su un camion in centro città e in pieno giorno Catturato a New York dai Servizi Segreti Militari - UFO - TG HCW REAL NEWS https://youtu... Find out how many strangers believe they saw a UFO! Buy here: https://www.vat19.com/item/invasion-of-the-cow-snatchers?adid=youtube Check out even more of ou... A man spots a mysterious extraterrestrial object in the sky causing him to begin an investigation regarding what is causing it to resurface. Catch full episo... Mallrat - UFO (feat. Allday) (lyrics) ⬙ FAVOURITES ON SPOTIFY ⬙ ⇥ http://mrsuicidesheep.com/favourites UFO! Download... https://mallrat.lnk.to/InTheSky Mallr...