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Rare and Coincidental Patterns of the Kar-Jenner-West Clan: A Spooky Numbers Game

2020.10.31 12:24 touch_my_tra-la-la Rare and Coincidental Patterns of the Kar-Jenner-West Clan: A Spooky Numbers Game

Alright, here is my spooky KUTWK-related contribution as an homage to Halloween! I know this is a very long post, but you can skip/glaze over what's in quotations and still catch the main gist of my analysis without a TL;DR.
While I have been a student of astrology for the past decade, I just recently started to research and explore the world of numerology and its different characteristics. One of the main components of numerology is your Life Path number, which you can calculate by adding the digits of your birthdate. Ordinarily, you continue adding and simplifying those digits until you're left with one single digit, but there is an exception: if the number you're left with happens to be 11, 22, or 33 (compound numbers) you don't simplify and reduce. These three numbers are considered Master Numbers.
I've personally done more research into Master Numbers than most probably would since my Life Path number happens to be Master Number 11. It's important to note that Master Numbers are a lot more uncommon than the 0-9 Life Paths, with rarity increasing each time as Master Numbers 22 and 33 come from a number that isn't simplified, whereas Master Number 11 can come from reducing 38 and 29.
Since my birthday is September 19th, 1990, I would make this conclusion by adding up those digits:
(0 + 9 = 9) + (1 + 9 = 10) +. (1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 19)
9 + 10 + 19 = 38
3 + 8 = 11
Since I've always been curious about different astrological elements of certain celebrities, I was more than curious to look up what celebrities also had a Master Number as their Life Path. However, most lists I found on the topic seemed to be short and incomplete, so I often find myself doing the calculations in my head by adding their birthdates.
Over the past weekend, I was listening to Kanye West on the Joe Rogan Experience, and I just had this feeling he HAD to possess a Master Number, especially the traits of a Master Number 11 (AKA "The Old Soul")
Kanye West was born on June 8th, 1977, which would mean:
(0 + 6 = 6) + (0 + 8 = 8) + (1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24)
6 + 8 + 24 = 38
3 + 8 = 11
Here is some information on the traits and characteristics of someone with a Master 11 Life Path, which seem to deeply explain Kanye’s complex, intuitive, and intricate personality:
"The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer.
The most remarkable characteristic of the Master Number 11 is its connection to a higher source of wisdom. It is intuitive to the point of being psychic, channeling its knowledge and meaning from a spiritual source. But the Master Numbers have a responsibility, and it's the number 11's duty to use this gift of awareness to deliver cosmic truths that encourage humanity.
The number 11 is at one with the universe. It is open to vast spiritual concepts and the presence of a greater power. It is a channel for truth and answers to reach us and help us on our way. This Master Number's vision is crystal clear and it sees with a breadth that others cannot. It is creative and magnetic, a beacon of wisdom and hope for others to follow.
All Master Numbers are a higher vibration of their single-digit counterpart -- in the 11's case, the number 2. This means the 11 carries many of the same traits as the number 2, such as harmony, empathy, and sensitivity, but it feels them and utilizes them in much deeper, more profound ways. It's also important to remember that the number 11 is comprised of two 1s side by side and, therefore, carries some attributes of the number 1 as well. 1 is innovative and motivated, open to new things and eager to make a difference. The contrasting energies of the numbers 1 and 2 join together in the Master Number 11 to make it a creative leader, active listener, and compassionate advisor.
All those affiliated with the Master Number 11 may not be very rational in their way of thinking, but they rely more on faith, belief, and credence. They do have the know-how of everything and might as well be called the Jack of all trades, but they also possess incredible qualities of being adaptable in various situations, being empathetic, feeling emotions of others and reciprocating with them, maintaining order, being sturdy and most-importantly in knowing themselves from within. They excel at a spiritual and religious vocation as they can easily draw followers and their natural inquisitiveness ensures they understand the problems of people too shy or reserved to say them out loud. If not spiritual or religious, then those with number 11 in Numerology are best as artists, philosophers, teachers, musicians, and performers."
Other famous Master Number 11 Life Paths include: Barack & Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles, Orlando Bloom, Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Lopez, Tim Burton, and, last but not least, Kendall Jenner and Psalm West!
Furthermore, I remembered reading somewhere that Kim Kardashian West was a Master Number 22 (AKA 'The Master Builder'), so I did the calculations:
KKW was born on October 21st, 1980
(1 + 0 = 1) + (2 + 1 = 3) + (1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18)
1 + 3 + 18 = 22
Here is some key information on Master Number 22 and the specific traits they possess, including several spot-on comparisons to the beauty mogul herself:
"With a Master 22, you have great potential as a leader, organizer, builder, politician, entrepreneur or manager. Self-confidence and inner strength is the key when working at these positions. You can approach a problem systematically and with a cool head, and your solutions tend to be always unique.
Considered to be the most influential number of all, it can give deep spiritual understanding, facilitating the appliance of knowledge in a practical way, which will eventually lead to success. The master number 22 is considered to serve the word in a practical way.
People who possess the master number 22 are insightful, talented, courageous, intelligent, powerful, family-oriented, emotional, charismatic, practical, loving, and imaginative. Because they are extremely dedicated to their goals, they have the ability to think up elaborate plans and bring them to life. They apply practical knowledge to their aspirations. If something doesn’t take shape has planned, they’ll often stick with it, even if the outcome seems bleak. Thus, they are able to create extensive empires.
Working with others is fairly easy for people with this Life Path number. They have developed successful methods for getting things done and will often find themselves in a leadership position, able to guide others toward their ultimate goal. Yet while 22 people are naturally cooperative, they must realize that their style of thinking and feeling is less emotional than others' and that they may come across as insensitive or controlling at times.
The 22 has been chosen to receive profound insights and its responsibility is to direct them into creating something valuable, true, and meaningful -- something that goes toward the greater good. It is balanced, capable, and up to this extraordinary task.
To understand the meaning of the 22 we can look at the energy of the numbers it's made of. First, it's important to realize that each Master Number is an advanced vibration of its single-digit companion -- for 22, this is the number 4. The energy of the number 4 is practical, dedicated, productive, and hardworking. But looking at the number 22, we see two 2s standing together, so this Master Number also has skills in diplomacy and teamwork -- traits associated with the number 2 that help it gain support from others. And lastly, 22 is twice the number 11, revealing that the 22 possesses the same psychic energy as the 11, but has the ability to turn it into something much greater. This combination of logic, hard work, people skills, and inner wisdom is exactly what makes the number 22 the Master Builder."
Other Famous Master Number 22 Life Paths include: Will Smith, Leonardo Da Vinci, Paul McCartney, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Clint Eastwood, Tina Fey, 14th Dalai Lama, and Oprah Winfrey— who Kanye directly mentions in the JRE interview as one of his inspirations. (Also to be noted: while Robert Kardashian Sr. has a Life Path 6, he was born on February 22nd so the number 22 is also prominent and applicable in his chart as well. Grandma MJ has a Life Path 4, which also relates to 22 as described above.)
It's already magnificent that Kim and Kayne possess two of the three Master Numbers, but get this: Donda West, Kanye’s late mother, is a Master Number 33 (The Master Teacher) and she was also an English professor!
Donda West was born on July 12th, 1949
(0 + 7 = 7) + (1 + 2 = 3) + (1 + 9 + 4 + 9 = 23)
7 + 3 + 23 = 33
Here is some information I've found on Master Number 33, known as the “Master Teacher” which explains why Donda was such an influence and role model for her son Kanye:
"Master Number 33 represents pure love. Its heart is made of nothing but bright, warm light, and the universe has trusted it to shine this light on humanity. The Master Numbers each have a responsibility to the greater good and it's the 33's responsibility to support and uplift humankind and bring compassion to the world. The number 33 is wise beyond its years. It is optimistic and selfless, seeking to inspire others and lift them up to a higher plane of existence. It is a healing presence and a source of hope for those in need. It is a very powerful energy, though, and should not be taken lightly!
Above all, people with a Life Path number 33 are selfless. They are altruistic at heart and find the greatest purpose in things that bring the greatest good. 33 people are attentive listeners and skilled communicators and others will often come to them for emotional support. But the best way a person with this Life Path can show others a higher way of living is to lead by example. It's one thing to support and guide a person through hardship, but it's another thing entirely to walk with grace through times of struggle oneself. The ability to directly show others what is possible if they approach hardship with wisdom and understanding is what makes these people true Master Teachers.
The 33 Life Path is quite rare -- it takes a specific and uncommon combination of numbers in a person's birth date to add up to 33. People born under this Life Path number have been chosen to receive a level of love, compassion, and spiritual understanding that others cannot fathom, but this blessing does not come easily. In order to realize the true magnitude of their potential, people with Master Number Life Paths will experience difficult trials throughout life. The universe puts these people in these situations so they may hone their unique skills and learn the lessons needed to reach their potential. For those with a 33 Life Path number, they must first heal and nurture their own souls before they can be a source of healing for others. Therefore, they will be put in situations that require them to accept responsibility for their actions and reactions, practice forgiveness, and put their interests aside for the sake of others. It can take the better part of a lifetime before a person fully masters the 33 Life Path, but when they do, their level of enlightenment is magnificent.
It's easy to understand the meaning of the number 33 if we look at the energy of the numbers it's made of. Its single-digit vibration is the number 6, so the 33 will have some similar traits as the 6 like being nurturing, protective, and family-oriented. But it's clear the number 3 is also part of 33, which means being creative and communicative comes naturally to this Master Number as well. Lastly, 33 is directly related to the two Master Numbers that come before it, 11 and 22. The 33 embodies both the intuitive, visionary qualities of the 11 and the 22's ability to manifest these visions in the material world. This blend of a soft heart, inspiring outlook, and the ability to understand and communicate concepts of growth and healing is exactly what makes the number 33 the Master Teacher."
Other famous Master Number 33 Life Paths include: Thomas Edison, Stephen King, Albert Einstein, Robert DeNiro, John Lennon, Meryl Streep, Walt Disney, and Francis Ford Coppola.
So, in conclusion, it’s very interesting and rare that Kanye, Kim, and Donda each possess one of the 3 Life Path Master Numbers— 11, 22, and 33, respectively (Alongside Psalm West and Kendall Jenner who also happen to be 11s).
I hope you enjoyed my lengthy analysis of the Kardashian-West-Jenner clan and their Master Number relevancy!
And on a side note-- does anyone ever mention how KKW and Amber Rose have the same birthday??
Happy Halloween everyone, stay spooky and stay safe!
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2020.10.30 21:12 YorjYefferson David Fincher

Did Madonna and David Fincher date after she and Sean divorced? I can't remember where I stumbled across this blog post but it was a fairly interesting long read about the possibility of the two of them collaborating on more than just music videos:
Also wondering which of the four videos David did for Madonna you think was the best: Express Yourself; Oh Father; Vogue; or Bad Girl. I would say Vogue was the most influential, Bad Girl's probably my overall favorite just for the video itself, but Express Yourself was likely the highest quality, though none of them are slouches by any means.
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2020.10.29 00:47 TheDamnedMod Song of the week: "Plan 9 Channel 7"

To celebrate the week of Halloween, this week’s song is Plan 9 Channel 7.
Plan 9 Channel 7 was one of the first songs written by David Vanian for The Damned and recorded for their 1979 LP Machine Gun Etiquette.
Vanian wrote the song after reading about the relationship between James Dean and actress Maila Nurmi who portrayed Vampira on The Vampira Show from 1953-1955.
There is a wonderful (rarely seen at the time) music video for the song staring Laurie Vanian as Vampira.
‘Plan 9’ is a reference to Ed Woods infamous 1959 movie Plan 9 from Outer Space, which stared Nurmi and Bela Lugosi (his final movie). ‘Channel 7’ is a reference to the channel which aired The Vampira Show.
The story of Dean and Nurmi is as follows (with quotes in brackets being lines from the song).
Dean and Nurmi were close friends, both having a rather morbid streak and finding in each other someone they could relate to.
Their friendship become a topic of Hollywood gossip with rumors that they were dating, referring to Nurmi as Deans’ ‘Black Madonna’ (“Hollywood babbles on…”). However, when Dean was asked about their relationship, he replied “I don’t date cartoon characters” (“Not to be seduced by those red lips, two dimensional comic clips…”).
After Dean’s tragic death in a car accident in 1955, rumors ran rampant that Nurmi had cursed Dean due to her unrequited love for the actor (“His flame gone along with the love he never gave”).
Tabloids said that Dean had been overheard making an off-hand comment to Nurmi at a party about a time when their relationship hadn’t been platonic. After Dean left it was said that Nurmi turned to her friends and said “James Dean is going to die soon!”.
The article went on to claim that Nurmi had a black magic altar set up to curse Dean and a voodoo doll of his likeness. And that Nurmi had sent a picture to Dean of her by an open casket with the words “Darling, come and join me” (“come and join me now…”). It is said that Dean died shortly afterwards.
\"Come and join me now...\"
Happy Halloween Damned fans!
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2020.10.27 12:26 Icy_Tradition I'm slowly but surely getting over my attraction to white dudes...

Lets get one point straight:

I have understood that liking white celebs majority of the time doesn't and shouldn't translate that I'd like them in real life.
In real life they are jackasses, smug, weird, rude, nasty, mean, not sufficient to my daily life and just bleh, plus they are not even that cute once I took off my rose colored glasses and separated them from the celebs that I crushed on.
They're high expectations toward me versus their own body/face/career etc is very disgusting and convoluted as fuck. I have gotten sick of the times where I'm looking great and I notice one of them trying to make snide jokes about me with their druggie looking wives (no matter the race), and they're skinny fat shaped or fat with clear balding spots or bags under the eyes. It's the irritancies of them always trying to knock me down pegs that have always annoyed me about them. I could be in a room filled with other women, no matter the shape or attractiveness and it's as if they pick at me and are so negative. My quiet demeanor seems to attract the weirdest and the rudest. Any misunderstanding of their own accord is somehow flipped to make me look unintelligent or disorganized. Their lack of self awareness and the tendency to not want to admit their wrong doings is also extremely unattractive and disgusting.

I usually don't like their character and I always had to find qualities about them to not make my crushes on them look completely nuts. It caused me an unhealthy obsession with living in my head and playing up scenarios.
I don't like their black or white outlook on racial aspects/phenotypes and gender opinions.
I don't like their chad bro/frat bro exterior that I keep coming across, it makes it hard for me to relate to them. Hardly any of my interactions with them were enjoyable. I spent half of my life thinking if I fixed things about myself then maybe the experiences would change, then I realized how dumb, insecure and desperate I looked. I spent some time thinking why I made them such an important thing on my dating life.

I also realized that there was a partial majority of this preference that was due to my father and our lack of a relationship. Somehow, somewhere down the line I started to convince myself that a way to avoid the trauma and heartbreak I went through with my father, was by crushing on something entirely different from the way my father looked. His careless demeanor towards me, stuck up attitude, snobby , shallowness , and standoffish behavior was something I had experienced by him and some other black men. They didn't want me to smile. I could barely be taken seriously. It was if me speaking had irritated them, or even me existing in their space but then, I met some good ones. The friendly ones, the kind who actually handed me 5 bucks to fill my gas tank when I was stood up for a job interview and used up most of my gas.

All of the negative attributes I aligned with my father and other black men is something I experienced with white men by 10x over. The unneeded opinions. Back handed compliments, awkward conversations, madonna/whore complexes, flippant behavior . Some times I found myself wondering if I should say thanks and leave it at that or told them to shut the fuck up and mind their business. The encounters of them talking to me as if I were a criminal and the verbal manhandling was staggering. Interactions that should've went smoothly sometimes made me feel like I were being threatened.

When I see men that look like my father, I'm not repulsed, but a part of me removes any and all attraction to them at the flick of the wrist, it's so automatic. I can't think of them in any sexual manner. I don't think of them as being the father of my possible kids, or my possible husband or a boyfriend that I could want. And it's not even the black men entirely but more like skin color. My father was dark and therefore I don't make them or want them as anything more. I don't think they are ugly or anything. I don't attach insane stereotypes to them but they look like my father and the men who I have witnessed to abuse women who look like me in my family. I don't try hard to not be unattracted to them, it just doesn't happen, no spark.

Attraction wise, I still have a bit of work to do. I would still prefer to look at one over the other. Aesthetically, the attraction is still there, but internally, I wouldn't hold my breath. The way the universe works is funny. I feel like half of my life was dedicated to showing me 50-11 reasons why I shouldn't have looked at them.

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2020.10.21 10:00 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2020 Giro d'Italia - Stage 17

Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Time
Oct. 21 17 Bassano del Grappa > Madonna di Campiglio 203 km (126 mi) Mountain Uphill 10:20-16:30 CEST
Information Official Site / Startlist / Official Facebook / Roadbook/Garibaldi PDF
Overall Previews Cycling News / Cycling Weekly / Pez / CyclingTips / GCN / INRNG
/peloton content Pre-Race thread / Cheat Notes / Adopt a rider / RFL / SWL
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TV Eurosport / Check your local broadcaster here
Streams Tiz / / Race Coverage starts at 12:30 CEST
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2020.10.20 09:31 thesquaremedia Places to Visit in London: The National Gallery

When it comes to the city of London, there are many places to visit that you can spend your time at. And while the parks and the museums are usually on the list, it’s the galleries that can dominate the proceedings. Why? Well, art is art at the end of the day. Seeing how people have represented the times they live in and the pains of human experience is strangely rewarding. We all like to be moved by what we see, and London’s art galleries have many paintings that can elicit multiple emotions.
Out of all the ones in London, the National Gallery is one of the best places to visit in London for a dose of high art and exceptional wonders. It has hordes of paintings from the great masters that will take you aback. No longer will you have to flick through old art books to see the top works, you can now see them close up.
So don’t just stay wrapped up in your serviced apartment in London, or your hotel/hostel room, get out there and see the marvellous works that have inspired countless generations.
About the National Gallery
Founded in 1824, this unique gallery houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings that date from the mid-13th century to 1900. The National Gallery was not formed by nationalising an existing royal or princely art collection, rather it came into being when the British government bought 38 paintings from the heirs of John Julius Angerstein back in 1824.
While the collection is smaller than other national galleries across Europe, it is far more encyclopaedic in its scope with most of the major developments that occurred in Western art being shown in some form throughout the gallery. Back in the old days, it used to be one of the few national galleries that had all its works on permanent exhibition, but in the present day, this is no longer the case due to its obvious expansion over the many decades.
Given its broad collection, works from the British Isles and the world can be found within the echoey halls. Whether it’s the might of JMW Turner’s later works, the depth of Van Gogh’s vivid madness on the canvas, the unique techniques by Seurat or the gloom of Vermeer, you will surely find a piece in here that you’d love to take home with you. Just go to the gift shop and buy a copy of the painting and get it framed.
Entry to the museum is free of charge, as are all the best places to visit in London, but you are encouraged to donate £5 or £10 as
Top 10 Paintings in the National Gallery
Within even a collection as broad as this one, there are undoubtedly the artworks that stand out amongst the rest. And while the list below is subjective and based on my own fine tastes, I’m pretty sure that many of these will appear on your own list once you have explored the gallery for yourself. It might feature the usual suspects but they represent, by far, the greatest outputs of all artists in history.
Arguably one of his most popular paintings, this shows the painter at the height of his craft with his chromoluminarism and pointillism techniques. Very fine dots of colour create the feel of the late 19th century. Look in close and you’ll see how he has constructed an absolute beauty of a painting by plotting the finest dots of colour. Forget broad strokes, this is a painstaking way to get the finest of details right.
His most recognised work, you’ll have to join the crowd of tourists that pile on top of each other to get the perfect view and to take a quick snap for their Instagram feed. If you can spend time looking at it without being shoved away, pay particular attention to the colours. Over time, the original colours have faded to create the ones that we see now. It might look a bit ugly to some people but you will be more than captivated by it.
If Turner was renowned for capturing anything, it was the progress of innovation that occurred during his lifetime. While his mythical pieces and countryside paintings are still a great part of his collection, they pale by what he was able to capture from the coastline. Combining the march of progress and the power of Britain at sea, it’s an emotional piece of an old ship being towed away for the last time before its eventual demolition.
Ok, o it’s not the Mona Lisa, but there is so much more to the great Leonardo than that. An inventor as much as a painter, he could capture the beauty of the world around him whilst still painting biblical wonder like this. Pay attention to his combination of colours and shadows as well as the rich textures.
One of Britain’s underrated geniuses, Constable was the chronicler of Britain’s countryside and its rural life. And this one shows his craft in fine detail. Not content with romanticisation, he shows all the rugged colours of the countryside and all the rich textures.
We’ve heard of him, and the gallery has one of his simple yet richly textured works. May attention to how he’s captured the emotions of the woman and child, and the pale tones of their skin. Despite clear hardship, the painting oozes warmth and affection.
While he is famous for his painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring” thanks to the novel and subsequent adaptation, there is more to Johannes Vermeer’s work than that one painting. His use of dark colours and gloomy textures is present in this piece, showing off his usual style for painting domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. The grey and pale skin of the girl contrasts with the bright and healthy tones of the painting within the painting - reality over fantasy.
A long title, a huge painting. Rich in detail from the reflections in the canal to the people that dot the landscape and those that wander on the side. Capturing a snippet of life in 18th century Venice, the painting is simply remarkable and shows off the crumbling yet refined architecture that is a part of the Venetian feel. Take a seat on the chair nearby and take a long hard look at this piece. You can almost hear the sounds of the waves and the people shouting across the canal.
Another one of Van Gogh’s greatest works, this shows off his vivid colour application in even more detail. The style and the appreciation of movement are incredible and hard to emulate. While he may have been a tortured soul, works like this show off the true beauty of his mind and his ability to capture the ordinary in such a rich way. If you stare at it long enough, you may even be able to feel the countryside breeze in the painting on your own face. As usual, the maestro knows how to elicit deep and profound emotions from something normal.
As mentioned before, JMW Turner had a detailed and appreciative eye for the innovations that were happening around him. And this painting of a steam train is the perfect demonstration. Using the abstract form that became synonymous with his latter (and better) period of painting, the greys and blacks fuse together to create the feeling of motion so you think that the train will come bursting out of the canvas. And let’s not forget the burning red that rumbles through the end of the train, showing the scorching fire that makes the lightning speed possible. Sit back and marvel at this piece dedicated to the aspirations of human inventions.
COVID19 Measures and Guidelines
While new rules now exist inside the gallery due to the COVID pandemic (subject to change), you can still explore the gallery’s greatest treasures with ease. Just pick one of the three routes that have been set up. Whichever you choose will largely depend on what art you like. Route A take right to the very start of the collection in the 13th century, route B goes a little bit further and features works of Vermeer and Raphael before concluding with Turner, Monet and Van Gogh, while route C is the impressionist lovers top choice as it goes through the works of Cezanne, Seurat and more before it leads you out of the exit and back into the modern world.
Like many of the other best places to visit in London, you have to wear a mask throughout your time here. It may be a bit distracting but it ensures that the gallery can stay open. Also, you need to book a ticket before you arrive via their website. Select a time and be sure you turn up 10-15 minutes before your booked time to prevent delays. It is worth noting also that the routes end at the same place so the Monet and Van Gogh sections may be slightly crowded and you may have to queue before entering the rooms.
National Gallery Address: Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN
Other London Galleries You Need to Visit
There are other galleries in London aside from the National Gallery that you need to visit. They either showcase specific periods or hold special exhibitions for up-and-coming artists that are taking the contemporary art world by storm.
Britain’s top painters and sculptures can be found here. JMW Turner has a dedicated wing that shows off his works right from his more traditional pieces right up to the unfinished paintings that were left behind after he died. Even William Blake and John Constable have dedicated areas where you can appreciate their wild talents. Other than that, British sculptors like Henry Moore and Reg Butler have a few of their works scattered around.
Address: Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4RG
Showcasing the very best of international modern art, the Tate Modern is a fun experience if abstract works are more your cup of tea. Andy Warhol, Benode Behari Mukherjee, Masami Teraoka, Rasheed Araeen and Sonia Boyce are just some of the art world’s recent names to have their works on display here.
Address: Bankside, London SE1 9TG
Sitting next door to the National Gallery is this remarkable addition to the art world. Boasting paintings of monarchs that appear in all the history textbooks, and notable figures throughout history, this is a rare treat and be sure not to miss it.
Address: St. Martin's Pl, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HE
Charles Saatchi opened this gallery in 1985 to show off his own collection and to give new voices exposure. With works that transcend the usual and temporary exhibits throughout the year, this is one gallery that shouldn’t be missed.
Address: Duke of York's HQ, King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY
A divine location gives way to a divine collection. With exhibits that focus on ecology and other reputable themes, this is a treat if you’re heading to the royal palace or happen to be out near Hyde Park. Take a friend and see the wonder within.
Address: Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA
One of many free museums and essential places to visit in London, this gallery in Hertford House has a collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture and arms and armour for you to peruse when you want to waste a few hours before heading out in the evening.
Address: Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN
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2020.10.15 07:51 annalog96 How to OLD?

I know FDS is generally against OLD (and rightly so!) It is definitely better to meet someone in person who you know and trust, but why not use all the tools in your toolbox? Any business would use all available revenue streams/marketing - they'd just simply put varying amounts of time/money into each according to their ROI (return on investment). OLD should not replace meeting guys in real life, but it can be useful if you keep it ticking along on the side.

Why use OLD as an 'additional revenue stream'?

How to OLD

Disclaimer: these are from my own experiences so may be age/culture specific. So for reference, I am a 23-year-old in a fairly large British city.
Keep expectations low Know that 90% (at a push!) of guys on OLD are LVM. Just keep this in mind to avoid feeling hopeless about not being able to find any HVM or anyone wanting a relationship. It's not you, it's OLD. It's like job hunting - all a number's game. You're casting your net in a sea of trash so don't expect much more!
Show your standards through your profile I have always been surprised at all the comments on the internet about being sent dick pics. I have never received one and 99% of the messages I receive are respectful. From what guys have said to me, this is because I look kind and approachable in my pics (smiling and happy) and I look 'multi-faceted' and 'gf material' (so I talk about my interests but also show this through a range of pictures with friends/family/sport/travelling). While one or two show my figure (as I think hiding it makes people suspect you're fat), NONE of my pictures are sexual at all. This is key really as I have seen girls' profiles and they are mostly pouting, in a bikini, posing etc. which sends the wrong message.
Vet profiles *before* swiping Don't do the male 'swipe on everyone trying to get a match'. As guys are doing that, you can rest assured that almost every guy you *do* swipe on *will* match with you. So to know what you're looking for, good quality profiles = university, hobbies, range of interesting pictures, good job. LVM profiles = 'ab pics', drugs, partying, nihilism, little/no bio, 'looking to have fun', excessive jokes, memes. From above, only swiping on good quality guys could also be why I have managed to avoid the guys who send gross messages.
Use Hinge (or Bumble) Tinder is fairly obviously a hook up app so the wrong context is set from the start. I have just started using Hinge and have noticed a big difference in quality, where guys actually write a lot about themselves, have much more interesting conversations and actually have educations and jobs (!!). It is also known as a 'relationship app' (where you can actually report guys who aren't looking for a relationship!) and seems to be getting enough traction to be a 'popular app' now. Paid online sites like eHarmony and Match could be good but I feel it could be too pressured/contrived and have more desperate weirdos who can't use other means so resort to paying.
Age range I have found a big difference between dating guys 25-29 compared to my age (22-24). It very much seems like guys go through stages and that their brain really does take until about 25 to fully develop. Avoid guys who are too old (and predatory) though!
Take breaks You have to be high in confidence/esteem/enthusiasm for OLD as it can be tiring (and demoralising). If you start feeling bored and negative about it, just take a break from it as you won't be in a good mindset to date anyway. There will always be those mile long match queues for when you return x
Only respond to thoughtful messages Ignore 'how r u' or 'ur pretty' single liners. That's far too little effort. Only respond to guys who have thoughtfully discussed something in your profile as it shows some thought and interest in you. (You could message first if a profile particularly sparks your interest as this will make you stand out a lot considering how guys NEVER get a message first. But still don't ask him out.)
Make sure a guy asks you out within the week Fade away from those pen pal conversations as these guys either just want the validation or are already in relationships. Also avoid guys who ask you out straight away as they are trying to bypass communication/effort/trust.
Keep talking to/dating guys I would say try 2 dates per week and keep messaging guys until you get into a relationship. The benefit of OLD is there are always more options!
Coffee/drink first date Again, FDS rules are against this but I think dinner dates are appropriate if the guy already knows you, but not on OLD where you don’t know each other. It's just a casual meet (although a guy should still pay) to see if there is any connection/chemistry. I also can't be bothered with too much time/effort for someone I don't know, so I prefer this and also dress accordingly (nice shirt but just jeans, trainers, little make up). After he knows you, you can see if he steps it up. Not asking for too much before a first date also means you blend in and stay on the DL, as you shouldn't show him your standards too early, as below:
Mystery Now I have said to show that you are a 'girlfriend type' in your profile but do not TELL them this. OLD is anonymous so if you tell guys too much about what you want, they can easily mould themselves into that to get in your pants. Keep your cards close to your chest and let them reveal themselves (and their intentions) to you over time.
Have (sexual) boundaries This is even more crucial on OLD and I think this one has been the saver for me. I've never had casual sex or jumped into bed straight away with anyone, but I never used to have set boundaries either which sometimes led to the dreaded 'situationship'. (Poor little me was confused why guys would be taking me on romantic dates and talking with me all the time but 'not want a relationship'? Go figure!)
I don't tell guys upfront what I'm looking for as I want to see how they treat me of their own accord. It better shows me their character and intentions. You don't have to waste too much time with this though as guys will try and get sexual by the third date and when they get pushy you can tell them 'your rule' then. By this point, they will have likely built up a reasonable about of emotional connection and investment in you (as guys rarely rarely ever get a first date, especially not a third!) so maybe see you as an actual human and will often carry on (sunk cost fallacy) according to your wishes, or leave - win/win! (3+ dates is not too much time/investment that they feel it is worth faking a relationship to get laid so will usually just leave if they had bad intentions.) Either way, having the 'no sex without exclusivity' boundary means I have found they always put me in the 'nice girl' (Madonna) category rather than the 'whore' category. This doesn't mean they always want a relationship with me (nor should they!) but it means they at least respect me. The scary word 'exclusivity' also makes them stop to actually think with their logical head (rather than the other head!)
I can't think of anything else for now, just good luck out there sisters! Remember this is just how to get decent options, but the real vetting for whether or not he is HVM starts when you are dating IRL!
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2020.10.12 21:48 _knotkian (24M)Boyfriend cheated on me (22FM) online... HELP

So to sum the story up I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years so far. During the 1st year we were together about 5 months in, I found out he was on a dating app and messages various girls sexually. He did not physically cheat. I forgave him he told me he wouldn't do it again and that he doesn't know why he did it.
Fast forward to 2020 Aug, I found out he was doing it again. This time he said that he feels insecure in himself as a man when we have sex. (we have great sex if a bit routine sometimes). I think he has some sort of acute madonna whore complex when it comes to me by his words. He said he would not do it again since he actually spoke his mind this time and explained why he did it again. Also this 2nd time was going on about a year or so after the 1st cheating. He would talk to girls a couple times every couple months. He did not physically cheat again.
Its been about 2 months since I found out and I am hurt even more than the 1st time. A part of me hates him and is expecting him to do it again, but the other half of me loves him and I know he loves me but im not sure if he is ready for me to be in his life or something.

Should I leave him? or do the circumstances make a difference since he actually talked to me about his feelings on why he did what he did and how he feels?
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2020.10.11 10:07 grossmaer36 MILF COUGAR Mature Dating Sites

Meeting older, more experienced women has come a long way from the days of “American Pie.” Thanks to the rise of dating apps, particularly ones for cougar dating, you’re no longer limited to scoping out your friends’ moms like Finch was. You can now find all kinds of beautiful mature women from all over the world.
“Boytoys” are younger lovers of more mature women - Hollywood and Sex and the City made it mainstream. Demi Moore caught the heart of Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years younger while Madonna went after Brazilian supermodel Jesus Luz. So how do these cougars catch their prey?Cougar dating is generally about having a mature woman look for a much younger man to exercise her sexual preferences on; or in rare cases, a full-fledged relationship. In normal usage, the English term “cougar” stands for a puma or a silver lion. In jargon, the parallel is drawn between the silvery coat of the silver lion and the hair color of older women. Another parallel is the hunger and desire for fresh prey.
For the young man looking for a mature woman - and vice versa. The best Cougar \ MILF Dating portals
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2020.10.09 23:17 rddtmf Getting out of the casual zone

I [F, 25] met a guy on Tinder [M, 28] a bit over a year ago. Our first date lasted 8 hours and turned out nice, so we met the next day again (with his friends and a few girlfriends of mine) and slept together that night. However, after that we kept texting regularly but we didn’t manage to meet again (partially lack of time due to work, partially lack of initiative from his side) so by the end of the year I got tired of being pen pals and stopped talking to him. This was mainly triggered as he matched my best friend on tinder, although he had seen her before (but not sure if he recognised her?).
We spent a few months with no contact and then we met again in March for drinks and slept together again. Since, we have had a casual (read almost solely sexual) relationship, until I told him in July that I was no longer willing to meet just for sex. He said he understood but kept texting me on a friendly basis, sometimes asking to meet to which I always said no...
... until I said yes last week. I thought it was going to be the same drill again, it turned out to be very romantic and intense, and in the end we didn’t even had sex and just cuddled. It was a very emotionally charged vibe and he asked me what I was feeling, to which I unfortunately didn’t answer truthfully.
I like him and would be willing to try a serious thing with him, but I don’t know where his change of behaviour last time comes from and I’m both puzzled and hopeful that he sees it the same way.
I know the easy answer is to ask him directly, but I’m currently overwhelmed about how to approach this. So my question is: is my “casual” status reversible? While I think it is absolute madness, I do believe the Madonna whore complex has a truth to it, and I’m afraid I’m not longer in his Madonna category
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2020.10.09 22:23 annalog96 Be wary of men with racial fetishes/comments towards ANY race

While black and Asian women obviously get this MUCH worse, white women don't be complacent. You will be fetishised for your race too! (e.g. in Britain/Europe especially, some asian men see 'white women as whores')
So I was having a nice chat with a doctor on OLD, all seemed well, then we chatted briefly about religion and he said he had a strict religious asian background, but how that all changed when he "found booze and white women" and became 'spiritual'. Then when I called him out on it (just with an innocent sounding "white women?" reply) he said he was "joking" yet STILL proceeded to 'joke' how "white women have loose sexual morals" and said he got horny and rebelled from his religion because he wanted to "sample the forbidden fruit". GROSS!!!???
But omg he's jOKinG so CHiLl and said to me how he's a 'hyper liberal hippie-esque ex Christian' which is why it's SUCH a funny and ironic JOKEEE and "if you have this delicate a humour, then we're definitely not a match mate". WOW.
I would never make racial comments/'jokes' about any group? ESPECIALLY in the context of dating. ESPECIALLY in my first few messages to someone? It just makes you sound gross and objectifying.
I don't know if this is more a British thing, where we're brought up to not really discuss race and see everyone equally (and yes, being 'colour blind' has it's own issues...) whereas the US seems more open about it. But in Britain, the attitude of 'white girls are whores' has become more prevalent and has repeatedly been the justification IN COURT from pedophile rape gangs to traffic and rape 10,000s of white young girls over the past decade. Maybe I should just take the 'joke' but the ramifications are anything but funny. Incels et al. are also very keen to give the same reason for why they cannot get 'don't want' western women.
When people make racist jokes so quickly and easily, it shows their open association and their internalised racism. This guy even said how 'that attitude was definitely true in my old community... but I'm lIBerAL now'. People don't quickly shake the attitudes they grow up with.
Whenever people have these attitudes, it shows that they just see the race, and what it means sexually (madonna/whore), rather than the person. Incels and gamers fetishise Japanese women and black women are treated awfully by men/society.
Bonus tip: if someone has the 'white women are whores' JOKE attitude, that means they will very likely see white women as 'toys' (or 'forever girlfriends' at most) but will settle down and marry someone 'respectful' from their own race, so do watch out for that too. The same can happen with Christian men dating atheist women but wanting 'the Christian wife'.
Oh also, politically, I have always found the 'super hippie liberal' types to be the MOST sexist and disrespectful towards me. Could it be that they promote LibFem so hard because women giving them free easy sex might be in men's interests???? Even Marxist guy friends have essentially prude shamed me for NOT sleeping around.
It's all sad :(
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2020.10.09 21:40 blerty567 The unfortunately common “Madonna-whore complex” - a user friendly guide

Not all men have this complex, but a fair amount do. Wondering if the guy you’re seeing has a MW complex? Wonder no further! Here are some helpful hints.
Signs you may be a “Madonna” for him
Signs you may be a “whore” for him
Feel free to add more ...
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2020.10.09 05:51 minamija Tattoos of Jovanotti

Among the most popular and at the same time most tattooed Italian singers, Jovanotti is among those who have always spoken very willingly about their tattoos. The artist admits that his passion for tattoo art is now on the verge of addiction. Let's find out what his tattoos are and what they mean. Jovanotti's tattoos are one of the things that most characterize this famous singer. But few know the true meaning that those symbols have for our Lorenzo. Yes, Lorenzo Cherubini, who has always been known as Jovanotti. He made his debut in the 80s when, launched by Claudio Cecchetto, he sang frivolous and funny rap lyrics. But soon his style changes and his music matures and turns into a very different genre: the so-called world music. A genre of contamination that mixes elements of popular music with traditional folk and ethnic music. As his music changes, so do the lyrics of his songs that touch ever deeper philosophical and religious, as well as political and cultural themes.

The Meaning of Jovanotti's Tattoos

Lorenzo's love for the world of art tattoo is evident from the very beginning. The many tattoos that today decorate his body are in part the mirror of his great passion for nature.
Many of Jovanotti's tattoos are animals, among them we find:
His first tattoo: a butterfly, a symbol of mutation and rebirth, which also underlines the brevity of earthly life. This tattoo dates back to 1989 when the singer was 23, and is on his right arm, just below the shoulder. Lorenzo confessed to having opted for a small subject because he had no idea of the pain he would feel during the session with the tattoo artist.


On the left forearm Jovanotti shows off a large and colorful parrot; this subject seems to have a great importance for the singer who links him to his childhood and to his father.
Another animal present in Lorenzo's body is the tiger, this time in black and white, placed on the upper part of the left arm. The animal is drawn in the act of walking with its tail upwards, it seems to descend along its arm.
In the inner part of the right forearm we find a beautiful colored giraffe, another sign of the great love for nature that the singer expresses a lot also through his songs.
Finally, the last animal tattoo in Jovanotti's collection, a whale. Loving colorful tattoos very much, the singer wanted the tattoo artist to use bright colors to draw the large marine mammal: blue, indigo and pearl gray.
Among the other subjects we find two belonging to the Old School : a sailing ship (symbol par excellence of the sailors, for whom the ship represents the real home) and a compass rose on the right calf (which symbolizes the journey, rebirth and return).
Under the butterfly, on his right arm, Jovanotti has a tattoo depicting an Indian totem, a small and colorful subject.
On the singer's body we also find a religious tattoo, the Madonna of Guadalupe, of which the singer speaks with great affection and to which he feels particularly attached.


Perhaps Lorenzo's best known tattoo is the sun and the moon, made with only black strokes; this tattoo is located near the Indian totem and is permeated by a great symbolism. The two subjects represent the opposite poles, the sun the masculine energy and the moon the feminine one, united in the same design are a symbol of harmonious unity and give life to creation.
Jovanotti's most original tattoo was made in 2013, it is the Delphic Sibyl, a fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti which is located on the vault of the Sistine Chapel. This tattoo was made on the upper left arm with bright colors such as red, orange, green and blue. The meaning of this subject has to do with Lorenzo's wife, whose face seems to resemble that of Michelangelo's Sibyl.
Last tattoo in chronological order is an island; not just any island but the famous " Neverland" by Peter Pan! This tattoo expresses the spirit of the singer, Jovanotti's love for fantasy, and his desire to always remain a little child.


Tattoos of Emma Marrone
Tattoos of Zlatan Ibrahimović
Tattoos of Selena Gomez
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2020.10.07 10:54 kingneedsadvice I(19M) am having troubles with my Morals and Principles that I have been valuing for so long about SEX

I am a 19 year old Indian Male, living in India.
I am in a MedSchool, so there's not much time to loaf around and date... Personally I don't even know whom to date and what are criteria that should be important and what should not be. I want to be having this 'Awesome College Wild Hoe Phase' too. I feel like I am heavily missing out. Because in 3more years, I want to attend a Residency in the US which generally have 80+hour work week. They are called residents because they literally reside in the hospital... Again 5 more years gone.
So then I'd be 19+8=27.
And Oh boy 27 and a virgin, It's hard for you to hookup or date (people look at you and judge you as incel) especially given that I would be a virgin, and it's just that I'd miss out on all the best times while others will have had it. Then again I'd like to have kids by 30(+2) so that I can also end up seeing my grandkids too. And Once you have kids, hell Once you get married you can't fuck around. And I don't wanna be jelly over my wife's past... I want to be fucking normal...
Now, My morals....
I don't/can't/won't ever cheat on my wife. (But I can't be a sulking mess either)
I feel as if I am ruining those girls by having sex with them, I am pushing them to be 'bad girls'
I am pretty scared of falling in love with someone promiscuous and then I can't get past her past and feel shit about the future... I mean I don't want my kids to know what a hoe their mom was... Unless I was something of that myself. I mean I don't want to be some consolation prize. You may not agree but those are my feelings.
I have no problem in waiting for Marriage. But most people don't. And if my wife hasn't.. why the fuck should I wait?
Somedays it's YOLO! Go have fun! Other days it's Think About your future generations... You'll be a fucking disgrace!
I want to start my own dynastical family kinda thing.. And I need to be a good role model...
Also my parents are against Love, Premarital sex, relationships, they said even if I want to date I can when I am an MD... Which means at 30 and even said we won't look after you then you're on your own, you are no longer our son, but if you marry our choice and shit goes wrong we'll be here for you...
No privacy for me so typing this took a lot of time...
Also this slight Madonna Whore complex know kinda ruins me.
Plus there's my own insecurities my penis size... How am I ever gonna be my future wife's best When I barely have 5 inches of meat down there...
How am I gonna compare to those 6,7,8,9 inches long who have way more experience confidence and meat...
It feels like running a race I can never win...
I feel so evil as if I am soliciting sex from these good girls and the ones who smoke and drink and get high don't push my buttons...
I understand my parents sentiments, I would quite possibly get distracted by this love and sex affairs but i can't miss out on it either...
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2020.10.06 18:42 AndromedaDelRey Muslims' massive outrage about Rihanna having a remixed Islamic text in her lingerie show is just so exaggerated and pathetic.

Apparently, this is the only place where I feel like I could express my honest opinion & vent about this situation because with the Twitter herd/mob mentality I'm genuinely afraid I could get massively reported and possibly lose my account, or even doxxed... which speaks volumes for itself.
So, to provide some background info, two days ago Rihanna's lingerie brand used a remixed hadith in their runway show and it has sparked huge controversy and backlash in which there's so much to unpack. First of all, as she already stated today in her apology (which I'll mention again later), it seemed very probable that it was unintentional because the remix in question was an EDM melody in which any words were totally unrecognizable. And bear with me, the reason why many people found her ignorance unacceptable is that she dated a Muslim guy in the past. So, it's like if you date a Muslim (no matter their level of moderacy or how much of a practicing believer they are), you HAVE to dwell into their religion and rules by default...?
Another thing is that even if it's intentional, this is far from the first time for a famous musician to use religious imagery. But the difference is that when, for example, Madonna or Lady Gaga rocked several iconic blasphemous performances & music videos with Christian imagery (and it was definitely intentional) - conservative boomers were mainly the ones to freak out, slander them, and spread conspiracy theories about the "satanic decadence" they promoted. Now, when it's Islam in question, the communities & fandoms going after Rihanna on social media present themselves as woke, progressive, feminist, pro-LGBT. Many of them are minors, underage teens deeply hurt in the name of a religion that actually stands against everything they believe in society-wise, and literally having panic attacks thinking that something bad may happen as a consequence of this (because the particular hadith was Doomsday-related). The level of indoctrination and delusion is so unfathomably sad.
And finally, the cult-like mantra I saw countless times in this discourse - "if you're not Muslim, you don't get a say in this". You can't accept or even consider the apology she now issued decent, you can't even comment anything except blind support and deepest respect for their religion. Not only do they act as if everyone doesn't have all the accessible information for any religion's holy scriptures and the oppression they bring up to date (like sentencing a 13 y/o kid to 10 years of prison for blasphemy), but in this gatekeeping they even exclude ex-Muslims who experienced it firsthand.
I really wanna keep myself out of this kind of narrative and drama, but it keeps appearing on my social media feed and I think every day we stray away from free speech when it comes to protecting Islam as a dogma. And I can't grasp the contradiction in protecting women's rights and even kids from pedophilia while at the same time respecting & protecting the "sacred words" by a 50 y/o man who married a 6 y/o girl at all costs. "Imagine how tired Muslims are"... no, imagine how tired rational freethinkers are.
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2020.10.05 11:03 JainPork Moving From Inceldom To A Relationship (Or Hooking Up)

There are 2 rules on Tinder, Seduction has a whole host of tips on being seductive and if you go further on some the "red pill" subs, you see a lot more extreme belief that all women are whores.
Good news, some of the advise is really good. Bad news, some of the advise is really toxic. Further bad news: unless you change yourself things will be right where they are. The problem is mostly internal. Not external.
And no, my advise is not going to be to go the gym for 6 pack abs. Balding men on the heavy side can and do get laid. And yeah, as long your dick is as big as your index finger, you are fine in that department too. Do try getting your body fat below 15%-20% if you are above these levels. I can assure you that few women think of fucking men with tits bigger than theirs.
I want to avoid cliches you find in on these subs and give you something that is a little deeper to move your own (generally self imposed) blocks and towards path where you find yourself creating intimate relationships.
  1. Being Attracted To Someone Is Not A Crime: Do you worry about what a woman might think if you tell her you are attracted to her? It is OK. In fact it is totally OK to be attracted to multiple women at the same time. Allow yourself to feel attracted to any woman you want to.
  2. Asking Someone Out On A Date Is Not A Crime Either: Find someone attractive?Yaay! Tell them! And then express your desire to get some coffee/ice cream/tea, best if you do it in person, looking them in the eye, 2nd best if you do it on some messaging app.
  3. Some Women Don't Like You: Not all women at all times will find you attractive. Think about it. Do you find every woman attractive? Why expect every woman you like to be attracted to you?
  4. Women Generally Reject Politely: Unless you do something crazy like sending dick pics or long paragraphs and epitaphs about a woman's beauty or character. If your question is to the point, women to reply generally to the point, but politely.
  5. She Is Not Going To Think You Are Creep For Asking Her Out: "Hey, I think you are pretty cute. Want to get some coffee sometime?" "No, I am....". The No is your hint. She may give you a reason that is complete BS. Do not argue about it. Her not replying is also fine. Getting rejected is nothing to be shameful about if you accept it in your stride. Some women will like you, some won't.
  6. Drop Your Fantasies About Being Ross (Any Other Fictional Character): The biggest disservice that you do yourself is to think that pining away for a woman is going to get her to see you differently. Ross is the epitome of that.
  7. Sex Is A Natural Desire: Good news, most women like to fuck. Bad news, some women would not like to fuck you. Good news: some women would like to fuck you. Fuck them. If you are on an app like Tinder while the girl wants "fraandship", swipe left and move on. Women are not these gentle creatures who cannot match you sentence for sentence when talking dirty or thrust for thrust when fucking. Own your sexuality and know that there is nothing wrong in wanting sex. You wanting to fuck some woman is nothing to be shameful of.Some of you may want to read the about the Madonna-Whore Complex
  8. Examine Your Relationship With Your Parents: Do you drop everything to be at your parents service? Do you see your mother as a flawless woman who has no bad habits? Do you go the extra mile for your parents every single day, every single time? Do you tell your father to back off from your personal life? Do you hesitate in telling your mother no? Well, work on that. Define your boundaries and then protect them. The bonds you have with your parents define a lot of your attachments. Look up Attachment Theory.
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2020.10.05 02:30 jicerswine [For Sale] 60s (Beatles, Byrds, Dylan, Tjader, Cohen, Brubeck) + 70s (Steely Dan, Queen, Sabbath, Eno, Boston, Crimson, Patti Smith) + 80s (Ministry, Duran Duran, Madonna, New Order, Cure) + many more. Wide array from affordable classics to collectibles. Plus some freebies!

How do you do, fellow vinyl junkies? Jicerswine is back again unloading records that are taking up way too much space in my teeny apartment. Shipping to CONUS is $3.50 +$.50 per LP unless otherwise noted. I should be able to get these in the mail on this coming Tuesday.
GRADES: Condition is marked as record/sleeve. Vast majority of these have been partially or fully play-tested. Graded using an 80s Sansui turntable, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, 70s Rotel receiver and American Acoustic speakers. I will say: I used a few of these records to test the difference between the Ortofon cartridge and my old stock needle and the 2M often eliminated at least some noise (I highly recommend these cartridges if you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive step up from a stock cartridge).
HOLDS: The first person to message me about an item will have dibs on it for 30 minutes after I reply to their message. After that it's up for grabs. Please use Chat only!
ABBA - The Visitors VG+/VG+ Original pressing. $6
Airto - Free VG+/VG+ Original 1972 pressing. Great latin jazz fusion! $10
Akofa Akoussah - Akofa Akoussah NM/NM In shrink, played 2-3 times. Mr. Bongo reissue of an awesome 1976 French-Togolese folk-afrobeat record. $20
Alice Cooper - Killer VG/VG Original green label pressing. Calendar is detached and not included. Vinyl strong VG with some bits of light noise, probably closer to VG+. $6
Armageddon - Armageddon VG/VG Original pressing. Sleeve VG- to VG with some tearing on spine and general creases/wear. Vinyl has a couple noticeable scuffs per side but none seem to affect play beyond some light background noise. This album rocks - recommend to any fans of King Gizzard, especially the first track. $10
The B-52’s = The B-52’s VG+/VG+ Early reissue. Nice copy! $14 SOLD
Badbadnotgood - III VG+/VG+ Probably could be considered NM/NM but I’m not the original owner (I bought this on the sub) so graded conservatively. $18
The Bar-Kays - Money Talks NM/NM VMP pressing. Never played. $27
The Beach Boys - Carl And The Passions - So Tough / Pet Sounds VG/VG Imma level with you, I didn't bother play-grading So Tough, but the disc looks VG+ to me with maybe a couple of light marks. The only thing keeping Pet Sounds from being solid VG+ is a light mark running through the middle of A1 which causes a few light tics but no skips; otherwise disc is clean and plays great. This is low-key an EXCELLENT version of Pet Sounds to own on wax, some say better-sounding than the original. $24
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale VG+/VG+ 1976 UK stereo press. Nice copy! $30
The Beatles - Help! NM/VG 1973 German stereo press on Apple. Sleeve strong side of VG with some denting and a small patch of sticker residue but overall looks good. Vinyl EX, shiny, flat & quiet! Great sound here! $30
The Beatles - Abbey Road VG/VG Original 1969 pressing with hard-to-find heavier cardboard sleeve! High VG copy overall, with minor cosmetic wear to jacket & a couple very light marks on vinyl. Plays with very light intermittent crackle. $16 SOLD
The Beatles - Hey Jude VG/G+ 2nd US pressing. Sleeve is somewhat beat, spine taped, corners dented + some tearing on rear. Vinyl however plays solid VG with some light marks. $7 SOLD
The Beatles - The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl VG+/VG Embossed cover pressing. Cover Strong VG, vinyl entry VG+. $6 SOLD
Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II VG/VG+ Original pressing. Jacket has light ring wear. Disc 1 has a few marks per side mostly causing light noise that ranges VG to entry VG+; there is one scratch that causes a skip at the very beginning of Movin' Out. Disc 2 is solid VG+ throughout. $16 SOLD
Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality VG/G Capitol Record Club 1st pressing! Sleeve is relatively beat: spine is completely split but top and bottom seams still attached, some other general weatearing/etc. Vinyl is solid VG, a few light marks per side, plays with occasional crackle but generally pretty well. $14
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited G+/G+ 1st press MONO! Sleeve has a taped bottom seam, fair amount of yellowing, and several instances of denting/tearing/etc but is structurally doing fine and actual art looks good. Vinyl playback ranges G+ to VG, generally hovering in VG- territory with moderate background crackle. I bought this years ago and my initial notes said there was a skip on side A, but when I relistened to play grade the album I didn’t notice one; still priced accordingly. $12
Bob Marley - Legend NM/NM Recent reissue. Played 2-3 times. $15
Bobbie Gentry - Local Gentry VG+/VG Original pressing! $8
Boston - Boston VG+/VG Original pressing! Sleeve has some light ring wear on rear but front is quite clean. Vinyl is visually a very strong VG with just a few light surface marks; sound-wise I’d call it VG+. $8 SOLD
Brett Smiley - Sunset Tower NM/NM RSD’19 pressing; opened + played once; red vinyl /200! $22
Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets VG+/VG+ 1977 pressing. Sleeve and vinyl both slid VG+ with minimal weaa handful of very faint surface marks. $18
Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks VG+/VG Original 1973 pressing! The sleeve is on the stronger side of VG; the front half of the gatefold is gently warped, and the back half has a partial top seam split. In terms of visuals alone jacket looks almost VG+. Vinyl is clean and plays solid VG+. Folks, if you are a fan of analog recording as a medium, you have to hear this album. This truly might be the best sounding record in my collection. Like this is the record you play for your friends to convince them that (at least sometimes) vinyl really does sound better. $40 SOLD
The Byrds - Fifth Dimension VG+/VG+ Sundazed mono reissue. Probably could be considered NM/NM but I bought it secondhand so would rather be conservative. $11
Caesar Frazier - 75 NM/NM 2019 reissue, played once, in shrink. Awesome 1975 soul-jazz originally released on Westbound. $20
Cal Trader - Breeze From The East VG/VG Original 1964 Mono pressing. Sleeve is strong VG, there’s some mild discoloration/aging on the jacket but overall it’s pushing towards VG+. Vinyl has wispy storage marks and a few hairlines, plays cleanly/closer to VG+. This record is a lot of fun, a good pairing with the Dave Brubeck album below. $12
The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me VG+/VG Original 1987 US pressing! Sleeve is strong VG with some minor creasing/general wear. Vinyl is VG+/VG+, both discs have some very faint marks, side 3 has one more noticeable mark during track 2 but all sides play solid VG+ with little if any noise. $28 SOLD
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions Of Japan NM/NM VMP pressing. Played once before I managed to scoop an original pressing. Comes with all the goodies. This album is very good!! $50 SOLD
David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name NM/NM OOP 2010 reissue cut by Chris Bellman. Played a handful of times. This album is a must-have for any CSNY fan - folk-y, psych-y, Laurel Canyon-y ambrosia. Stellar pressing as well, housed in a tip-on textured jacket faithful to the original. $35
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surfer’s Choice VG/VG ORIGINAL MONO on Del-Tone! Sleeve has some minor writing on rear and a dented bottom right corner but the art looks frankly dope. Vinyl has a moderate amount of marks, visually VG- to VG, but plays solid VG. $35
Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow NM/NM VMP 45rpm 2LP edition, 0606/2000. Played once or twice maximum. Amazing album, amazing pressing, but I can’t afford to hold onto it. $130 SOLD
Dr. Dog - Wild Race VG+/VG+ Bought on the sub, no CD included, nice copy probably close to EX/EX. $5
Duran Duran - Rio VG+/VG Pressing with the extended mix of Hungry Like The Wolf. $7 SOLD
The Dylan II - きのうの思い出に別れをつげるんだもの NM/NM 2018 Japanese pressing w/ OBI + Insert. Great album of early 70s Japanese folk-rock (the group is named after Bob Dylan) featuring a sweet cover of I Shall Be Released. A gorgeous pressing as well, on characteristically flat & quiet Japanese vinyl, and housed in a textured heavy-duty gatefold sleeve. $50
Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch! NM/NM Blue Note 75 reissue. A classic! $13
Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters M/M VMP “Aubergine” vinyl. Sealed! $30
Funkadelic - Let’s Take It To The Stage NM/NM 90s European pressing. Played once. $13 SOLD
Gil Evans - Out Of The Cool VG-/VG 2nd mono pressing. Sleeve has mild wear and some spots where lamination is separating. Vinyl has marks, generally light ones with some more noticeable ones on side 2. Plays with light to moderate crackle/pop, again more noticeable on side 2, but the noise is never too obtrusive and there were no skips on my TT. Great album! $14
James Taylor - Greatest Hits VG/VG- 70s Club pressing. Sleeve VG- with some stains on front but structurally all good. Vinyl stronger side of VG with light to moderate noise and a gentle warp (DNAP). $4
John Prine - John Prine VG+/VG 1975 pressing. Sleeve VG with some general wear. Vinyl VG+, some very light marks, mild intermittent crackle but never obtrusive. This album is a CLASSIC. By now I’m sure most on here have heard of John Prine but to those who haven’t, I can’t recommend him enough. A humble giant of American songwriting. $50
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King VG/VG ORIGINAL 1969 US pressing! Sleeve VG with light general wear and top seam partially split (art looks very nice). Vinyl Strong VG to VG+; visually disc is VG with some faint marks/hairlines, but plays closer to VG+ with very minimal noise, even in quiet passages any crackle is very mild. $24 SOLD
Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen VG/VG Original 2-eye stereo pressing. Sleeve has ring/edge wear. Vinyl looks quite clean with just a few light marks but plays with light crackle. $15
Madonna - Like A Virgin VG+/VG Sleeve has minor wear but large name & date written top left. Vinyl is solid VG+. $5
Ministry - Twitch VG+/VG Original 1986 pressing. Sleeve VG with some creasing on top, art looks good though. Vinyl VG+ looks and sounds great, strong VG+. $22
Nancy Sinatra - Nancy VG/VG Original pressing. $4
New Order - Brotherhood VG+/VG Original club pressing. Sleeve strongest VG with a bit of sticker residue but otherwise basically VG+. Vinyl is solid VG+. $20
Otis Redding - Otis Blue / Otis Redding Sings Soul VG+/VG+ 2000s Sundazed Mono pressing. Pushing NM/NM but I’m not original owner so graded conservatively. $20
Patti Smith - Horses VG+/VG 2nd pressing with title in black lettering. Sleeve solid VG with mild ring wear and some wear on seams. Vinyl is solid VG+! $25
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack G+/VG Mid-70s repress. Sleeve VG with noticeable weacreasing but all seams intact. Vinyl G+; marks both sides, mostly plays closer to VG except for one heavier scrape which causes louder noise and a few skips from end of B6 into beginning of B7. $5
Queen - Hot Space VG+/VG+ Original pressing. Cover has a notch cut but otherwise looks great. Vinyl is clean VG+. $16 SOLD
Radiohead - OK Computer VG+/VG+ 2016 XL Records pressing. Probably could be NM/NM but I’ve played it a few times so being conservative. $18 SOLD
Rob - Rob NM/NM Mr. Bongo reissue; opened & played once. $13
Santana - Greatest Hits VG/VG 70s pressing. Sleeve VG with creasing and wear. Vinyl strong VG, light marks, plays well. $4
Savoy Brown - Looking In VG/VG Original pressing. $4
Steely Dan - Can’t Buy A Thrill VG+/G+ 1974 pressing on sunburst labels. Sleeve G+ with a sharpie mark upper right, top seam mostly split, and some water damage that has caused significant tearing inside gatefold and on bottom of rear cover. Vinyl however is playtested solid VG+. $14
Steely Dan - Greatest Hits VG/VG Original pressing. Sleeve has some general wear and a name written on it. Vinyl is solid to strong VG, has some faint marks and light crackle, might even be VG+ with an ultrasonic cleaning. $10
Supertramp - Breakfast In America VG+/NM Original pressing! In shrink with hype sticker attached, vinyl is a shiny strong VG+. Very nice copy. $8
V/A - Wildflowers 4 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) VG+/VG+ Nice entry in this famed jazz series! $8
The Who - Who’s Next VG+/VG Early 80s pressing. Sleeve Strong VG to VG+ with some light weadiscoloration. Vinyl VG+, has 2-3 very faint marks. $8 SOLD
Willie Nelson - Phases And Stages VG+/VG Mid 70s pressing. Sleeve has some very minor ring wear, strong VG. Vinyl solid VG+. $10
Records below are FREE with any purchase! Just add $.50 per LP to cover extra shipping weight.
Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell - S/T
Eagles - Greatest Hits
Foghat - Boogie Motel
Heart - Dog & Butterfly
Heart - Little Queen
Hank Crawford - More Soul 1961 Mono
Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits
Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
Parliament - Mothership Connection (LP only, no outer sleeve)
Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years
Prince Self-Titled
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
Surfaris - Hit City 64
Tom Rush - Wrong End Of The Rainbow
Wings - Wings Over America (add $1.50)
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2020.09.24 19:25 Judgy_Garland [LGBTQ+, Film Reviews] Is This Movie, You Know... Episode 14: Frozen Talking about movies from a queer perspective. We discuss Disney's Frozen, Madonna's biopic, and Wonder Woman 1984. SFW, explicit language.

Hey everyone! My friend and I just released our *Season Finale* of our podcast, Is This Movie You Know..., where we discuss films and LGBTQIA+ popular culture from a queer perspective.
Join us as we discuss Disney's 2013 animated hit FROZEN! Tops and Bottoms of Hollywood this week include Madonna directing her own biopic, and the new release date of Wonder Woman 1984.
Anchor / Spotify /Apple Podcasts
It would mean a lot to us if you checked it out- thanks! :)
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2020.09.24 00:30 pinotninogrigi0 ALERT: Addison Rae and Indy Blue Scandal, WHOSE SIDE???????

In the lecture he talks about how copyrighting is very tricky. It is something that has had to rapidly increase in the last 30 years since the internet was first introduced. It is very hard to keep up with who said what and whose brand is that. There are many laws that have dated back to 1993 such as the Intellectual Property Act which is the process of trademarking your ideas. This helps the copyright issues correctly get resolved and prevent for the future.
In the recent of events of the app Tik Tok has come about, there has been a lot of new influencers coming to the surface. With this, there has been a lot of brands starting. This has been an on going thing since Instagram has come about in the last 5 years. There are many brands that have started from the rapid increase use of social media. There are "normal" people becoming famous off of their posts.
In particular, I know we all have heard of Addison Rae, however for the ones who have a PHD in maturity and do not have the app Tik Tok then let me fill you in. Addison Rae is a Tik Tok user whom became famous off her dances that she posted. With rapid increase of exposure on her account, she has now reached 61 million followers on this app. That is insane.
In regards to her, she has now come out with a brand! She has launched a beauty brand called ITEM Beauty that sells like eye shadow, lip gloss and especially mascara because her eyelashes are her staple. She first posted about this back in maybe late July or early August. She of course promoted it and was showing off the pictures/ videos from the shoot promoting her brand etc. It was found that the inside of the foundation powder, it says on the little compact mirror "I LOVE YOU SAY IT BACK". In all honesty, I did not know this statement was a problem until my roommate talked to me about it. REGARDLESS, this created controversy because of another well more established Influencer's brand, Indy Blue. Indy Blue is a YouTuber who is known for her adventurous and wanderlust life. Her brand is a clothing line that has the saying 'I LOVE YOU SAY IT BACK' on multiple items. Indy Blue trademarked this saying for CLOTHING only because well who would to think that someone would use that when it was well known to be their yours. It is like trying to be Madonna or Beyonce, you just can't be. Addison Rae copyrighted the saying "I LOVE YOU, SAY IT BACK". This was easily overrides for two reasons; one for being copyrighted with a COMMA after 'I LOVE YOU' and since Indy Blue only copyrighted for clothing versus Addison Rae copyrighting for BEAUTY.
With this lecture and this social media controversy, it brought me to the questions of who is in the right / wrong? Is it worth using a slogan that someone else already has? When will copyrighting reach its limits? Will copyrighting reach its limits?
In my own opinion, I think this controversy in general is very much sus. I think Addison was in the wrong and was poorly represented on her behalf when dealing with this copyrighting issue. Indy Blue was very much cooperative and was willing to settle a deal. However, Addison's representation poorly represented Addison herself because I truly think this girl is absolutely beastmode in regards to how far she has come in over a year with her own brand and platform. However that hustle does not grant you being a morally right person. The only person that can represent you the best is yourself because you are the expert on yourself, but cooperate business gets in the way of these situations.
Here is a links to the videos regarding this issue if you are needing a new niche to keep up on lol.
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2020.09.23 22:43 ManonFire63 Spiritual Warfare: Brittany Spears and Kabbalah

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5
Part of Spiritual Warfare has been a war of words or a war of thoughts. How does someone perceive God? How does someone perceive themselves? Given I was to go to /theology, and find someone ask for, and finding things on, "Queer Theology," whomever created said "Queer Theology" was engaging in a type of spiritual warfare. People engaging in "Queer Theology" worked to shape how certain people perceive God and themselves. Certain false shepherds or false teachers have been doing wrong. They didn't know God. False theology like that, should be burnt, deleted, removed. "Queer Theology," and other such things, are embarrassment to whatever educational establishment they were produced from, and have represented stumbling blocks, which hurting people from growing in faith and finding God.
There are layers to the spiritual like layers to the atmosphere. On one level, there may have been professors who were evil wrong doers putting stumbling blocks before people. A demon or other spiritual entity may have been something someone didn't see, and it may have been planting seeds.
'I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,' he said. "'You will succeed in enticing him,' said the LORD. 'Go and do it.' (2 Chronicles 18:21)
You will be driven away from people and will live with the wild animals; you will eat grass like the ox. Seven times will pass by for you until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes." (Daniel 4:32)
Someone may not have seen a spirit. Spirits have effected motivations. They may have planted ideas. These idea or thoughts were like seeds. Did someone start thinking about them and allowing them to grow?
Brittany Spears went a little crazy, so it seemed, some years back. She shaved her head, and was going through a little bit of a break down. Was it just mental health, or something spiritual?
Old News - Still Relevant - Brittany Spears and Kabbalah
Madonna, the singer of “Like a Prayer, which is a corruption of something, has been a Kabbalist.
News Article: Like Madonna, business bosses are turning to Kabbalah. But what is it?
What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah has been mysticism for deniers of Jesus Christ. The only way to the father is through the son.
What is the fruit of people who have been practicing Kabbalah? What is the Fruit of Madonna? By fruit, I mean, what does she produce? What she produces shows aspects of her character.
By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? (Matthew 7:16)
In “Like a Prayer” the singer Madonna was turning something Holy into something corrupt. It was a song about Baal worship, or turning something holy into something filthy. Anytime you hear or see someone referencing “The Bedroom is our Church” that may be a sign of something. With their mouths, they are giving themselves away. That may be their fruit.
Non-Jewish Occultists have used Kabbalah. Why? It has been mysticism for deniers of Jesus Christ. It may be possible someone was receiving some sort of cause and effect with it. The Golden Dawn which helped produce Wicca, who see themselves as modern day Witches, and The Golden Dawn which also produced Crowley, used Kabbalah. What was their fruit? What did they do? They were known to have ritualized sex or sex magic. They were known to be people who were well-to-do, who engaged in sexual depravity similar to Killing Kittens sex group started by “Friend of Kate Middleton.” Given someone is studying history, what have people associated with Kabbalah often been accused of? In 2020, there is primary documentation of what certain groups have done.
Brittany Spears was part of Kabbalah. I did an internet search for “Brittany Spears leaves Kabbalah.”
Look at the dates. About nine months after she left Kabbalah, Brittany Spears shaved her head. She was going crazy, and had issues after leaving, and it culminated into something? Was she just mentally ill or was there something spiritual going on?
The Lord also says:“Because Zion’s women are so haughty,and walk with outstretched necks,flirting with their eyes,prancing[s
] along as they walk,and making tinkling noises with their ankle bracelets,[t]17 therefore the Lord[u] will afflict soreson the heads of Zion’s women,and the Lord[v
] will expose their private parts.
18 “At that time,[w
] the Lord[x] will take away the finery of the ankle bracelets, headbands, crescents, 19 pendants, bracelets, veils, 20 headdresses, armlets, sashes, perfume boxes, charms, 21 signet rings, nose rings, 22 fine robes, capes,[y
] purses, 23 mirrors, linen garments, tiaras, and veils.
24 “And it will come about that instead of fragrancethere will be[z
] a stench;instead of a belt, a rope;instead of well-set hair, **baldness;**instead of a fine robe, sackcloth;and instead of beauty, shame.[aa]25 Your men will die violently,[ab]while your forces[ac] fall[ad
] in battle26 and her gates lament and mourn.Ravaged, she will sit on the ground.”(Isaiah 3:16–26)
Did Brittany Spears end up with all of that? Not at this time. It may be possible that she had something put on her, and was under attack. She was also outside of God’s protection. She chose poorly. What is the point of this? Exposing what has happened spiritually. In "Seeing God in the News," I inferred that anyone experiencing cause and effect with the spiritual may have been doing particular things. Certain spirits may have had a purpose or function, and those purposes or functions may have worked on certain spiritual lines or laws. Some people who hated God have worked to mock God. God was mad at very particular things in the Bible. People who have rejected God have tended to do those particular things. It depends on how motivated they were or how deep they got into it?
Fear of God is a good thing. Fear of God takes away fear of man. (and other things) God is love. God’s love is fatherly. You are doing the right things? What do you have to fear? The only way to the father is through the son. Someone in “other mysticism” is wrong. Given someone is getting into sin, they have been wrong. Brittany Spears has been toxic. God is Holy and separate from sin.
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2020.09.23 18:36 underhiscumspell Wife of her bf They don’t know I know

How do I approach this, just please hear me out and don’t take the view that him and her are evil let’s be efficient and talk strategy.
How do I get my conflict avoidant husband gf on board with out ruining their bond.
He obviously lied to both of us but if we bypass that and we are all attracted to each other then what?
Husband has secret gf I’ve offered many times sincere
I am going to try to make this as short as possible. Husband is high libido and possibly poly. His friends are poly. I am mono and don’t have much concern about jealousy or another partner. He has expressed he is not poly.
The problem: he is conflict avoidant, has issues trusting me. We went through reconciliation but during that time I am certain he had a friend or FWB or gf. Maybe a bf who knows.
I actually met the woman who is likely his partner. As you know some people who have cheated will repent and thoroughly change. However the relationships they start during that sometimes do not end due to not being confessed. I have moved on from the morbid curiosity, I like the woman of what I know of her a lot. Ironically enough I was attracted to her and even posted a google review as her being a awesome host where we went.
The issue: I am not sure if I am welcome to this relationship, maybe I am being phased out. Maybe he doesn’t trust my reaction. It is true I was jealous and angry but that is because I was being told I was paranoid. I understand he was scared and conflicted. The funny thing is I know this woman has a good heart and is sweet and will share him.
I don’t believe in hierarchy, but I do believe in honesty. I think he had to do some fancy footwork and also lie to both of us to keep us both on board. I want her to join our family though I was intimidated in the past by her youth and beauty and intelligence I feel just like my husband probably felt! This is the opportunity of a life time.
I’ve offered amnesty and forgiveness for any lies that may have occurred I’m aware they were possibly on a secret lovers vacation and that they have been swingers. My husband has the Madonna whore complex and I’m worried he will continue to have us both in this situation where he can’t choose but it only promotes more envy from each side.
My goal: I would like to approach her once again. In the past I had a trauma that I was undergoing treatment for this may or may not have included lysergic acid. During this treatment things made sense. The first time I met her she dropped hints. Therapeutic hints. I’ve known she was enlightened and I do believe she is not a home wrecker.
However my husband may have had to play our marriage as a dying one and me as an alcoholic to facilitate the longevity of is chances with her. He has good intentions and I will admit that after a while it became obvious he was poking me for a reaction and then letting her see I was unstable. Again I know this is toxic but we are all toxic at some point -it is how we remedy and self reflect and solve-that really matters.
I want to approach her again, sincerely but I need to be able to explain my behavior and tell her I am not unstable nor am I an alcoholic -but was reacting to an obvious lie. She will undoubtedly think that I am causing problems. She may think we are dadt or that we are open or that I am a cheater (I set up accounts looking for him)
I would show up late to our dates so they could play together, I would take extra time getting ready so they could talk. I allowed him to maneuver me towards her but I felt like a person that invested their time and trust only to never be cut in on the deal! Waiting and it not happening made me think they were just cucking me and I’m no cuck!
Interference: the past mistakes of all three of us will prevent us from moving on. If I tell her why I acted on edge (basically knowing my husband is having an affair and will not include me) it will result in me discrediting him and slandering him. She will see me as harassing her.
She is a good girl I know that in my heart unless she has some sadistic homewrecker kink and he has a cheating kink I can’t understand why we can not explore this.
Our children will get an extra intellectual stimulus, I am an only child with no sisters, and one parent who is on his way into his 80’s.
Fatal flaw: can I bypass him and approach her? Or do we all sit down and he confesses I am not as bad as he possibly portrayed and he confesses to me the affair or secrecy. I can’t imagine this working unless we build on honesty.
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2020.09.21 18:49 uhkwarius Artists you just can't see breaking through (or re-surfacing into the mainstream) *at their current rate* even if you love them?

What are some artists that you just can't see breaking through (or can't see them returning to public eye if they used be "current" but aren't anymore. Avoiding obvious examples of artists who had a very strong run but their career spanned several decades like Madonna or Mariah; I mean "returning" as in they had hits a few years ago but don't anymore like Marina?).
My personal example would be Cupcakke.
I love her so much and I think she's criminally underrated... however I don't see her breaking through to the general public any time soon. Even after she "professionalized"/"de-sexualized" her image by removing all of her old music videos off of her Youtube and started releasing less super sexual songs, her singles go extremely under the radar.
Looking at her most recent single Discounts for example. It is two months old yet only has 2.3 million Spotify streams and ~800k combined Youtube views to date... which looks like first-day numbers for an average B/C-list mainstream artist. It did attract some attention by going #1 on iTunes through the help of stan twitter, but we know nowadays iTunes means nothing; the #1 spot means 1.5-3k copies sold at the moment. Which is why it didn't chart on the Hot 100.
I don't see her going anywhere at the current rate. She is extremely talented but her talent alone can't carry her into the spotlight. Imo, without a label that sends her stuff to radio and promotes her shit on Spotify playlists (and score big name collabs for her), she'll stay an underground underappreciated talent.
What names come to your mind?
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